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Atom Seven

Is it true that it is not an uncommon practice for Japanese mothers to manually masturbate their sons' penises to help them fall asleep at night?


In Japan, it is not uncommon for mothers to sexually stimulate their children to soothe them so they will sleep.[60][61][62] There have been stories in the press of mother-son incest arising from the strong nature of this relationship in Japan and the important maternal role of ensuring the son succeeds at school.[63] According to Hideo Tokuoka, "When Americans think of incest, they think of fathers and daughters; in Japan one thinks of mothers and sons" due to the extensive media coverage of mother-son incest there.[64] Edited on 02:16, 28 June 2012‎ by Leucosticte

The only source that mentions the text is a neo-nazi website (http://www.thebirdman.org)

You can read the full original text here

Due to his lack of balanced reporting I can only infer that the author is less concerned with the broad and long-term significance of this issue than with its sensationalist and perhaps racist potential.

Why japanese people accept passively this defamation? It is necessary identify and prosecute those responsible. Benjamin Fulford, Yakuza and WDS are completely useless?

Thebirdman.org (neo-nazi website)
Like India, China has only recently emerged from the infanticidal mode of childrearing... Childhood in much of India begins with the young child being regularly masturbated by the mother, "high caste or low caste… Foot mutilation was a unique Chinese sexual mutilation practice that was performed on girls of all classes..... little girl herself fully understood the sexual purpose of her mutilation. (source: http://www.thebirdman.org/Index/Others/Others-Doc-Sex/+Doc-Sex-Pedophilia&Incest/UniversalityOfIncest.htm)


Endangered Japan (Book 2)

Viva la revolucion!

Communists are Satanists! Death to the Communists!

The disintegration of the Chinese motherland has begun, it will only be a few decades before the complete break-up of this idiotic country into more manageable, far better and diversified nation states, similar to European Union. The Chinese central gov't have proven themselves incapable of maintaining a good country. Viva la revolucion!

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