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You should mention the amount of deaths caused by the pharmaceutical industry, I do not think all doctors are bad but the ones who work for these companies are obviously evil..


Ignoring/allowing the faulty math in this comparison,
I believe the logic itself is flawed and I am surprised you posted this Ben.

Sickness cured by guns per year...
Sickness cured by doctors per year...

Accidents and deviants can't define which is more deadly, when X (unlike Y) aren't designed for death. If you are to pose the question which is more deadly (out of two things with different functions) you would do better including all deaths, not just the accidents. Otherwise you're fooling yourself even further.

So let's try those stats again:

Deaths caused by guns
Deaths caused by doctors

Note: If you were to pose it as "murder" you would have different stats:

Murders caused by guns...
Murders caused by doctors...

But that would be going about it in the same faulty direction as in your pose.

Chris Brown

That's .171 accidental deaths by physicians PER YEAR!

Also, your number for deaths per hunter should be .0000188.


Regardless whether the accidental death by doctors is more than gun owners,the number accidental of deaths in both categories is high. So as a result,the emphasize shoudl be placed on better edcuation for both doctors and gun owners.


Patients who see doctors are already half-dead. They cannot live on without the help of doctors. Of course doctors are deadly; they are seeing half-dead people.


thats stupid

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