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Canada Goose Denmark

I love it when Stupid people can be outwitted so easily. Good job Ben.

pas cher nike

ben dont take any notice of the morons.im in australia if ytou wanted a contact here i would be up for it.cheers fella

pas cher nike

I love it when Stupid people can be outwitted so easily. Good job Ben.

converse all star

Niitä, jotka hallitsevat planeetan huono tapa mennä vallasta. Yhdessä voimme tehdä sen. Jos uskot, että presidentti ja johtajia, jotka hallitsevat oman maan ovat vioittuneet ja osoitti, että se poistaa valtaa. Älä pelkää. Se maasi.


For Mr. C has no winter,good he found himself in the Swiss with his 500 000 000 -650 000 000 dollars but does not have the courage to return home, because he loves his naughty Dr. MariJa her advice's.


Explode anus of the Rockefellers, the same disgusting things they did to Gadhafi before he died.

Fukushima means Fucked Shima and 65 years of rape in Japan? Where are the ninjas? also they are bastards?

helena ryan

Good answer Ben. like it


its the Govs that are working for the cabals, and you cant replace one with another, it's pointless. intelligence sources are just a made up word for spying.

If you truly care about the world and the fight for justice and freedom, then please answer my question:

The Li's families (part of the ancient blood lines) are in control of Asia, so what make you think the WDS is anything different from the NWO but not a part of it. And PLEASE let me mention the BOOK, "The Way home or face the Fire" , which is available free to download at; www.thewayhomeorfacethefire.net, and INFORM others about the ONLY way to DEFEAT the NWO: http://jahtruth.net/plan.htm/

I already presented a real PLAN to defeat the NWO. See if you can challenge it.



Amy Brown

Mr. Fulford:
It is nice that you respond to the boring people who are critical of you but I wonder why you bother? These people are so caught up in their own short-comings and lack of proper education and manners, they hardly matter. It seems to me that we as human beings must stop the nit-picking and seriously damaging rudeness and begin an organized effort to protect our earth. The Illuminati have practically destroyed earth with radiation and we are people of Earth. We must come together or our future looks bleak. I know many people greatly appreciate your efforts to stop the evil that almost won in their plan to destroy the population. Thank God for people like you, Benjamin Fulford!

I saw a video yesterday that presented an incredible picture of Libya before the evil Westerner's attacked and destroyed that country. How completely and utterly horrid. No wonder the creeps in the US govt are so worried about terrorists - they have created the situation themselves.
I hope you will lead a group to make the views known of the majority of people on Gaia - we do not want nuclear. Cold fusion possibly, magnetic energy (already seen on You Tube) and the new method already being produced in Tunisia along with many other methods are much better and not harmful to our planet and everyone knows the truth about Tesla - his discoveries were meant to be a gift to all people - free energy to the world.

Those people should be put in jail and they should be punished for the countless ways they have harmed our world and the people on it including my own ancestors that I cannot even claim thanks to the invaders. I am part Native American and yet not allowed to be part Native American due to the Dawes Commission. The Illuminati destroy everyone in their path in their haste to get an extra dollar. I do hope they are made to pay just as they locked up Geronimo for 26 years in a hot, stuffy room in FT. Gibson and then stole his skull for the nasty activities at Skull &Bone. Yes, they must be punished, for this is the way of God and of the world.
God bless you!
Best wishes,
Amy Brown

Richard Studd

Hi Ben (moderators),

I don't know quite if any other non-subscribers experience the same problem as i have been i.e. trying to subribe to your blog services via paypal. The paypal side made available for my payment purposes is unfortunately shown in japanese. Do you have a link to an english scripted page or perhaps another alternative method of payment? Thanking you, you staffers and of course the many anonymous sources in advance who bravely and unselfishly continue to furnish the world with their valuable contributions.


The reason China and India were so late in industrializing was due to xenophobia and feeling of superiority. Chinese people have become much materialistic. However, that is due to a century of abject poverty as well as disastrous policies under the cultural revolution under mao.

Chinese really need to change in how they perceive “face”. I think is one of the greatest flaws of the Chinese people. This also holds true for japanese people.

“Honor” on the other hand can be both internal and external, public and private. It’s like never admitting you are wrong and never reflecting on mistakes. Once this “face” thing is removed (along with certain levels of corruption) and creativity is added into education, I think the China can become a great country.

Real freedom is great, but to those who are profiteering from oppression and control of a global scale, it is not: The Western world are the government officials aka thugs on the global level. And they have to be raped, ripped apart along with those in China and the rest of Asia.

China is no where near to defeating it’s enemy.
Why? Because China has yet to even determine correctly who that enemy is.

Stop looking “out there” your enemy is NOT out there. Start looking within; that’s where he’s to be found.


China theatre presents: China Story!

Scene opens with Charictiture of a white capitalist [complete with uncle sam top hat and union jack waistcoat] kicking a Chinese peasant.

White Capitalist: “Work harder Yellow scum!”

Peasant: “You just don’t get it white devil”

*Aiyo*[is kicked.]

