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(sorry for any grammar mistakes... I'm from Italy)

White/Black Dragon Society is a psyop controlled by CIA/MI6/Mossad.

They caused the tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan, and are now putting the blame on the illuminati.

Benjamin Fulford and Chodoin Daikaku is brainwashed. They expect to become messiahs when starting the fictitious NWO controlled by Rothschilds. The Rothschilds are just

a symbol, like queen of england. There are many groups behind them.

Posted by: LSD | 06/26/2012 at 02:12

Why are Asians the most shallow, selfish, and heartless people?

I say that because, in America and Western World, it is very common to see someone try to help someone else in need. If someone is passed out on the floor, I believe

people will stop by to try to help. It also seems selfishness of Asians are even characterized on media. If you have ever watched Street Fighter - The Chun Li Story, you

can see a man getting beat up at a train station and the Chinese people just walk on by.

Oh I didn't forget BlackOutKorea.com. That's an example if I ever saw one. It has become the norm in Korea to pass out in public so I guess you can't blame anyone for

not trying to help anymore. Who knows how long the black out phenomenon has been going on?

So do I have a conclusion? I don't know. Overall Asians are much more family oriented and respectful to elders than in America but oddly enough, from what I see,

Americans and Western World (I'm from Italy) are much more likely to help a stranger in need.

Now, where do I stand? I'll be honest, there have times where I see an old lady dragging a heavy bag up a long flight of stairs but I stop and help them carry it about

half of the time. Sometimes I just walk on by but other times I do the right thing. Nope, I was never perfect.

Text from: http://nycandbeyond.blogspot.com.br/2010/10/are-asians-selfish.html

CSS passively observed the humiliation against their countries for 400 years. Is not a bit too late to act and repair?

What can we expect from Asian Secret Society? Are we being unrealistic?

WDS/BDS are liars, they are truly the scum of the earth.

(sorry for any grammar mistakes... I'm from Italy)

Posted by: X1 |

China will become the most hated country in the world? I just hope China won't become super power

I'm hoping Communist China will never become a superpower because it will be a nightmare for the whole world. I'm sure they will have confrontation with Europe, Russia,

India and Japan, their traditional rivals.

Reality of China

Look at people living in China and Western world, who are the primitive barbarian and who are the civilized & intelligent human beings? Who are living in hell and who

are living in beautiful human world?

Asian immigrants

If Asia was so good, why did you flee your motherland? Because you wanted a better life (made a big mistake). It's a proof China and rest of Asia is a PILE OF SHIT,

otherwise the asian monkeys would stay in China. What they did with the first immigrants? They used and thrown away like trash. In a country where human life has no

value, why a shrine have any importance?

Asian cuisine

Just because the animals are eaten, does not mean that they need to be tortured and abused, this is just sick shit in any country of the world no matter what they eat.

The chickens and cattle do not sleep at our feet… They do not play ball with our childern and wag their tails when we play with them. Anyway, here are the sick pics


Eating Human


My questions: Arent there any type international laws in effect preventing stuff like this from happening? Is their logic behind eating these fetuses justified..?

The Seoul Times confirmed that news with several vivid and appalling pictures of human embryos fetuses being made into a soup for human consumption.

A town in the southern province of Canton (Guangdong) is now on trend taking baby herbal soup to increase overall health and stamina and the power of sexual performance

in particular. A factory manager was interviewed and he testified that it is effective because he is a frequent customer. Pics


Have They No Shame?

Chinese are the most cynics, primitive, selfish, barbarians and heartless people of the world. The Chinese elite is the most stupid and traitor of the world. China

should be excluded from the international community. The Illuminati deserve to be eliminated.

Posted by: X1 |


Barack Obama – Hero or Villain?

Obama is the first regular person in the presidency that came from a middle class background. Obama is a true hero because he publically acknowledges his history or roots. How many of us despise our root and heritage, despise our parents only because we see them as impoverished, illiterate and less sophisticated? The fact that he was able to defeat the racist argument and reach out to a huge number of voters on all sides of the aisles has strengthened the multiracialism argument. Africa must learn from the Obama experience that the days of playing the ethnic/sectional cards in politics from Kenya to Nigeria and Chad are over.


Well, english is not my native language either, so I'm sorry if I spell wrong

Benito Quintero

La crisis económica actual ha sido posible por las medidas tomadas por la FED (Sistema de Reserva Federal) y los bancos centrales en estrecha complicidad con los Estados. La FED, banco central de Estado Unidos, es un banco privado que tiene el monopolio de la emisión de dinero, que no paga impuestos y cuyos dueños son los Rothschild de Londres y Berlín; la familia Lazard de París; Israel Moses Seif de Italia; los Kuhn, Loeb y Warburg de Alemania y las familias Lehman, Goldman, Sachs y Rockefeller de Nueva York. Esta sinarquía financiera ha ido consolidando todo un sistema planetario de monopolios alrededor de las entidades financieras que abarcan todos los sectores de la economía constituyendo enormes carteles, esto es, poderosos grupos de corporaciones globales que han tejido un complejo entramado con el fin de controlar la economía mundial. Lectura completa en LA FED:ARQUITECTA DEL ESCLAVISMO MUNDIAL publicado en www.dianaduquegomez.blogspot.com


World horoscope astrology predictions


Poor unfortunate souls
BDS, China, Russia and Jopan will fall before the illuminati (in 2020)
Time to do what needs to be done
Kill and destroy all illuminati
Forget the consequennces
Before it's too late.,l


Pink Bastard Society

You're such a wuss! He's nothing but a no-good bum!die bastards, liars






Kurt Schilling

Wow Ben! Your info on Obama is absolute shit. He's active in bringing down the Cabal - as you will learn before this years ends.


this video, leaked, shows what some call very disturbing evidence of mr fulford-san being a reptillian: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk8EHsDxfyQ

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