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Who Are the Real Slaves?

Nobody would affirm the proposition that Western people are intrinsically better leaders, for instance. Similarly, nobody would say that Asian people (particularly Japanese, Chinese, East Asians etc) are unfit to be leaders. Not all Asians are short, uncreative, uncharismatic.

Maybe the Asian upbringing is the problem.

“Be humble, be passive, be obedient,” her mother/society told. “Never react, never complain or make excuses,” her father/government instructed. “If something seems unfair, just prove yourself by working twice as hard and being twice as good.”

But, the Princeton sociologist Thomas Espenshade has calculated that an Asian applicant must, in practice, score 140 points higher on the SAT than a comparable white applicant to have the same chance of admission. This is obviously unfair to the many qualified Asian individuals who are punished for the success/obsession of others with similar faces. Similarly, racial quotas began to be implemented during the 1970s and demanded a certain number of black people into the unions, employment and education.

Asian culture/schools taught children to be obedient and passive, to follow orders without complaint and never question the system, just as slaves were taught to be ass, submissive and obedient.

Asian culture = education for slavery = submissive people = enslaved nations = victory of Nazionist!

Western culture is a body of knowledge derived from reason (racial darwinism and social science). A pro-human life culture recognizes the requirements of proper human survival, namely the values of reason, individualism, happiness, arts, rights and capitalism.

Western culture can also be referred to as advanced and supremacist culture; this is because its ideas and values promote the development and sustainment of advanced and supremacist civilization.

And if current trends continue, Asians will be swallowed - completely enslaved - by Western supremacy.

A cultural, educational and philosophical revolution is urgently needed in Asia.


Asian rulers are sucks, a action has to be taken against these bastards

Benoît Goyette

Does a good source of information exists concerning the series of events happening right now ? I'm sicked and tired of my Media. They're no journalist any more. Except for one Michel Collon, a French one, a truth seeker. If you don't know him Google it! It's a very brilliant man.

Benoît Goyette

Who kill the Finance's Minister of Japan ? Why ? The Occidental Media stated something absurd concerning the cause of the death : suicide. Why a man in his position due such act ? Benjamin, you know the Japanese culture, what can cause a Japanese to kill himself ?

Benoît Goyette

What is going to happen when the New Chinese Politburo will take power ?
And when the Japanese new govt will be in place ? What is happening to Arab's power ? What will going to be the next world power configuration?


The problem of offering money when dealing with duplicitous snakes to make them behave, is that they always turn around against you later.

When your house is infested with cockroaches, do you offer a treaty?

Or do you call the exterminators?


I don't think giving these criminals gold would do any good, maybe once they have come out in a truth and reconciliation committee and the mayhem has stopped for at least a year and proper regulations put in so that the mayhem is to NEVER happen again







(大紀元ニュース 2012/9/7)

人民日報、50年代「尖閣諸島は日本領」と報じる 市民ら「政府に騙された」







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