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Free Energy

Free Energy and Apocalypse

What would happen if we had unlimited clean energy? What would be the social/monetary effects of having unlimited energy?

Assuming that energy becomes clean and unlimited: Almost nothing is completely free, you still have to pay for the sites where it's produced. Even if the innovation is self-replicating robots, you still pay transmission or installation fees, and the royalties on the inevitable patents. And free energy generators and motors will still need replacement and repair. Think of it this way. Data communication is basically free but we're still paying the cable companies to hook us up to the Internet.

More travel, trade and interdependence. It will be cheaper to transport people and goods, and faster because there's no need to go slow to save energy. This will increase tourism and ordering goods from afar, which will in turn create more globalization, more interdependence and more exploitation of slave labor in poor countries. If you want cheap lettuce and rice for dinner you'll order it on Amazon that morning and they'll ship it from Brazil. The regional agriculture in developed countries will perish due to foreign competition. If you want to buy cheap products you'll order it on Aliexpress and they'll ship it from China. The exploiters of slave labor (foreign companies and associates in China) will become more and more successful.

Everything gets bigger and more polluting. As manufacturing costs, transportation costs, and heating / cooling costs decrease people will build bigger homes, bigger cars, and bigger cities, reversing the recent trends towards sustainable and modest consumption. Everybody will drive a hummer the size of a bus. This will shift resources and environmental pressures elsewhere.

Energy would no longer be a constraint on production, but the shortage of other commodities would. Productivity would increase in the short term and prices would remain stable, but ultimately there would be population pressures and shortages of commodities, food and fresh water (especially in poor countries rich in natural resources). Having an endless supply of energy does not give you enough lithium for batteries, electronic components, vehicles, ships, aircraft, buildings and foods, nor does it increase the supply of arable land.

Looking this over, it seems as if the developed countries will become a giant Las Vegas or Disneyland.

No doubt some financial analysts (Illuminati/cabal) have thought this through, on the unlikely but conceivable chance that this will actually happen and they'll be able to trade on it before the rest of the market.

Furthermore, only the people who had the means of producing unlimited clean energy would have access to it still. So those without the means of production would be in the same situation; financially held ransom by those who have.

If this unlimited source of clean energy market was so competitive that it was not viable for companies to maintain the infrastructure in order to produce this unlimited energy devices and still make a profit, then the consumer would be in exactly the same position; held to ransom by those who did provide it as the prices would then start to increase until the status quo was met (profitability)

Similarly, it is unlikely that even if there was unlimited clean energy if you looked at the situation globally, because of development, political, ethnic differences/conflicts, problems would still arise in control, perceived 'ownership' and distribution of that energy. Some countries would be energy rich, others energy poor.

As individuals (and countries) we could never have free energy, because of the issues outlined above (competition and selfishness) and the ever increasing demand would mean that our need/want for this energy would spiral ever upwards.

There would be an impact on the natural environment and climate, even if the energy was clean, because it would be MORE energy in the atmosphere as our use accelerated due to unlimited clean energy supplies and our arrogant misconception that we can alter natural systems permanently without consequences.

Otto Lund

HAARP Engineering 'FRANKENSTORM' Hurricane Sandy - CAUGHT on SATELLITE and RADAR!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4P7Kr17RX8 * Source http://www.nyhetsspeilet.no/2010/04/haarp-utl%C3%B8ser-jordskjelv/comment-page-17/#comment-91278


日航ジャンボ123便 123便乗客小川様撮影7枚目に写っている爪木崎の場所に愛子様石碑。皇室から公安自衛隊へ抗議の姿勢。

(回答先: 日航ジャンボ123便 車窓写真「7枚目」は、伊豆静岡県下田市「須崎御用邸」付近を南下。乗客小川様が右側を撮影)




John Comeau

Ben, you didn't mention this, so perhaps you didn't hear about it: http://theintelhub.com/2012/10/27/cnbc-execs-children-murdered-1-day-after-cnbc-reports-43-trillion-bankster-lawsuit/ and http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/major-banks-governmental-officials-and-their-comrade-capitalists-targets-of-spire-law-group-llps-racketeering-and-money-laundering-lawsuit-seeking-return-of-43-trillion-to-the-united-states-treasury-175828861.html

Does this Spire Law Group LLP have something to do with the White Dragon Society?

