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Blueseed: Floating Bilderberg Cities Where the Elite Control the Masses
EXCERPT: The Seasteading Institute collaborates ideas
for potions for governments as the option of floating cities
provides new avenues of living and ultimately
controlling the population.
Offering business opportunities for venture capitol
and startups to invest and participate in seasteading
which extends real estate markets, economies of countries
and creates a new level of diplomacy.
Research into engineering, science and technology
would not be constrained by laws and regulations
that are imposed on the mainland.
Slated for 2015, the Seasteading Institute expects
to have manufactured the first independent city-state
guided by inter nation provisions and not responsible
to any established country or sovereignty.
Moving the multi-national corporations offshore and into
international water alleviates the jurisdiction of these megaliths
from all known and established governments.


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