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Hello Benjamin,

the Falun Gong Movement started in China in the beginning of the nineties
with the approval of the chinese government.When the movement grew up
to about 100 million practicians in China,more members than the "chinese people´s party" it became dangerous for the government,though Falun Gong is not involved in politics,but cares about the the right path for humankind,in helping to manifest the true cosmic laws of truthfullness,
compassion and forbearance - the rule might be that every human being
has to make its own choice against all kinds of evil,to prepare for the coming changes in the world.I think,it´s clear,that not only the political and financial change of the world´s system will bring peace and happiness for all,if the people don´t go with it in the right mind.
I know Falun Gong meditation quite a bit and people who practise it,and I guess,Falun Gong is a spiritual discipline,not that easy to
accomplish,practicable in daily life,work,etc.
Maybe,there were problems with other chinese groups like the nationalists (?),who tried to use Falun Gong - but I don´t know about
any connection to the state department,cia or whatever,and I don´t know
about the leading commitee of Falun Gong,hierarchical structure is not
per se unethical or suspect (ask your "meritocrats").

Your comment on Falun Gong is at least very vague and without proof.
Your Cia sources and where ever they come from,seem sometimes not very trustable and I´m not convinced that the "Gnostic Illuminati" are for real.They did that (?maybe) fake - French revolution" and the "Russian ..." too? And I thought,that were the "Rothchild..." with hired revolutionairies,that seem just like the modern day "al quaeda" "fighters" in Libya and Syria...

I like your updates,Benjamin,and your vision of the future for mankind - but sometimes I even have to regard,if this is just another fake operation,for us fools,who want to know everything.

I hope,you are on the right path and know the truth.


P.S. I can´t imagine that the Red Dragon Society doesn´t know or is
against the Falun Gong Movement,as they both(?) take reference to traditional chinese culture and values.

Ka'Uhane Correa

I have been following and sharing your work since your rockefellar interview and always look forward to your weekly news analysis. Being myself a falun gong practioner your post on this subject I'm sorry to say is way off course. I had to run this by a Chinese kung fu dragon master who has family members who are high officials in chinese government heres the reply
"The Dalai Lama, Falun Gong, and the like are enemies of CCP and they have their reasons. All spiritual, martial arts, medicine, or business organization functions on natural hierarchy. The CCP is not inherently Chinese, but Western. So, the feudal thinking of the Illuminati is seen as satanic by those who are left out of their circle? The reality is that satanic is a Christian concept and does not even exist in the Buddha or Tao School. So how could those at the top of Falun Gong be satanic"
The only connection to the khazarian satanist that I can come up with is that perhaps the US State dept. Is using the torture and murder of Falun Gong practitioners in China for their own agenda as they do with Tibet..are we to believe that Tibetan Tantrism is run by Satanist as well? I believe your work to be very important for the world to know, but I also see that you served up some CCP disinfo. I personally know falun gong practitioners who have fled china because of the persecution .


I realize that this isa bit off topic but, I feel it important to share...


Looks like more dominos are falling in cabal world.





作成 1998.1




●ユダヤ人作家ジョージ・ジョナスが書いた『標的は11人 ─ モサド暗殺チームの記録』(新潮社)というノンフィクション小説がある。



(左)『標的は11人 ─ モサド暗殺チームの記録』











※ 下の文章に出てくる「キブツ」とは、イスラエルの「共同村」のことで、










以上、『標的は11人 ─ モサド暗殺チームの記録』(新潮社)より


これは極めて重大である。FAー18墜落→FA-18死→18:4 とすると、


青銅の蛇 出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』
移動: 案内, 検索
ミケランジェロがシスティナ礼拝堂に描いたモーセと青銅の蛇のエピソード。青銅の蛇(せいどうのへび、ヘブライ語: נחושתן, נחש הנחושת‎)は、『ヘブライ語聖書』『旧約聖書』の「民数記」21章4-9に登場する銅像である。英語の「ネフシュタン」(Nehushtan)という語で呼ばれることもある。

目次 [非表示]
1 概説
2 祭礼・復活の象徴
3 フィンクション作品への影響
4 脚注
5 参考文献
6 関連項目

概説 [編集]「民数記」では、エジプトを離れたイスラエル人の一行が葦の海の途中までやってきたときに、苦しみに耐えかねて不平を言った。そこで神は炎の蛇を送ったので、かまれた人々の中から死者が出た。民がモーゼに許しを願うと、モーゼは神の言葉に従って青銅で蛇を作り旗ざおの先に掲げた。この蛇を見たものは炎の蛇にかまれても命を永らえた。