Bryan Williams

The US election is November 6th. FYI


I thought Tuesday Nov 6th is the US election. Election day has been the first Tuesday in November since I was
a baby. Why did they change it?

Otto Lund

State sponsored nazi-marx propaganda, Brennpunkt: Intet kommer i en lukket hånd http://tv.nrk.no/serie/brennpunkt/mdup11001312/23-10-2012 * Qualified comment http://www.nyhetsspeilet.no/2011/11/amerikansk-midtostenpolitikk-og-kristensionisme/comment-page-4/#comment-91221

Otto Lund

What does it take to get to the front page news in Aftenposten? http://i46.tinypic.com/mwcdqq.gif * Recommended entertaining international show ** Cirkus mullah Krekar & co ** entertainment Inc http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1816&start=1

Otto Lund

Captain Chemtrail: HAARP Screen Break Up/Globalist Conspiracy September 28th, 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H1t1J70gqo&feature=BFa&list=PLqQQFOVUZBLju8GR4l1FEzHX7cjZW6NMA * + extra: http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1818&start=1

Otto Lund

Norwegian study: Biological Effects Of Geoengineering Fallout On Plant Life http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/norwegian-study-biological-effects-of-geoengineering-fallout-on-plant-life/ Quote: The study below was prepared by Norwegian researchers. It helps to document some of the extremely negative effects of the ongoing SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) and SRM (solar radiation management) programs. There are now no “organic” sources for food. All has been tainted with the toxic metals and chemicals being emitted by the global spray programs. Some of the toxic elements we are now forced to consume in our food have been identified, others are likely as of yet unknown. ..

Hvorfor utviser skepsis.no Jørgen Skavland og Asbjørn Dyrendal m. fl. beviselig farlig inkompetanse? http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1813&start=1


恐らくお笑い芸人をして民衆を欺いてる関 暁夫でしょう。


next is Joseph Nye


Racism is rising in the western world?

Laurent Ruquier: Sick joke about Fukushima and Buddha: 18:55

Dutch politician calls Chinese people "slit eyes"

Racism against the Chinese on Fox News

Japanese Women is humiliated in public
Brazilian soccer fans and tv hosts are saying piru pekeno, is an insult and means cuckold, faggot, small penis and clown said a Brazilian friend. (racial stereotype practiced exclusively against Japanese, Chinese and Korean)

Argentine celebrity despises Japan
Cheap laughs from a celebrity to an ignorant audience, while she displays her complete lack of knowledge about Japan.

Asians in Hollywood

Western likes to insult Asian, but could there be a occult reason behind these ferocious, heartless, ignorant insults?

Free Market and Ethnic Minorities

A short summary of


In many poor countries, markets concentrate wealth in the hands of prosperous ethnic minorities. In these places, democracy can be an engine of vengeance.

Global anti-Americanism has many causes. One of them is the US-promoted global spread of free markets and democracy. Throughout the world markets are perceived as reinforcing US wealth and dominance. At the same time, global populist and democratic movements give strength and voice to the impoverished and ignorant masses. The result is that Americans have directed at themselves what the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk calls “the anger of the damned.” A similar kind of resentment towards Asian minorities motivates social tension in numerous countries—from Africa to the Philippines.

Because markets and democracy benefit some ethnic groups, the pursuit of free market democracy produces highly combustible conditions. More humiliating still, market-dominant minorities, along with their foreign investor partners, invariably come to control the crown jewels of the economy, which are often symbolic of the nation’s patrimony – oil in Russia and Venezuela, diamonds in South Africa, silver and tin in Bolivia, jade, teak and rubies in Myanmar.

Introducing democracy under such circumstances does not transform voters into open-minded co-citizens in a national community.

