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I am most pleased and humbled to be able to send you this communication-I sincerely hope that sometime in our near future, we might have a nice two way conversation. First, I must express my concern over your safety. I know it seems to have been a failed attempt on your life, and I pray that it is just so. Still, being an ever-vigilant being, I would request that you be thoroughly checked over. Have you ever heard of Binary poisons? This is the heart of my seemingly overbearing concern for you. Say some dubious person got the first poison in your system. The second step could seem innocuous. You might be at a huge dinner, where many hundreds of people are dining on the same meal-seems safe, yes? However, if the secondary part of a two part poison were in the food, all others would be fine-only those with the primary poison in their system would be harmed-in this case, you. Yes, it sounds like science fiction, and I indeed first heard of such a thing in a fictional novel-perhaps Clive Cussler? In any event, I only have the best wishes for you, I pray this is just the outlandish idea it seems to be on the surface, but still beg you to take any necessary precautions to ensure that we might celebrate your 200th Birthday in a grand way-well after your morning 6 mile jog-enjoying the appearance of a 35 year old-this IS our future! I myself am a paraplegic of 23 years, currently bedridden for the past 15 months due to an ill-trained home health nurse having used MRSA contaminated supplies she shared with an 80 year old gentleman who had this terrible bacteria-which the same nurse may have given him from another. I can hardly wait until such atrocious doings are relegated to the history books-along with Wars, Famines, Plagues, Diseases-even death itself-as it is now. I hope to be a small or great part of our grand future. I would Love to be a part of a team that puts funds and suppressed technologies together with skilled teams of people who would see such projects as culminations of their lives' dreams. Sincerely at your service and hoping to one day meet, Robert Michael of Albuquerque, New Mexico, united States of America. Best blessings to you and also to Alexander Romanov.



China is doomed !!!

Dear Chinese,

Watch this video and weep!


Five thousand years of civilization and many chinese people are still animals. Chimpanzees in the wild have shown more humanity than those bunch of chinese monkeys.

So China has amassed “5000 years of culture” and absolutely nothing to show to the world, except primitivism and barbarianism! What a sad bunch of lowlives. There are many reasons China should never be allowed to become a world leader in any context, this is just one of them.

Please stay the **** out of the West. You and your “morals” are not wanted here.

Chinese people are the most disgusting people in the world!

Why God created this race? To glorify the Christians? Ying and Yang?

The Patriot

Sadly enough my yearning for this entire global heist to be exposed and all whom are involved publicly executed has lead me here. I say sadly because as the mainstream news seems to be praying on the hypnosis of the sheeple by giving them no real news or twisted versions of some truths, I find the exact same thing going on in these websites. the difference being the ones who ARE paying attention are lookinf for outlets to latch on to for a place to get involved and here with you seems to be just more trickery and misinformation then we get fed on mainstream news. Your take on the world collapsing is very vague. You could tie any event in history as a sign the illuminati is failing...Iran-Contra, watergate etc...but it still continues. I have not seen one thing you have predicted come true and if you are that "connected" your percentagfe would be higher. Secondly if you were that "Connected" you wouldn't be posting anything because it would jeopordize the whole thing. My conclusion is you are a phony, the White Dragons are not real and I must say it makes me question who is backing you. We have seen the last 10 years muddled by disinformation, mystery and secrecy, I see no difference here. makes me wonder if this is an illuminati plan to get us to trust this "White Dragon" formerly known as "Black Dragons" (Who's running this Prince?)as they slowly put military on he streets and we allow it..Sorry, need more concrete eveidence that your not chemically inbalanced or on the cabal payroll!!
The Patriot

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These are the people the US/Europe owes money too? Ridiculous!








