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Kevin Lyerla

Lets see the police report

From Mars

Sorry four mi bad Englis,

What iss the differeense beteweenn Whiti and Bleck Dagon? Whit Dagon Societis is a Chunese sicret societi?

Wouter Baeck

I am an artist for about 28years now.And I always knew about the evil ways of the cabal and the financial tyranny.Even with the event of 9/11 I knew instantly this was a set up.I live from gifts from my parents who support my artistical developments.Before I lived of Belgium wellfare.Now austerity is kicking in like never before.It is really hard to get around for most people.But there are signs all over the place.For example: Most official projects financial,commercial and artistic are just ridiculous and they are making a fool of themself.Right now it is really funny in here as the people are being robbed from their money,they can't spent money on foolish crap anymore and stupid businesses are closing everywhere in town.I also want to let you know about my personal plans I have to let this world evolve into a paradise for everyone,People animals trees and plants.As we are all equal and sharing the planet.Breathing in and out.Shedding our skins continuously etc.Renewing all the time.As I grew up in a small town awy from the influence of city-life with a father who planted a thousand young trees on the property that he inherited.Before it was a boring meadow.Now after 40 years it looks like a merely undisturbed little island in the middle of an agricultural boldness.
My goal is to restore respect for nature as it was in pre-christian times.This can only be achieved when everybody feels happy all-the-time.I am more like a spiritual leader who doesn't want to be famous and rich at all.Who loves to create art like poetry wood sculptures paintings and ancient musical instruments.The day may come that I will make good money but only to invest it to restore ancient cultural believes in the unique beauty of nature and to create new life by keeping peoples hands off nature and regulate it without a need for electricity or machines.I have a few inventions ready to go out but for now I keep it as a well hidden treasure,nobody can decode it unless they ask me for advice.That is the only purpose in my life.
I know it sounds a bit weird.But I know what I am doing.This year is very promissing for me.I will finish my oeuvre and most likely leave town and country next year.All is well arranged to my Master plan.
Thanks for your support.I appreciate it a lot.


(sorry for any grammar mistakes... I'm from Italy)

I had a very realistic lucid dream a few days ago and saw the truth

WDS is a psychological operation controlled by CIA/MI6/Mossad.

They caused the tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan, and are now putting the blame on the illuminati. Their goal is to infiltrate and destroy Japan because the Japs have allied to the Chinese. The same way the Illuminati, the Chinese secret society are satanists.

Benjamin Fulford and Chodoin Daikaku is brainwashed. They expect to become messiahs, to start the fictitious NWO controlled by Rothschilds. The Rothschilds are just a symbol, like the queen of england.


Why are Asians the most shallow, selfish, and heartless people?

I say that because, in America and Western World, it is very common to see someone try to help someone else in need. If someone is passed out on the floor, I believe people will stop by to try to help. It also seems selfishness of Asians are even characterized on media. If you have ever watched Street Fighter - The Chun Li Story, you can see a man getting beat up at a train station and the Chinese people just walk on by.

Oh I didn't forget BlackOutKorea.com. That's an example if I ever saw one. It has become the norm in Korea to pass out in public so I guess you can't blame anyone for not trying to help anymore. Who knows how long the black out phenomenon has been going on?

So do I have a conclusion? I don't know. Overall Asians are much more family oriented and respectful to elders than in America but oddly enough, from what I see, Americans and Western World (I'm from Italy) are much more likely to help a stranger in need.

Now, where do I stand? I'll be honest, there have times where I see an old lady dragging a heavy bag up a long flight of stairs but I stop and help them carry it about half of the time. Sometimes I just walk on by but other times I do the right thing. Nope, I was never perfect.

Text from: http://nycandbeyond.blogspot.com.br/2010/10/are-asians-selfish.html

CSS accepted abuse and humiliation imposed by illuminati, against their countries for 400 years. Is not a bit too late to act?

What can we expect from Asian Secret Society? Are we being unrealistic? Benjamin Fulford works for MI6 !

(sorry for my bad english, I'm from Italy)


China will become the most hated country in the world? I just hope China won't become super power

I'm hoping China will never become a superpower because it will be a nightmare for the whole world. I'm sure, if it becomes number one country, China will make the world a worse place. I'm sure they will have confrontation with India, Europe and Japan, their traditional rivals.

Reality of China

Look at people living in China and Western world, who are the primitive barbarian and who are the civilized & intelligent human beings? Who are living in hell and who are living in beautiful human world?

Asian immigrants

If Asia was so good, why did you flee your motherland? Because you wanted a better life. Its a proof China and the rest of Asia is a PILE OF SHIT, otherwise the asian monkeys would stay in China. What asiansdid with the first immigrants? Were used and thrown away. In a country where human life has no value, why would a shrine have any importance?

Just because the animals are eaten, does not mean that they need to be tortured and abused, this is just sick shit in any country of the world no matter what they eat. The chickens and cattles do not sleep at our feet… They do not play ball with our childern and wag their tails when we play with them. Anyway, here are the sick pics of the cat and dog barbaque in Korea, China, Thailand http://www.justsickshit.com/2008/01/06/

Eating Human


My questions: Arent there any type international laws in effect preventing stuff like this from happening? Is their logic behind eating these fetuses justified..?

Chinese Eat Baby Soup An Email report received by The Seoul Times confirmed that news with several vivid and appalling pictures of human embryos fetuses being made into a soup for human consumption.

A town in the southern province of Canton (Guangdong) is now on trend taking baby herbal soup to increase overall health and stamina and the power of sexual performance in particular.The cost in China currency approximately $ 4000 (it is about Rs2000). A factory manager was interviewed and he testified that it is effective because he is a frequent customer. Here http://www.mizozo.com/world/12/2011/22/eating-human-in-china-do-they-eat-babies-in-china.html

Chinese are selfish people, primitive, barbarians.


Barack Obama – Hero or Villain?

Obama is the first regular person in the presidency that came from a middle class background. Obama is a true hero because he publically acknowledges his history or roots. How many of us despise our root and heritage, despise our parents only because we see them as impoverished, illiterate and less sophisticated? How many of us badmouth our countries and the black African continent only because we find ourselves holders of the coveted American Green Card or holders of all the academic degrees.

He's a hero because he has the common sense (that not all book-educated intellectuals have), that you can change the course of where you are and the future, but you can't change the fact of history. Simply put, it is a stark reality.

The fact that he was able to defeat the racist argument and reach out to a huge number of voters on all sides of the aisles has strengthened the multiracialism argument. Africa must learn from the Obama experience that the days of playing the ethnic/sectional cards in politics from Kenya to Nigeria and Chad are over. One thing I know about our African elders, they may be impoverished but they are proud people, who know when someone cares.


If you can't make accurate predictions don't make them at all. I've come to the conclusion that your a nobody and getting info from you is pointless.
















Hey wait a minute. I am the same age as those young scumbags he called old. I think he just affended me. At least I know how to abreviate I have. LOL LOL LOL

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