The backlash against a market-dominant minority typically takes one of three forms. The first is a backlash against free markets that seem skewed in favour of the market-dominant minority. The second is an attack on democracy by forces favourable to the market-dominant minority. And the third is psychological abuse and then, physical violence sometimes genocidal, against the market-dominant minority itself. In the contest between an economically powerful ethnic minority and a numerically powerful impoverished majority, the majority does not always prevail.

Rather than a backlash against the market, in some cases there is a backlash against democracy. The Ferdinand Marcos’s dictatorship in the Philippines sheltered and profited from the country’s wealthy Chinese before he was driven from office in 1986. In Kenya, former President Moi, who had once warned Africans to “beware of bad Asians,” was sustained by a series of “business arrangements” with local Indian tycoons. And the bloody tragedy of Sierra Leone’s recent history can be traced in significant part to the regime of President Siaka Stevens, who converted his elective office into a dictatorship during the early 1970s and formed an alliance with five of the country’s Lebanese diamond dealers.

The anti-globalisation movement asks for more democracy. But unless democratisation means more than unrestrained majority rule it can be short-sighted, even dangerous. The fall of Suharto’s Indonesian dictatorship in May 1998, for example, was accompanied by an eruption of anti-Chinese violence. For three days, Chinese shopkeepers huddled behind locked doors while Muslim mobs looted. In the end 200000 chinese ethnic people died and tens of billions of dollars – belonging to Chinese cronies of Suharto – left the country, plunging the economy into a crisis from which it has still not recovered. Moreover, little noticed in the west, the post-Suharto government has nationalised about $58bn of Chinese assets, revealing an incapacity of Chinese intelligence agencies.

While the NEP - Malaysia's New Economic Policy - has not lifted the great majority of Malays out of poverty, it has helped to create a substantial Malay middle class. In many respects, the results have been impressive. The former prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, defended the policy in these terms: “With the existence of the few rich Malays and middle class at least the poor can say their fate is not entirely to serve rich non-Malays. From the point of view of racial ego, and this ego is still strong, the unseemly existence of Malay tycoons is essential.”

For better or worse, the best hope for global free market democracy lies with market-dominant minorities themselves. Or at least they are in the best position to address today’s most pressing challenges. To begin with, it must be recognised that some market-dominant minorities engage in practices – bribery, discriminatory lending, labour exploitation – that reinforce ethnic stereotypes and besmirch the image of free market democracy. In Indonesia, Suharto’s “crony capitalism” brazenly depended on a handful of Chinese magnates and fuelled huge resentment of the Chinese community generally.

More positively, if free market democracy is to prosper, the world’s market-dominant minorities must begin making VISIBLE contributions to the local economies in which they are thriving. There are some famous models here. Roads and bridges, skyscrapers, central business districts, technology centers, charity hospitals, philanthropic institutions. The University of Nairobi, for example, owes its existence to wealthy Indians in Kenya. The Madhvani family, owners of the largest industrial group in east Africa, provide education, healthcare and housing for their African employees, and also employ Africans in top management. In Russia, there is the unusual case of the Jewish billionaire Roman Abramovich, whose philanthropy won him election as governor of the poverty-stricken Chukotka region in the Russian far east. More typically, however, building ethnic goodwill requires collective action through ethnic chambers of commerce, clan associations, and so on.

Otto Lund

Hillary Clintons closing remarks at global health conference http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAdZUPcC7yQ&list=UUDYQLcfqa0EBrzMQ6a98oNQ&index=6&feature=plcp * And the country is Norway ..


Ben Can you look at this http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/114411/Anonymous_Warning_5th_November_2012/

Otto Lund

Milton William, Bill, Cooper, The Ugly Truth About the Anti Defamation League, ADL, a non-jewish org http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1828&start=1


ya right. Just go away.

Sensa Peace

U.S. elections are on Nov. 6th., not Nov. 8th



I sent this to you before. You should promote these two websites:


Hope you can get on board and help out.


the election in the US is on the 6th FYI


sure looking ugly,

am praying that some sense comes from all this.

here in North Ontario, we are getting the worse chemtrailing I seen to date.

sure seems odd to me that with all that's going on, the penis worshippers have nothing to do but bomb the crap out of some lil shithole in northern Canada.

was in the forces years ago and always saw things different after that, Figured if you wanted to "cut" Canada in half you only needed to control one narrow highway. Maybe that's the plan.