ベンジャミンさんのコンタクトが軍人と認めているDrakeという人物に関してなんですが、彼はペンタゴンがETと協同して動いていると言っています。Resistance MovementのCobraという人物も同じことを言ってます。ついでにCobraはベンジャミンさんの言うところのサバタイ派ユダヤ人、もしくは悪魔教の連中はアヌンナキという宇宙人の子孫だと言ってます。



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well it seems there is an alliance of the postulators now.

fact is the drake failed, didnt own up to it and has others covering for him. he was reckless to set the date and from what i was told he has set another one for 2 weeks from now.

wilcock mis-spoke on his blog about the keenan case and other alt media types twisted that account into another false version of their own.

fulford still is maintaining some credibility based on his previous work but i think until he writes a book on the white dragon society with alot of detail, he will be viewed with some contempt my many who follow this sort of thing.

also, fulford will take on his critics to some extent but the same cannot be said of wilcock (who whines and cries) and drake (who is indignant and runs to the arms of his cultists) and jones (who throws a temper tantrum).


I was always sketched out about men like wilcock or Drake simply because putting my eggs in a basket that could easily be corrupt without my knowledge isn't smart. I have however spent a lot of time reading about these events that seem to be pushing this forward. If you think about it logically there are two possibilities one this whole cabal fall is a scandal and wilcock and Drake are leading it. This would take precision lots of planning and an organized effort without even a single flaw. Or two the more likely case they really are falling apart, I like david and Drake they gave me hope in a time when nobody else could. But I don't follow them I don't defend them if attacked I once was the attacker. The reality is that looking into society and seeing the scene playing out should be enough confirmation. But we have been tricked so many times and it is good to be skepticle. This scepticism will be our backup plan, should this Neo somehow still have world domination in their sights us skeptics will lead the world into reform through blood one last time. So remember to watch the world you live in I have seen much confirmation in the news and I for one am excited to be a part of the greatest time history has ever seen. Our people are litterally transitioning into a new way of relating, thinking and being before our own eyes.


What I read elsewhere, it is a high stakes chess game.

We make a move; they make a move.

We said "green light, mass arrests on July 4th".

They said "We will release biological weapons of mass destruction."

We decided to try a different move....


im my opinion, someone needs to hold the line on credibility, drake didnt admit his failure, its was just sensationalism to drive traffic as far as i am concerned.


Hello Benjamin and Greetings from South of Atlanta GA, US

This is just a private note to thank you for all you are doing. My introduction to your work was through an audio of your discussion with David Wilcock. Thanks to being in bed with a nasty cold for a few days, I have had plenty of time to continue researching the work. I was elated to at last find this blog so I might be able to tell you just what all of this has meant to me and for millions of others!
All that I am learning now speaks to my spirit as they are things I always knew, but didn't know I knew...
You are such an inspiration and I will continue to keep you in my prayers and my intensions.


Da Raw Journalist

well said

cosmic matter



Personally, I'm seeing a BIG green light. Look, for example, at the timing of the LIBOR scandal's being made public. Had that happened even a year ago, it would have been swept under the rug after a couple of high-profile resignations with golden parachutes, i.e. no harm done the banksters at all.

However, now that the Dodd/Frank bill has not only passed but been implemented, making the banks disclose the vast secretive networks of the extent of their business dealings "In case they have to file bankruptcy" - NOW the LIBOR manipulation is made public.

It turns out this manipulation affected virtually all loans everywhere. I'm now recalling that one of my credit cards sent out a fine-print "change to your terms" notice that said the interest rate would now be tied to LIBOR. Of course, to me, that meant "no noticeable change." But now I know why they did it. And it will serve, I predict, to be their undoing.

Why? Because now essentially ALL LOAN CONTRACTS WILL BE RENDERED INVALID. Banks will all have to "file bankruptcy" (ha ha). It's possible they have wiped themselves out in one fell swoop.

After all, it's not just arrests we need. Obviously, if #1 bankster gets arrested, #2 can simply step into his place. We need the banks reduced to nothing, so that the power that was bestowed upon them by their insane amount of wealth will simply disappear.


It seems to me that when any dates are put out there the cabal come up with some counter plot to stop it from happening .This means our allies have to back off .This would make sense as they do not want to be responsible for the deaths of millions of people.I know how hard it is when you think this is it, and nothing seems to happen .From what I have heard some arrests have taken place .Time for patience folks. and stop criticising people who are working hard behind the scenes and ,others who like Drake, Fulford, and Wilckock,and many more who are putting there lives on the line every day. Just be gratefull and stop moaning ,if it is that frustrating for you get off your backside and do something yourself about it.


