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He blew his own legs after a bomb-making incident in a hotel. They said he was CIA and had lots of connections in government, army, and even local rebel groups aiding them to plot terror by bombings and justify the US led global war on terror.


Rob Wold

Van de Meers was truly remarkable, a visionary who went into action in the cause of neutralizing the negative forces one on one.

Continue on his path, Ben, energized with all the fervor and wisdom that this great man of our times gave to the 'good fight'.

Our weapons are, and will always be, the words of truth that will go on to defeat those who seek to oppress our freedom, both material and spiritual.

Rob Wold
New Orleans
[email protected]

Tom Kimball, Ph.D.

I wish to apologize for my earlier "Coincidence? or Synchronicity" comment!
The exact wording did NOT appear in Robert Ludlum's novel, "The Janson Directive." I since searched unsuccessfully through the first 256 pp. for the elusive passage.
I confused all the flashback scenarios of Robert Ludlum's novel with an earlier blog comment by Kerry Cassidy about the "untimely death of Dr. V!"

See this link:

I apologize for the confusion.

Tom Kimball, Ph.D.

Is it a coincidence, or synchronicity?
The exact words of the "bombing" attempt on Dr. Michael, as included in the above obituary, appear in Robert Ludlum's novel, "The Janson Directive," which I'm currently reading! (Somewhere in the first 250 pp.)


My heart goes out to his family and friends, truly left me speechless.

Daniela Randall

I never heard of Dr Michael Van De Meer. From what I just read here is obvious that he was a great man with a lot of courage and good intentions.I would like to know more about his life.
I am wondering how many good people we don't know about, have to fight for the truth and justice in this world.
I want to sand a big THANK YOU to all of them. Unknown and well know like Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock.


so wait a minute - so I knew the real James Bond??


Say it ain’t so…

What we have here is failure to communicate or outright deception..
What? Keenan is filing a humongous law suit and isn’t even an attorney?
Well, daahh. Hello…
I have to ask, “What kind of sh…operation is this?”


Wagoner attacks Keenan, Keenan attacks Wagoner, and I’m the referee…

James Harkin

This $750 Billion in Bonds doesn't mean anything. A Bond isn't even worth the paper its printed on. The monetary system is a rigged game controlled out of the Vatican and humanity are merely pawns in play. Money means absolutely nothing except to a few people who don't realise that money actually means nothing. I own nothing, I acknowledge no rule that says that anyone owns anything and we are merely temporary custodians of physicality.

If you look at all those mortal fools that chase the material dream, they are so caught up in their pursuit that they forget to live and experience life.

The grey suited miserable old fool that is so bigoted and against sharing in order to acquire more and more crap for themselves probably were never hugged as a child and in order to satisfy their own hatred of being ignored and used by a manipulated family for their own ends will continue the family business of stepping on everyone to keep control of their illusion.

The criminal Vatican controlled cabal are using tyranny and fear to get their way, but at a certain point that will no longer work. This is why the military (foreign/domestic and armed/unarmed), media, drugs and genetically modified foods are used to keep humanity enslaved. If humanity were fed the truth, were free to grow and consume the best quality highly nutritious food and water the veil of lies would crumble in an instant. You can see literally in every day news articles the critical mass is approaching. The more pressure they put on humanity to keep control of their game of life the quicker their house of cards will come crashing down. Eventually and sooner rather than later nature will re-balance and we will return to living in harmony with nature as not only physical but also spiritual beings.

Those that realise that things are starting to slowly fall apart are on course to be the pioneers of new scientific research that will unlock our DNA and brain capacity and we will once again return to being human beings instead of lowly slaves.

The shift is inevitable, there's so much scientific data to show that this will happen. In fact it doesn't really matter if the controllers indeed get their New World Order Out Of Chaos set up completely, it would only be for a short time in the grand scheme of things before the cracks get wider and nature balances out the force of consciousness. A part of this shift is that we won't be alone in the aftermath. Once the prison of the Van Allen magnetic shield cutting us off from the rest of the universe is reduced, due to the crossing of the galactic plane, we will be able to take our rightful place alongside our galactic family and that is the next step for us, but first we still need to understand who we truly are, where we are from and where we are going...

Enjoy this time because things are going to change...


A “win” for the US in warfare is different from a “win” for everyone else… America simply needs to reduce the threat they perceived to their strategic interest, by creating chaos and destruction within that nation or region.