Anyhow, penis worshippers... you stink, and The Creator forgive you (somehow) for what you are doing to my home. Maybe you'll only reduced to reincarnating as a rock...


Gulf Oil Spill Is Far Worse Than Being Reported - Part 1

lf Oil Spill Is Far Worse Than Being Reported - Part 2

Gulf Oil Spill Is Far Worse Than Being Reported - Part 3

Otto Lund

In 1922 Lucifer's Trust was created in London, but later changed its name to. Luci's Trust, as the first name was too obvious .. http://www.realmagick.com/lucifer-trust/ * ILLUMINISM - The Occult Force behind Globalization - By Wes Penre https://www.dmt-nexus.me/doc/Illuminism-the-occult-power-behind-globalization-by-wes-penre.pdf

Illumicorp sier ~ says http://www.nyhetsspeilet.no/2010/05/globalistenes-fremste-agent/comment-page-36/#comment-91093


Election day is Tuesday the 6th in the US.


The Ongoing Great Gulf Coast Holocaust (Part 1)
Oct 19th, 2012
The Common Sense Show
It’s been labeled the worst environmental disaster in world history, and rightfully so, because the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is like the nightmarish gift that keeps on giving. The April 20, 2010 explosion of the Deep Water Horizon Explosion will soon be back in the news again. The explosion of this oil rig represents the biggest false flag even in history, the devastation of this false flag even is still being felt and the worst is yet to come. You may have heard about the explosions near the New Madrid fault and the thousands of generators being shipped to Louisiana by FEMA. Soon all readers of this series will connect the BP oil spill to these recent current events.
Over 30 months later, the oil spill has destroyed the welfare, livelihoods, health and futures of tens of millions of Gulf Coast residents, not to mention the destruction of the fragile ecology in the Gulf of Mexico.
Originally, BP was ordered to initiate $20 billion in restitution to the Gulf Coast victims. In retrospect, BP has never made full restitution to the victims. The overall physical health of the region has been decimated and the mainstream media and government officials reaching as high as President Obama have been complicit in covering up the geological and medical magnitude of the event. Even to this day, BP is still covertly carpet bombing Corexit in the Gulf and the much of the environmental catastrophe remains untouched by the BP cleanup crews.
This new series will expose the fact that BP, Halliburton, Goldman Sachs, Transocean and David Rockefeller’s and the Queen of England’s New York City for Profit members had foreknowledge and hedged their stock market bets in anticipation of the event. In other words, I will present incontrovertible evidence that this event was planned in order to achieve multiple goals in order to further agenda of certain special interests. Further, this series will also expose the fact that President Obama profited to the tune of $85 million in advance of the spill because of his brokers foreknowledge of the impending catastrophe in the Gulf.
Additionally, this series will demonstrate that the events in the Gulf are part of a depopulation scheme and many of the residents of the Gulf will be eventually be evacuated, most likely to FEMA re-education camps. Readers will also learn that the ongoing nature of this false flag event will culminate in a total transition of the American economy to a cap and trade system administered by the Chicago Climate Exchange which was created by Obama and Valerie Jarrett several years ago which culminated in Obama, a supposed outsider, captured the Presidency with no real political experience. The Great Gulf Coast Holocaust was an event which was designed for Obama, being at the right place at the right time, to usher in the de-industrialization of America and in furtherance of a depopulation scheme.
Starting at the beginning, it was clear that BP was going to be used as the fall guy in order to usher a new set of dynamics to the Gulf. However, the powers that be provided BP with a “soft landing” with regard to the potential punitive actions brought against BP.
Every story has a beginning, so let’s review how, what will prove to be the biggest flase flag event in the history of the planet, unfolded.
The first order of business was to use this event to destroy the fishing industry in the Gulf in order to pave the way for the proliferation of algae farms, the next biofuel scam, in the Gulf. BP and their front man, Ken Feinberg, did a magnificent job in making sure the majority of the Gulf residents, impacted by the tragedy, were never made whole. This is the same Ken Feinberg who was in charge of denying medical coverage to 9/11 first responders. At the same time, BP shamelessly used the event to falsely promote its generosity toward the residents of the Gulf by providing full restitution for tiny minority of residents, thus restoring its public image.
