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the thinnest sheet of gold held to the sunlight gives off green light. gold has to do with nature, wherever there is gold, there is green, take out the gold, the green is less it seems


You cannot eat gold? What about monatomic gold?

Marco Lee

when Is this Guy Alexander Romanov going to prove that Atlantis existed, and how can i get more info on this man Alexander Romanov?


Benjamin - have a look at this - interesting article - any comments?: The Truth About JP Morgan’s $2 Billion Loss http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=30859

Look after your health Benjamin - you looked like "death warmed over" in your last 1:11 minute video.


Thanks, yeah I asked you about it. However, some people like Max Kieser are using the silver liberation army to help bring down JP and stop market manipulation. In a way, buying silver is a protest against the paper fiat currency controller, i.e. the Illuminati. So, whenever I have a little extra evil fiat paper money, I go and buy real things of value like gold and silver. Also, when the bad dudes are arrested and the economy hits the fan, the world seems to be inevitably moving towards a gold standard, i.e BRICS. Anywho, I realize this is not a financial site, but there is some overlap. Yes, gold and silver could continue to go down especially if we sheeple continue to use their evil fiat currency. Overall, if we stopped using their fiat money and started using gold and silver like Utah just started to do and many countries are beginning to do, we would not need to arrest these folks, we would have control over the economy. So, I invest in silver for two reasons, as a protest against the elite, and the fundamentals are all still in place and I believe gold and silver and most other things will go up in value as QE 1, 2 3 ... continue to expand the money supply and cause inflation. The life span of a fiat currency is usually about 40 years, and when did we go off the gold standard, about 40 years ago. If you ask me the risk is in the paper and the reward is in the physical.

Christine Hoeflich

Great response! Thanks for all your work!





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