It’s called geopolitics – and as much as I or others may not like it, the US has an almost perfect geographical position, the industrial capacity/potential, the ability to draw-in and manipulate skilled immigrants, agricultural capacity, free-thinking, living-space, has un-matched naval resources that allow it to control world trade routes, and the technical and economic ability to exert its Will on the rest of the world, particularly in Asia.

Geopolitics is also why China or any other Asian country will NEVER be able to overtake the US long-term, because of its unalterable geopolitical weaknesses that will result at some point in its circular historical trend of self-destruction, and why Japan will always be seen as a greater threat by the US to their Asian interests. I am anti-American and hate to have to say this, but United States has already defeated the China and Communist Party of China has already defeated the international human rights regime.


“American / Western empire will fall?” Please someone define “American Empire”.

I think the statement that the “American Empire will fall” is highly unlikely to happen. However, if you mean America will loss physically occupied areas abroad then that is slightly more believable.

The American empire is not comprised of physically occupied land by american immigrants or settlers, but rather in the minds of people all over the world. Other governments benefit from being allied with the United States and the ones who don’t are either too weak to do anything about it or they are unable to police their own countries, which results in their inability to challenge America on any front. They keep sending students to the United States in hopes of unlocking the secrets to America’s success. However, America’s secret to success is its ideology and it’s people (sometimes the attraction of great people from all over the world who do not have the patience to wait for their country to get better), not some unobtainable secret like the fountain of youth.


China always has and will continue to eat itself. This is a fact. Economy? Give China 5~10 years. Their economy rests on American/European interests. It is the west who will decide when to send china back to obscurity.

Oh yes, the American-European economy crisis. Well um, if you are, in any way whatsoever, well versed in wars, like the current one, you will realise that the west has china by it’s short and curlys.

The BULK of the chinese navy? You mean those paddle boats you call ships? They won’t be able to control their bladders when they face the American fleet which is parked around the corner. Once the American navy has had it’s way with your peasants, the chinese ladies have some skirt lifting to do. And willingly.

I'm not racist but Chinese, especially the Han, are craps of humanity. Most people in the world, White, Black, Indians, Asians, hate or despise Chinese....... If they all die, nobody will miss them.

We are more than conquerors, we are winners.

In God We Trust

Out of Many, One


Honor to the hero and his friends. Thanks, Ben. It is important for the fresh people who know about the cabal to know that this fight has been going on for long and has leave us so many heroes. Hope someday all them are regarded and honoured for their fight. We also learn that although just one man can make miracles, they multiply whe surrounded by friends, and centuply when people know about it.

The facts

Why the Asians were defeated? Why they are inferior?

In the English language, yellow has traditionally been associated with jaundice and cowardice. Yellow is associated with the word "caution" and is the second light on stop lights. Ethnographically, the term "yellow" has been used as a term for Northeast Asians ("yellow peril"). Jaundice rhyme with Japan. Source: Wikipedia.org
Physical and sexual inferiority

In every race there will be outliers on the bell (end!) curve, but the median is that Japanese porn stars have 6″ to 7″ penises and 1.5″ in diameter. Californian porn stars have 7.5″ to 11″ penises 2″+ in diameter. There is no porn industry in China. Source: Wienerpedia.

Cultural inferiority

Studies suggest that asian children are predisposed to certain characteristics: weak personality, submission, cowardice, ignorance or ingenuity, low self esteem and poor social, affective and sexual realization compared with a Western guy. These negative characteristics are determined by genetics and culture. Asians races, from the standpoint of Darwinian theory are doomed to occupy the basis of darwinian pyramid.

Money alone can't buy true respect or intellectual superiority. Asians are really unlucky sucks!!!

Intellectual and moral inferiority

White people have invented almost everything, we help many 3rd world countries by bringing them into the modern age, example: South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong. Alot of black and indian people invented and was the first to perform major surgeries. The Asians not invented anything.

White people conquered the world with hard working, In contrast to the Chinese and others Sluts civilizations.

Asians are envious slags

The truth is Asians are invading White countries. Already 1 million Chinese in Europe! You Asians should thank us for allowing so many people of your race in our countries. Stop playing the victims. You need us more than we need you.

Have a good day. Zai zian! Sayonara!


After careful and meticulous analysis i have come to the conclusion that Asian Shit Society and Benjamin Fulshit are completely retarded or liars.