Following the Gulf oil spill, there was a collective mainstream media frenzy which focused on how well BP was responding to the crisis. This was accompanied by BP’s incessant public service announcements in which the oil giant would feature one of their “average” employees professing to being a “local” in which they vowed, on behalf of BP, “to not leave until we make it right.”
Is all well in the Gulf today? After 30 months, did BP make it right? There are two answers to this question, no and hell no! According to BP’s Youtube channel, BP has made complete restitution to the victims of the oil spill and all is indeed well and the American public should be willing to move on to other issues and forget about the Gulf. BP’s Youtube video channel does make a compelling case that the Gulf is well on its way to a full recovery. Bryan and Brooke Zar, the owners of Restaurant des Families located in Crown Point Louisiana, claim that BP restored their restaurant to a level of profitability just in time for the 2011 spring break vacation period and that “the beaches are again clean”.
Another claim of full compensation by BP was made by Mike Blanchard, a shrimper from Chauvin, Louisiana, whose family who has fished the Gulf for generations’. Blanchard praises BP’s actions as he recouped his losses through BP’s response programs and that his fellow Gulf Coast fishermen were also fully compensated and BP has indeed “made it right.” BP’s Youtube channel also features Rick Scali as describes his return to profitability as his vacation rental home business in Destin, Florida, had fallen upon tough times as a result of the oil spill. Scali claims that BP made his rental business whole when he showed BP the rental cancellation slips and was promptly paid for his losses by BP and today all, is again, well. There you have it, all is well on the Gulf Coast Front, or that is what BP, the mainstream media and the government would have the public believe.
Despite the voluminous coverage of the oil spill by the mainstream media, the range of coverage was actually quite narrow. The Coast Guard promptly established no fly zones over much of the impacted beach areas and the oil spill area itself. Reporters were restricted to what they could cover in the beach areas and were threatened with arrest if they strayed into “forbidden zones.” This prompted an on air emotional tirade regarding the undue restrictions on media’s coverage by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Nor was there any meaningful coverage of Halliburton applying the highly controversial dispersants of Corexit 9500 and Corexit 9527. However, there was plenty of media coverage of President Obama walking the beaches and eating the local shrimp in a thinly veiled effort, on the part of the government and BP in promoting the notion that all is well.
There are other voices, albeit quieter voices, outside of the mainstream media and the BP propaganda machine, which tell a far different side of BP’s efforts “to make it right.” Consider the case of Empire, Louisiana fisherman, Elmer Rogers, as he presents his story which differs considerable from the BP and U.S. government media spin, when at a local Town Hall meeting in Lafitte, LA., recorded by WWLT TV, from New Orleans, he pleaded with BP’s front man for Gulf compensation, Ken Feinberg, to help him when Rogers referenced his stalled claim he presented to BP for the loss of his fishing business; “I’m not asking for the world, I’m just asking for something to live on, man. That’s all I’m asking for. At Thanksgiving, I was under review. My kids barely ate. I barely ate. Christmas came. My child is 13 years old. She got nothing. You know what she woke up to? No water in the house, and no power. What you want me to do? Get on my knees and beg for it?” When at this point, Rogers dropped to his knees and said, “Look, I’m here, I’m on my knees for it. I need my money sir, to live.
I dare anyone to watch the aforementioned video and not be moved to tears. I dare anybody to not watch Feinberg’s insensitive response to Rogers and not be filled with rage. And I dare anyone to read part two of this series as the stories of people like Kindra Arnesen, interviewed on The Common Sense Show, are unveiled (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6).
BP will never make these poor victims whole and with the help of the media and government officials, they will never have to. This is the just beginning of this inhumanity by the globalists who do not care who they hurt, who they murder in the name of fulfilling their agenda.

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