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Dear Friends,

I wrote these paragraphs to post at some chat room. I am posting here with hope
it may be some help to you and also useful for you to help some of your deeply
prejudiced friends or older relatives to save their life's chance. Only with
acknowledgment of the truth and repentance one can redeem the eternal life's

Hi Friends, Are you ready for logic-attacks?

1) The most SILLY thing to say: ("The God does not exist!") How do you suppose
to exist and making the "stoopid noise", if the God is not making and keeping
you and the body to Exist and functioning(alive)? The world and your existence
is the proof of the Existence of the God that Makes and Keeps the Everything to
Exist with the Effort of the Good Wishful Will Force of Every Now.

2) The most SUICIDAL things to say: ("No one lives forever!") or ("Everyone is
dying!") You NEVER can know these as FACTs. To say such is "PREACHING DEATH" the
consequence of which is death. It is the most careless INSULT to the God's Best
Wish in gifting you the awareness. Even without doing such you can lose when
you fail to deserve the gift. If you have done "IT" before, the advice is "NEVER
TO DO IT AGAIN". You should take this serious. You are not supposed to die.

3) The God is A-Fact that Exists as the World. Everything is the God's property
except our awareness. The only thing belong to you, The only thing you can lose,
That is your awareness as a person, a dependant on the God. The God provide with
the productivity of the Earth the need of everyone, with the Wish you to share
equally in peace in happiness. The God's Providence is plenty for everyone.

4) The defining(describing) of the concept "God" MUST BE STRICTLY CORRECT not to
obscure it to confuse children's understanding. You MUST NOT ill-use nor misuse
the name of the "God" if you do not want to lose.

5) The God never spoke nor wrote on Earth without the mouth or hand of the God's
Enlightened "the Son of the Sun". The words written by dying ones never could be
the words of the God. You should not teach children otherwise if you do not wish
to MISGUIDE children and lose.

6) The God and the Son of the Sun "HAVE NOTHING TO DO" with the business of
religions that in-sects lie, pretend, plot, praise, prohibit, demand, hate,
fight for own lies and pretenses.

7) "IF" there is existence of the spiritual being or the spiritual world as such
it would be essentially for just immortal ones who might have evacuated their
physical planetary world after lived their eternal life very long time. It is
like that real spacetime traveling UFO is not for the greedy selfish and proud
"ME!" savages. The God forbids the savages to trouble Worlds of CIVILIZED.

8) By the God, you can be Just equal to any others at your best. If you have
placed yourself above others you are the "lesser" in this world of the God.

9) FANATIC of anything to "be special" is the show of a mental defect. It is
the easiest way to place yourselves above others "No smoke!, No drink!, No this!
No that!" against the common sensed ordinary ones. The same is doing things the
most of others don't "to be proud of doing so". Reading or writing for no need
despite of nothing of true good to gain nor to offer are the examples. While the
natural Intelligence would not do anything to be proud of nor to draw other's
attentions only to say "ME!". For the ones who have placed oneself "above" others
with the defect of "Want to be More than other" or the defect of Greed that "Want
to have or take more than others do", proud madness is the ultimate height one
can ascend to. You might just be VERY STRICT not to be disrespectful to anyone
for your own eternal life's chance sake.

10) Military and police force or the most of the bureaucrats with man made rules
and laws are not the need of the self-behaved God's children who took only need
of their livings and have nothing but themselves. You should not over evaluate
your own none productive untruthful existence. Military and police force have
been the threat of violence to people for your grossly selfish criminal masters.
Your masters are the "criminals" you are assigned to arrest. You have been payed
many time over already by the poor people for the task you never have done yet.
You must do the task? Once the task is done you should resolve yourselves? And
humble yourself and repent if you want to be pardoned or you shall lose.

11) While the god's children have no defect in their genes. And the Son of the
Sun should have his perfected genes. The proud and grave great ones who placed
selves above others have consequential defective genes. The defective genes of
the body reflect the "mental defects" of the occupier(person). Without real
repentance the defective genes are to die out.

12) The God's "bodily health" is only to do with the attitude of your occupation.
For the good health you do not need anything other than to make sure not to ill-use
nor ill-occupy the "body of the God" with ill-manor of yourself. Chapel or Temple
or Shrine of the God never meant be such buildings but the God's body.

Trust in the God's best wish and believe in not dying life and be truthful and
fair and good. You should be assured of the God's protection. "Long Live Friends!",
---Bye for now.

With respect to your eternal life's chance,---godoten :)


Couldn't have said it better myself.

John McCloud

Please, what do you mean telling someone to stop complaining and start doing something. What in god's name is an individual supposed to do, rush out and arrest a Rockefeller? Get real here. I would say to you, stop complaining about people complaining. You're the one who built up people's hopes, and now you're upset that people are unhappy that what you reported as happening is not happening? Ever hear the story of the boy who cried wolf? You're that boy, it seems.

Unknown just to keep it cool

So please Ben advise what people should do. what action can people do that will actually make something change. From my research people who stand up to this system get killed.
And as for the Dragon Family i so want to believe in, if they believe in such things how can they not even reveal themselves...if they are so tough and powerfull what would it matter. Same goes for your insiders friends that you and Willcock keep feeding us with...people with no names. If this is all for the greater good of man kind, why feed people with un named information and actually give people information that they can go away with and do something with. I believe the ellite are slowly killing us off with the radiation from Fukushima and the shit they are spraying in our skies almost every day. Im still waiting on your comments on that after questing you several times now.
Please Ben, if your not just making money off this supply us with the transparency you keep talking about eh?


I am VERY TIRED of people like Fulford, Drake and others telling us to stop "waiting around" and take care of the problem ourselves. Yet they don't want us to pick up guns and shoot the main characters in this drama who, in my opinion, should have been picked off one by one via snipers eons ago! What's the problem, big "TALKERS", that you can't seem to get rid of even ONE of these CRIMINALS? How many ex-special forces snipers do we have in this country -- yet all these criminals like the Rockefellers are out walking around socializing every day driving limousines while the millions they've condemned with their wars and financial rapes DIE! Well, maybe it IS time to take care of the problems ourselves, starting with the head haunchos at DHS, NATO, and the UN.


Okay, thanks for that. I'll go and arrest George W. and Dick Cheney right now. Wish me luck!


In all fairness, its easy for you with your protection and contacts etc to tell everyone else to do more... When we do we get beaten, arrested and victimised. You get to sit and drink green tea while someone watches your back. You may be untouchable, but we certainly aren't. You have the luxury of speaking your mind, going for a stroll in the mountains with your wife for a chat while your "protection" watches out for you and stroll back fashionably late for a tv appearance. What we can do and who we are have zero in common. You fight with words and have very little risk involved considering the freedom of movement you seem to be afforded. If any of us commoners speak out we are branded as terrorists and can be abducted from our homes or beaten and hospitalised or worse. We dont have the luxury of taking a month off work to go protesting and still be able to pay the bills.

Long story short, you can appreciate the frustration when the captain of the guards sits behind his desk telling the grunts to go and do the dangerous work because he has big plans for us all...

Still. I appreciate the effort you are putting into your research. i dont mean for any of this to sound ungrateful or rude. Im just generally direct and blunt in my expressions.

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