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Benoît Goyette

Dear Benjamin, I found your blog interesting, but never replenishing. We need more than general context and ideas... more details about what coming. I don't find it fair to do that in the secrecy. People are always kept ignorant of what is really happen. People just good to keep entertain like a child by the idiot box. If there is good things to happen, can we have details about our future. This is the future of all humanity and the choice must be given to all. A meritocracy is ok for me, but the way is build in secrecy don't please me at all. I know that the media of the West do their work of disinformation. So why can you be an open source of truth and liberty ? Everybody knows that without truth liberty cannot be ! Please tell us openly what it goes on !



映像が証明する秘せられた驚愕の真実 ! ! ジェイ・エピセンター 氏





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