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Mary the Magdalene ("Tower of the Flock") was also the lead Apostle and wrote the Book of John. She was a visionary which is why Christ visited her first while the male apostles were in hiding!


Jesus Christ was married to Mary the Magdalene aka the sister to Lazareth and Martha and she was not a prostitute. They had at least one child names Sarah. But that does not matter since God operates on the law of adoption not heritage. Mary and Joseph of Aramathea and others were shipped off in a rudderless boath and landed in the area of France where many legends of her existence exist, but none of Jesus Christ who did die on the Cross and then was Resurrected...

Christ went to the Americas after His Resurrection which is why the Native Americans (Indians) expected a "Great White God" to return. Christ also went elsewhere to teach other sheep and that is why the Tibetans and the Tongons, etc. knew about the resurrected Jesus Christ who was God in the flesh since he came to this earth as a man while His Spirit remained in Heaven as the Eternal Father. Lots of scriptures in the Torah, Bible, and Book of Mormon to confirm this fact. Jesus Christ was much more than a fallible Prophet. As a man with a veil, Christ was not perfect but pure.


You are absolutely wrong in that foolish statement saying that Christ did not die! There are many pure-hearted individuals who have seen the Christ with records of his visit to "other sheep" as it says in John 10:16. I know that the Bible has been corrupted due to the politics of religious leaders as has the Book of Mormon and Torah, etc.
However, I have seen the Savior three times with two of those times witnessed by others. Therefore, no one can call me crazy. My husband had a profound near death experience preceded by his mother's three prophetic dreams. You might be immoral and want this claim to be true, but luckily for this world you are dead wrong.
I appreciate all that you do and I am also involved in cleaning up corruption. My husband and I were invited to Japan to meet with the Royal Family of Japan as my husband is rightfully considered a genius with solutions for many problems. Our book will be coming out soon which will assist the clean up of corruption which you are about as well.
Thank you for that!

Sterling Butner

Is the dragon not the modern name of the very same serpent who deceived Adam? Regardless of the color or clan, all who claim allegiance to the dragon represent the fallen angel Lucifer. But remember how it turns out in the end...the Second Adam will cast and bind the dragon. Why are Christians so blind?


One of the most important ideas in science is Occam's razor. It says if there are two or more posibilities for the solution of a problem the most straight forward and uncomplicated solution is probably the correct answer. Middle Eastern religion all variations of the same thing and really recapitulations of far older religions of Persia and Eqypt are just too complicated and confused to be real. The roots of these religions go even further back. None of them have anything to do with the spirit but are a set of rules invented by men to control other men.


Here on Turtle Island it was Custer who died for your sins, not Jesus. Unity, Strength, Peace,

Sterling Butner

I misspelled the name of the creator. YAHWEH will not strike me down for that these days...but still it was not a good thing. Please do not post that Mr. Fulford.


Jesus Christ was and always has been the SUN. Te Sun of GOD in the Heavens of our SOUL-AR system. This is why he is the "light of the world". The reason he has 12 disciples is because there are 12 zodiac signs. The reason the pope wheres a fish head hat is becasue the sun is in pisces and why the symbol of chrstianity is a fish. The sun is about to move into Aries. This is the end of time, which in the correct translation of the bible was aeon. An aeon is the end of 1/12 of the great year. This is why christ said I will be with you till the end of time. He will be. And as he sets on that end of time he will arise into the new age of Aries. This is why in Luke 20:10"As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house that he enters:, the man is the symbol of Aries, the water carrier, and that is where "Jesus" will be found, the Sun of God, in the sign of Aries.

google astrotheology, and let the truth set you free as religion and their txts have been the single greatest deliberate mind control tool of them all.


You just lost all credibility with me Ben. If you are so deluded on Jesus Christ..how much greater are your delusions on the dragon society, ninjas, the Japanese or Chinese gold and so on?


is this code?






I have read many references to his marriage and children.The Catholic church has hidden this little fact and that's why priests have to be celibate. It's a sin to have sex with a woman but its OK with a young boy!! What a sick organization. The church didn't want any ties to a family lineage and descendants so he was the only son of God, born to a virgin! Now think about that, it is PHYSICALLY impossible.It was always about controlling the masses and controlling women's bodies. Blind faith is ignorance, it is time to wake up from the myth.

F. Bastelo

Please, explain this. Santa Claus (St. Nicolaus) belongs to another tradition, te ancient of the mountain, (as axis, the nort or the Polar).
This really was posted by you? Thanks, Ben, for your eforts.


You have them surrounded. Between you and China. You could position that ship just off the western passage. This will be handled to the utmost civilty. Have the ambassador of either country on board for a grand tour. If you have permission to enter national boundries you have diplomatic immunity. Check it out?
Slow down the freight system.


Are you drunk? Why do you trying to insult so many people? You are obviously missing some brain cells. You embarrass yourself often. Please get off the mind altering chemicals.


Hey Ben,

Could you please make more YOUTUBE videos more often? We would like more updates from you or at least your take on ongoing current events. With all the shit happening and the disinformation out there more perspectives are needed to glean any truth in it. Oh, whats up with your last YOUTUBE video, you looked like you were being held hostage and forced to speak at gun point or something..Are you OK dude?


Will I Am

Jesus was a Mushroom, Santa Clause ate Jesus

As evidenced by this photo, santa's elves originated after divine consummation of the Magic Mushroom, which is how we got the "Magick Sack" full of toys for little girls and little boys...

Just ask Mario

or John Allegro

Margaret Elaine

Dear Ben, please correct spelling error on the word "particularly" re my previous post/thank you. Margaret Elaine.

Margaret Elaine

Despite all the negative (and in my view unnecessarily rude) responses your comments/blogs often generate, I always try to keep an open mind. I would however appreciate it if you could elaborate a bit more on your postings when you are being cryptic as it is sometimes a little hard to understand/read between the lines. I would particulary like you to elaborate on your latest statement re Jesus' family background and the relationship to the Santa Claus figure? Kind regards, Margaret Elaine.

Roy Dakote

The full story of Yeshua and Mariamh on my blog










Jan Kristek

Funny thing is that "Santa" is a femininum.
To be a male, his correct name shoud be "Santus Claus".

Frank Carman

The Book of Mormon is a book of holy scripture and a second witness that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and DID die on the cross and was resurrected the third day. The Book of Mormon testifies to the truthfulness of the Bible in this regard. The testimony of two nations (the Bible or "Stick of Judah" and the Book of Mormon or "Stick of Joseph" see Ezekiel 37:15-19) of the divine nature of our Savior, Jesus Christ, is binding on all mankind. See http://www.yourbookofmormon.com/ and draw your own conclusions.

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