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It is just very funny how you always censor my comments. What is it that I type which does not fit with your views.

You are the ultimate hypocrite and liar. Always trying to push false hope, which is your only weapon.

Everyone who actually analysis what you write knows its all full of lies. How can some reporter with no connections get an interview with David Rockefeller?

It is obvious that you are playing the people who truly want to change this world for the better. Spreading you massive disinfo all over the internet.

I and many others all know you work for the psychopaths who run this world. Many are catching on to your secrets. It gets more obvious every week as you spew your lies, and no this is not slander since you never provide any proof to the reports you issue every week.

Your time and those psychopaths time have come. I see through all your BS and deceit, which you so cowardly hide behind.

If you truly were for change, then you would do more than just expose the fake financial stories you pursue. It is nothing new to people who are aware that the psychopaths run the finances of this world.

Money is the ultimate tool to enslave all of humankind. No new or reformed financial system will ever repair the woes of the world. The only way is for people to expose you and the psychopaths you work for.

If I am wrong, then let my post be viewed and please answer all that I am challenging you with. It is ignorant of you to think that no one will analyze what you report every week.

Many want change in this world, since the psychopaths think us humans are slaves. You and the psychopaths are the slaves, with out us humans you could not survive, since we are the ones that give you your power, but soon that will change.

Soon we humans will awake from the slumber the psychopaths have cast on us, but surely we are awakening to the truth, and the truth is far more than just finances and institution.

No more will humanity allow you parasites to drain our human divine energy since all you psychopaths feed of human collective emotion.

Many have been fooled by you and the lies you hide behind will be exposed.

It is very simple, just prove me wrong but I know you can't since this post will surely be censored, but that is ok as long as you see the message was intended for you.

That is all that matters, as long as you read it, then the message has come across.

I am here, and I have awakened. I see what you and many other do, David Wilcock, Project Scamalot, David Icke, and the list goes on. You are all part of the same agenda, trying to play both sides of the game. We humans will surely stop playing the game and watch as you quiver because it is you and the psychopaths you work for who are truly afraid of us humans. We have the divine power, and many humans have been fooled into neglecting the power humans have.

We feed, nourish, and give the psychopaths their so called power, but we can also take it away. And soon that day will come.

Once again prove me wrong, if you dare. I am not afraid of death, since death can not stop what is to come to people who preach for change but are far from it.

Please, I truly want to know how creating a new financial system will change the world?

How currencies back by precious metals going to make anything better, since the concept of money is the trap.

Money is not needed, and the entire world has been fooled by this uncivilized idea.

It is the very reason my people were wiped out when the Europeans invaded the Americas, and stole our land.

We knew we were divine beings, and that is the very reason our people suffered at the hands of the Europeans. You and the psychopaths tried to wipe us out, but guess what, we are still here and we are stronger than ever before.

Everyday we live we grow stronger, every week you spew your lies, the truth becomes clearer and clearer.

Once again, answer my questions if you dare, or just hide behind the lies like you always do. Show me you are not a coward and let me post be viewed by all you visit your websites.

Because from where I sit you have a lot to prove.

Once again I challenge you to answer my questions?

I will be waiting



Just as it is here in the states, more than one hand in the cookie jar.
Thing is that as even these are cut off from finance, then the tide changes to the right direction.
Then you have the tactical two way street, where even though a thing seems specific, it also has an opposite advantage. This is where most of the lack of understanding a seeming contradiction arises from.
The info can be taken several ways, add multiple sources and the 'lanes' of that 'road' seem to multiply...
The laundry is beginning to be done, and none of those who believe they are our masters see any real way out. Thus we are beginning to have the advantage in this mess.
Because of the complexity it will take time and considerable work to fix what is wrong.
I hope this helps.

J. Daniel Casalaro

"Hu Jintao who is a member of the Sokka Gakkai cult (run by the illuminati)"

Please elaborate on the Soka Gakkai's affiliation with the illuminati. The cult has some influence in the US where they are buying property in the U.S. to promote their distorted form of Buddhism.
Their leader Ikeda is associating himself with the ideas Martin Luther King & Ghandi for a Buddhist peace movement here in the U.S.

J. D. Casalaro

Otto Lund

Eric J Phelps, U.S. Presidential Assassinations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eessKqUMmMc&list=PL5FEAC069CB429AAC&feature=plpp_play_all * + extra: http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1663&start=1#M6675 * vatican assassins http://www.vaticanassassins.org/ * The society of Jesus, jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola, 1st Superior General, pope, black pope, Vatican http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1732&start=1

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