“I come from a culture with 5000 years of civilization”


“My ancestors where sailing the oceans while yours where sitting in a cave scratching your fleas!”


“we will never willingly submit to barbarian rule!”

White Capitalist: “Shut up while I’m trying to civilize you” [kicks]

CHinese Communist Cadre: ” Leave that peasant alone white capitalist devil! The Chinese people reJect you and your bankrupt culture. The way to self determination rests solely with the Chinese nation. We shall attain our true destiny as the paramount nation in the world”.

White Capitalist: “OK I’m leaving”

Chinese Communist Cadre: “Back to work comrade peasant” [Kicks peasant]

Peasant: “Heavens be praised thank you noble sir. These barbarians will never understand China!!”

Animal Farm is a reasonable representation of the state of China today.


Hello Ben, well answered.


i think fulford has the credibility that the movement needs.

i would hope he continues to remind the alt media on how to do things
properly when it comes to reporting and raise the standards of the genre.


The Daddy of Jesus loves you Screat...


The Li's families are in control of Asia, so what make you think the WDS is anything different from the NWO but not part of it. And PLEASE let me mention the BOOK, "The Way home or face the Fire" and INFORM others about the ONLY ưay to DEFEAT the NWO: http://jahtruth.net/plan.htm/



Well said Ben.


Hi Ben this guy is obviously a cabal shill as he has no content in his stupid message. If anyone attacks you they need to get real pertinent information and quit trying to make up stuff that doesn't matter. My other thought is this the guy who is trying to kill you and is he trying to taunt you? If not he is mindless idiot. So far I have seen nothing but quality reporting from you!!! You are good at what you do!!! thanks for what you do for us, even for the mindless idiots that have no critical thinking ability. God bless and stay safe. Bill


Where are the ninjas?


Dear Ben
You wrote: "First of all Baron Thyssen is a hereditary title and the person we have been in contact with is the grandson of the one who died in 1951."

Allow me to say that only "Baron" is a hereditary title. The family name Thyssen is what it says- a family name. His only 2 grandsons (from Fritz's daughter Anita Gräfin (Count) Zichy-Thyssen) are: Claudio Graf (Count) Zichy-Thyssen, now 70 and Frederico Graf (count) Zichy-Thyssen, now 75, both living in Argentina.
Back in 1988 both grandsons had not even been able to get their influence into the Fritz Thyssen -Stiftung (foundation) worth back then 200 Million Deutsch Mark which had been founded by their mother.

I hope this helps.
Keep up the good work


You have class and you sure know have to respond to the attacks with love and compassion. That's why I have respect for you and your information regardless if it's accurate 100% of the time.

Calin Daniel

Hello Benjamin and Greetings from Romania,

Important thinks happened now in my country. 2 weeks ago one of the most corrupt and bad person from Romania, Adrian Nastase was put in jail. He is a person who rubs this country, who wants to transform this wonderful country into a slave for UE. Look at the UE situation. All the countries that enter in this aria have a lot of debts. Why? Because this system was created by nazis who wants to bring the NOW. Everyone can convince to this aspect by looking at his countries debts. Now is the time for Romania President to pay for trying selling Romania’s resources to UE and its bad rulers. Traian Basescu will be removed from power from the desire of people. Very Soon. Definitely he will have the same fate like Adrian Nastase. Unfortunately, we have other oligarchs in Romania which controls this country since the revolution in 1989 from the removing of Nicolae Ceausescu, the Romania leader of that time. Some of them are: Dan Voiculescu, Dinu Patriciu, Sorin Ovidiu Vantu and others. So, be with your eyes on them. The people have to understand that the rulers of a country have to do what the people wants, so that country to have a good life living and to evolve from all the points of view (financially, technologically, socially).

Another think that happen in my country. You know about Rosia Montana? Is a mine of gold, and a lot of bad systems like UE, try to still the gold from this mine. There are thousands of tones of gold here. Recently, advertisings appear on tv that says not to still the gold from the Romanian people. And this is a victory for the good part that wants freedom for this wonderful country and resources to be use just for the people good life living.

The people have to understand that the power is in their hands and the president of every country has to represent the people interests. A president who doesn’t do this is not a good president and it have to be removed. The power is in the people hands. So the ones who read this have to take actions, by inform their friends and their family and begin to take actions. We, the people we can change our life. We, the people have the power. So let’s begin take actions! Do all you can for your country freedom.

The ones who rule the planet in a bad way have to go from power. Together we can do that. If you think that your president and the leaders who rule your country are corrupted and showed that, remove them from power. Don’t be afraid. It’s your country. The ultimate power is in your hands. You are the people and you have the right to choose the president and the mans who represent your desires. Don’t forget. The power is in your hands. Begin to take Actions!


I love it when Stupid people can be outwitted so easily. Good job Ben.


simple question:

the drake a fail or not?

leighton watkins

ben dont take any notice of the morons.im in australia if ytou wanted a contact here i would be up for it.cheers fella

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