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people are telling me and i agee that the video put up by "nesearch" on youtube is screening out all critical comments of them so as to give the appearance of everyone in agreement with their video, since they invoke god, jesus etc. this is quite acceptable as this behavior is typical of born again christians, ends justify their means.

Tom M

Benjamin, your messages are inconsistent. One message basically implied no ground will be given then another implies negotiating a settlement.I am not sure whether you sponsor a world centralized governing body or individual sovereign countries to preserve individual sovereignty. I get the impression that you are sponsoring the replacement of the cabal financial system with another centralized power structure. The mess we are in today is directly caused by too much power concentrated in a small group that controls the financial structure and that has to cease.


What a backstabber this webb creep is!

You gave him a positive referral in your post and linked to him.

Total dickhead!

I did this response video to his parroted slander: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGoSmci85I


Negotiations for a win-win situation for everybody? Who, in their right mind, negotiates with Satanists? These people have lied, stolen and murdered for decades and yet now they are worthy of negotiations? You really think you can trust them? Why not hire them out as full time nannies for your children while you are at it? I am disgusted by all this talk of negotiations with terrorists!


christopher story did die, as his close friend and ex mep mr mote points out on his own www pages.

chris had a track record second to none, he was upright truthful and his work has proved itself time and time again, he threw the information about blairs accounts out, two years later they even got mentioned in the daily mail telegraph and others as tax evasion? hidden accounts.

we live in a world of liars fraudsters and death dealing thugs who kill and suicide people like dr kelly dr holmes and many many others without a qualm.


this henny guy rubbishes ben but then uses his information on the 21st, mid summer, prince williams hatchling day, longest day to his own credit.

I would imagine any serious reader who checks out one post against another can reach their own conclusions, the plotters plot, or leak out they plot, nothing is stable and easy to forsee, in truth we get glimpses into their mindset, the bilderbergers, the mad dog monsanto brigade who are trying to remake us in the guise of helping humanity, dna tinkering while starving the world of food and clean water..... africa can be bone dry, but the flower exporters for chain stores around the world will be full of reduce price bunches grown in those countries.

whilst we hate the system, the more ignorant support it with your iphones and pads, your designer faddy clothes made in sweatshops, you are creating and funding the system you condemn as evil.

Ben is stuck in a hard place, he reports what is given to him, nothing comes with a signed certificate of proof, these people do not send memos headed todays nuke delivered by ups, checked by customs, duty paid.

the brics may or well not be thinking of revolt, but they are all indebted to the imf or similar organisations, they all owe the banksters somewhere and someway, international aid comes at that price.

sitting on the www as a keyboard warrior feeling superior achives nothing, its boots on the ground, lobbying your govt via its elected agents, creating a stink bad enough to get people to change.

casquette ed hardy

Miré con atención este artículo, una buena sensación, así, el corazón está muy agradecido a los autores quieren acciones, aún más diferente de la obra del autor, se vería.





concerning the notion of
'free energy might lead to the super bomb for the malcontent'

quite some time ago I gave this notion some thought

it seems to me
since power plants, already, often are built on guarded premises
and we have the military, with a tradition of guarding the nation's high risk

likewise, free energy plants, for now,
until tempers cool down 
would be a matter of governmental responsibility
should be built by the government on - heavily - guarded premises

imagine a underground bunker complex with only high voltage cables egressing

that should be considered acceptable risk
comparable with present nuclear risk

the extra cost being offset
by the nature of perpetual power generation at maintenance cost

portable devices, should be considered
'not to be tampered with by user'
and such be forbidden by law
& be fabricated in a way
than tampering would disable the device
or else, no such device should be made available to the public
until the condition humaine, by observation,
would permit such to make sense

mtjoeng, the netherlands

Jay Selstad

Is anyone out there really taking Henegan seriously? The man's a childish, name-calling sensationalist who seems to care little for all that pesky "accuracy" in news reporting. Ignore him.


I also would like to offer free graphics as it is the only thing I have to offer by way of return. aside from being a rabid supporter publicly :)


Benjamin...If you ever come to California anytime soon..(San Francisco) consider me your hostess...I am fascinated and enthralled and proud of the way you do things...thank you so much...

Dawnatilla the Hun
aka Nicole







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