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Satori Tindalos

That is not correct.

I don't mean the information is erroneous, although I wish I did. I mean that by openly soliciting Freemasons, P2ers, and all manner of outlaw groups to do business with in addition to a lot of the covert personnel who've been causing the problems, a group such as the White Dragon Society becomes an outlaw group itself. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy, etc. The WDS is not authorized to provide amnesty to them; there are plenty of other injured parties and the WDS does not represent them.

One is known by the company they keep. The WDS appears to be making the mistake of "waking up the People" while lowering its standards because "the People are not yet awake and there's no-one else to work with", and then assuming that there won't be a backlash from people everywhere when they find out that the new regime is fundamentally no different than the old.

The second is haggling over absolutes. Laws and standards are non-negotiable, and pretending that they were is what fomented the corruption in the first place. All law is traditionally inferred to come from a Divine source, which is why you have the Divine Right of Kings in the West, and the Mandate of Heaven in the East. Without that absolute standard, all political regimes invariably fall apart.

It's bad enough that the Freemasons could have staunched the flow of corruption at any point over the last two hundred years, by publicizing a campaign of spiritual and metaphysical information openly that would have made the proliferation of these networks impossible. This is because the average person would have been quite aware of the personal result of participation in such a scheme. The Freemasons did not, and in fact were actively complicit in providing advanced, proprietary social networking techniques. They were passive, and even active, enablers. Thus, they were parties in the crime and are outside the law.

Similarly, the societies in Asia could have staunched the flow of Rockefeller corruption at any point since the 1850's just the same way; they certainly have the information necessary to do it. They did not, which passively allowed the overt and covert corruption to take place - and with it, disasters like Fukushima. The Asian societies comprising the White Dragon Society, therefore, are now similarly outlaw groups. At this level of interpretation, they are substantively no different from the Rockefellers or the Rothchilds - they're just offering classified technologies we already have, immediate elimination of the more blatant political corruption in our systems while leaving the same groups in charge behind the scenes, and feel-good nicities like ending poverty and hunger while perpetuating the same arc humanity has been encountering for centuries.

There is a metaphysical, kharmic debt in play here that is the result of enabling the kind of suffering that these groups have enabled, and it makes the Neil Keenan lawsuit or even the Chinese gold look like a case in Small Claims Court by comparison. At this level, all of the groups involved are essentially as guilty as the Rockefellers, and there aren't any "good guys". That's a publicly unacceptable situation, and one that is going to prove untenable as it continues to develop. If the public doesn't reject the new regime because of it, then it will be due to the fact that there is no escaping justice within the spiritual, kharmic or metaphysical venue of natural law, whichever you want to term it.

Mr. Fulford, I'm currently available if you need more information on this. You now have my e-mail.

Be well,

- Satori


Thank you for pointing out the "only game in town."

I know this will sound absolutely ridiculous to some but I have to take issue, at least in a philosophical sense, with regards to your backyard nuke comment. The regular people must possess an equal or greater military presence than that of their own government - or tyrannical reign will be imminent. You, of all people, know this deep down, Ben...

"Regular" people possessing nukes and what have you is a scary thought indeed, but is it really any more frightening than the military industrial complex using this same threat to force the entire world into slavery? There is an answer to this, and that answer has to do with a citizen controlled military. Losing faith in mankind, Ben?

As for the sheeple waking up, I have the following to offer (from an American point of view):

"An established website needs to be utilized with names of well-known criminals and, more importantly, all the documents providing PROOF of their crimes. These documents could be printed out by anyone and carried (in-hand) with groups of citizens going out and making citizen's arrests of these criminals. Cameras need to be filming each affair with the words that need to be spoken at the time of detention being put on this website as well. Weapons, both lethal and non-lethal, will also be required and little hesitation of using the non-lethal weapons during any resistance and lethal force used if weapons appear, for example, by their bodyguards.

Must be an ESTABLISHED website.

Undeniable PROOF in document form available.

The process of arrest to be CLEARLY spelled out.

Detention is to be documented ON CAMERA.

This IS possible - and any lawyer with a modicum of a conscience could help."

If this sounds familiar, great. I have been posting it and even had it asked on the air of Drake on his last Wolf Spirit Radio broadcast (5/6/12). If this is to work, it has to be started by several websites to begin with, and when those are shut down (as is inevitable) ten times as many MUST immediately replace them. This will be the one act which will FORCE them to shut down the internet altogether and their placement of this web thingy that they set up, being seen as a crutch for many, just may be the eye-opener which will be needed.

This practically foolproof idea (even if it is not foolproof then I would minimally call it the best laid plan to date) still has not appeared to have caught on, yet. Another important facet of this process is that of plausible deniability. Since I have come up with the idea, I CANNOT implement the next step myself, that of setting up the sites or changing existing ones. And the people setting up the sites CANNOT provide the information on it themselves. And the people involved up to this stage CANNOT make the arrests. And the people making the arrests CANNOT have anything to do with the setting up of these sites. This process makes the taking out of any ONE site alone consist of dozens of people, some of whom would be lawyers and, hopefully, other officials. The plausible deniability can be taken even further, for instance, by a person having someone else (preferably in another state) begin the website implementation.

When the elite fight back against this, which must be considered practically a no-brainer even though the Constitution is on our side, each stage can place the deniability on a previous stage of origination. The citizens making arrests can (and most likely will) say they got the idea from a website. The makers of the websites can point to contributors of the information, etc. All of this can be pointed to me and my postings (like this one) and the fact that the idea has even been mentioned on the air, in a public venue with many listening in. They could take me out, with me being the originator, but this would not change the process that would have already taken place and, hopefully, be popularly instrumental at that point, and even I have some deniability myself by not having acted upon any of it. This could conceivably be a logistical nightmare for them.

I can foresee many different contingencies and outcomes with a system like this but as long as these basics are adhered to, the subsequent challenges will require minor alterations in the process. I have faith in the people - and I don't consider that a flaw of mine. Rather, it is the strength that will be needed to finally make this happen (free us all from the bankers).

All that is needed is for an idea like this to catch on...

Kurt Schilling

Y'now Ben it's high time you realised that the Galactic Federation are working with White Hats to free us all.
That's right - Galactic Federation ETs are very real. You are not seeing the whole picture.

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