The problem of social, cultural and historical justice, as well the entire problem between China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan cant be solved as long as the USA/NATO exist on this planet. Only when the one who is benefitting from injustice, the USA, is nuked from the orbit and their imperialist fleets and bases in asia sunk and destroyed, justice and welfare can prevail. Time for negotiation is over, it's time to act!


Through their actions, the P2 are precipitating a course of events that, if not stopped, will result in the destruction of Rome and its seven hills by forces linked to Rome's ancient enemies.


I assure you, this will never happen. I'll tell you why.

The "WDS" is a pack of weak, cowardly opportunists, compromised by years of collusion or submission to the Cabal. They follow the principles of justice and benevolence, but they are nothing more than cowards. Evidences are abundant: Opium Wars, Sichuan Earthquake, Sarin gas attack ine Tokyo, Fukeshima, Iraq, 911 and much more. Why?

Verse 8: "But the cowardly, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, idolaters, and all LIARS shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.

Prophet crows of darkness and disaster, unfortunate ignorant, short-sighted small people, your predictions are wrong!

Neither cowardly nor reckless, Christians honor God through the brave pursuit of their calling.


Dr. Van de Meer Predicts Monetary Collapse
Of US Starting On September 30th
By Benjamin Fulford

BULLSHIT - as usual with Fulford


9/11, Gold, Money and Power

"…..Twenty-five years ago,.. I had met Howard Hughes’ private banker, Dr. Norman Bernard Thirion…… told me about events …. that led to …. the name of Bruce Rappaport.

The events centered on the embezzlement by the Reagan White House of funds Thirion had solicited from the Saudi royal family. The funds, $500 million, intended to aid the Afghan freedom fighters never reached them. Instead they were later discovered in a secret CIA Swiss bank account co-mingled with proceeds from the Iran-Contra arms scandal, another illegal Reagan operation. The bank account was controlled by an Israeli-Swiss banker, Bruce Rappaport, later connected to the events surrounding 9/11.

…..I recognized Rappaport’s name when it came to my attention last year in 2011, this time in connection with 9/11 and events …. that will reveal the continuing connection between gold, money and power …"
There's also a video:
"9/11 and the Federal Reserve, Dolllars and Sense Shows 36 and 37
Published on Aug 19, 2012 by SchoonWorks
This show explains how Darryl Robert Schoon came to understand the reasons behind the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11. The attack was not a random act of violence by Muslim terrorists. Not only was the US government involved, the Federal Reserve was involved as well.

The destruction of the WTC allowed the Federal Reserve to allow securities to be traded without a paper? trail because of the 'national emergency'. $240 billion in illegally issued covert bonds were cleared without a paper trail. Read "Collateral Damage". The answers are there."

You can download "Collateral Damage" from:

Victor Fletcher

Re: "When a group of Nazis and fascists murdered President John F. Kennedy and started illegally using this money to finance their project for a fascist “New World Order,” Dr. Van de Meer set out to stop them."

Did you know Toronto's zionists commute to Dallas to witness the Kennedy assassination site to this day?

It is considered a fact amongst a small group of Toronto journalists and high-ranking police that one of the killers still lives in Toronto?

Toronto zionists appear to celebrate the murder of Kennedy who tried to stop Israel from its nuclear proliferation program.

Did the nazis and fascists order this murder? I am told the Rothschilds paid for the killing. Just asking.

gonob radio

New Benjamin Fulford Interview: http://youtu.be/u2ACWfeR1Vo

Orville Edwards


Above all, you are a great writer.

I can only hope you are as truthful as you are great in the literary arts. (But I think you very well may be.)




Morgan Kochel

When did this happen? No dates are mentioned. :-/


Thank You Ben for honoring our friend and mentor very accurate


Thank you for sharing this information. I think it is terrible to have had those experiences like that with a man such as this. You sure have been through a lot during your life so far; I just look forward to the day when we don't need to take the extra measures for our continuous safety... It is just plain tiring, mentally and physically. You have obviously been sent on a mission before you came here, and man, you are kicking them in the teeth!

The way I feel right now, in my opinion, when the war is over it's going to be time for a break... Then slowly, maybe, we can start getting used to close human contact with people whom we are not familiar with (at least me!). Until then, stay strong and keep plugging away!

May the Love and the Light of the One True Infinite Creator guide you, protect you, and continue to help this world as you are...

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