“ 民は神とモーゼに逆らって言った。「なぜ、あなたがたは私たちをエジプトから連れのぼってこの荒野で死なせようとするのか。パンもなく、水もない。私たちはこのみじめな食物に飽き飽きした。」 そこで主は民の中に燃える蛇を送られたので、蛇は民にかみつき、イスラエルの多くの人々が死んだ。民はモーゼのところへ来て言った。「私たちは主とあなたを非難して罪を犯しました。どうか蛇を私たちから取り去ってくださるよう、主に祈ってください。」モーゼは民のために祈った。すると、主はモーゼに仰せられた。「貴方は燃える蛇を作り、それを旗さおも上につけよ。すべてかまれた者は、それを仰ぎ見れば、生きる。」 モーゼは一つの青銅の蛇を作り、それを旗ざおの上につけた。もし、蛇が人をかんでも、その者が青銅の蛇を仰ぎみると、生きた。(新改訳:「民数記」21.5-21.9)



Regarding your defense of the Chinese: With all due respect, what about their treatment of Tibetans?
They've made a veritable amusement park out of the Potala Palace, hardly the act of a sensible and concerned government. It could easily be argued, as Robert Thurman has often said, that the Chinese are committing genocide against Tibet. Also, your response did not address the excellent question of workers rights in Chinese factories where suicides are rampant.
I don't doubt they are doing some interesting and positive things for world affairs -- this would be in their interest. But some obvious questions remain.


Do know that NO ONE will suffer from the consequences. A new financial system is already in place. It is NOT the BRICS one you are reading about. There is a higher evolved group that has put this one together. They are based in Switzerland at the moment. NO ONE knows about them. Not even Ben Fulford. So don’t worry about whether his system will work or any of the others that are being talked about on this site or that site. Forget the chatter. All those folks are still operating from ego. Yes, they DO have inside information. Yes, most of it IS correct. But the final solution is still extremely top secret. It will be unveiled soon…after all governing houses are thoroughly cleaned.

For those of you hanging on Ben Fulford’s word about everything, please stop and think about it. Why would a group of nations who still have cabalist minions working for them be told of ANY new financial system? This is not to discredit Ben in any way. He does great work. He has been monumental in this shift. And his information about countries/nations in alliance with one another and supporting the BRICS new financial system is not incorrect. They are doing that. They are working on it. But their “solutions” are still very 3D and set in the old ways. Don’t waste any of your energy thinking about it or worrying about it. Think of it as a “decoy.” It’s not the real plan.

Eddie Salsa

Dear Ben,

Is there a way I can submit my CV to the LIFE organization?



What do you think about this group?
Do you think they're legit?
Republic for The United States


Joe Blow

BULL SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark J.

Thank you Ben. I have been following you for years my friend, just finished listening to David Wilcocks interview with "Drake" outstanding.....I am also an "Oath Keeper" here in Florida. I am not sure what that Oath Keeper in California means by "Going the the way" if he sees foreign troops on American soil, he must of been in the Air Force or something! I can tell you this, I have been in the patriot movement for years now, and had a tour of duty in my unit as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne US Army back in the 70's and you can take this to a "gold backed bank" I will uphold my duty and protect my family and country against emenies foreign and domestic when the time comes!

Mr. Obama, I"ll keep my freedom, guns and gold, you can keep the change!

Mark J.


"The Falun Gong movement is financed and run by the US State Department as a psychological warfare front against China. "

This makes absolutely no sense.

First, The Falun Gong movement IS the Buddhist sect, so IT cannot be run by the US State Department. Second, do you mean to say that the US State Department is conducting the action to crush this Buddhist sect against China's will? So, the US State Dept. is running a psych warfare program AGAINST China, IN China? WTF??

"While it is true they teach traditional Qigong practices, they are structured like the freemasons with a pyramid like hierarchy and secrecy at the top."

This implies that the Buddhist sect itself is a freemason organization. Is this what you're saying?

WHAT are you smoking? This entire first paragraph makes not one whit of sense.

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