I am sorry ben, but i must point out to you that the berlin wall did not come down on its own, it was allowed to come down, the reunification of ger-money-which as you know after ww2 was said would never be allowed to happen, but had to as it has given the country the powerbase it needed to expand.

to put it more bluntly the wall was an inside job, a dog and pony dvd show.

the libor inquiry will be a damp squid, fines and the odd greedy banker being made a scapegoat, sorros can buy his way out, as well you know, so can the bankers, barclays have already done a deal with the usa, supergrass time.

the fines do not hurt bankers who at a stroke can create whatever funds they wish...................

i see m shrimpton has put a name and warning to the world about the drug they tried to kill you with on or in vetrans today article.

i hope you are right ben, that man-drake is real, or cobra, but as we have yet to see any evidence of space brothers, off world help, i think peter pan has more credibility, but who knows.

if the holy see is the capstone on the dollar bill, in god we trust certainly has a new meaning................lols.


Dear Mr. Fulford.

It seems to me, people have lost their ability to use their brains. Sorry for these harsh words but it seems to me, that we live in a worldwide kindergarten and all the little ones are waiting for someone to tell them what to do next. Drake has worked so hard during the last year being the messenger - I'm sure you know how it feels - always trying to give as much information as possible for him. And some people now react as if it is his fault things are not happening like they wished they would. How childish and callow is this! We should really start getting back our self-responsability otherwise we won't be able to live in a changing world with changing social maturity, where we will have to take responsabilty for our fate and personal development. Hopefully there are also a lot of "wise" acting people being examples for how our future could look like.



I can hardly imagine the risks being taking by you, David Wilcox, Drake, our blessed military, etc, etc. I am so grateful for any news at all. At least we have some idea of what is going on behind the scenes. I don't mind being patient as the mess we are in is a pretty tight knot to untie. Blessing and prayers to you all.


That pretty much sums it up Ben. Thanks for your perseverance, it is appreciated around the world. Watch out who's hand you shake. There are still so many confused people out there willing to carry out a mission to do harm to others due to the coersive techniques of the negative top class. You'll just have to wait and see if he got you with something bad.

Such an amazing world we can transition into if the negative top class would just open up their minds and see the possibilities. They're just caught in a flow... an ancient flow of humans that thrive on dominating over other human beings. It's their identity and, without it, they really just don't know what to do with themselves I think.

We could, quite literally, have a Star Trek style star fleet academy on the presidio and Star Fleet Command across the water if this negative top class could simply have their minds opened away from their ancient flow.

The most important thing in the world is clear, honest, relaxed communication; always. It always leads to the simple truths of life. The art of confusion prevents most people from having this type of conversation each day, and people get caught in a perpetual virtual reality web woven by the top class.

I've offered my leadership to the top class - they certainly need it. They know... perhaps they'll meet me soon, but their track record on the matter suggests they are too scared of real change.

John Carten

Mr. Fulford:

The recent appearance of Nicholas Sarkozy in Canada seeking protection from Canadian billionaire Paul Desmarais bodes well for Canada because it draws the spotlight on a family that got extremely rich, in a mere 40 years, "looting" millions from Canadian taxpayers with the help of 4 successive Canadian Prime Ministers, Trudeau, Mulroney, Chretien and Martin.

Do you have any information on whether Paul Desmarais will be arrested as part of the world wide clean up? Or, Mulroney, Chretien or Martin?

We suspect that Paul Desmarais was a player in the Water War Crimes.
See http://www.waterwarcrimes.com

Certainly, his sidekick, Maurice Strong, was big in the water business and Desmarais himself is a big investor in the water industry.

The Governments of Canada and British Columbia are covering up these crimes but they are regular visitors to the Water War Crimes web site and my sources tell me that they thought I was murdering some of key witnesses who were suddenly dropping dead because I had predicted more death when the death toll was 7 and now it is 31.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that key witnesses would likely be murdered in a case that can put major players in jail for a long long time.

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