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id like to think people on here are speaking from the heart, as i did in my last comment, it was a genuine post, not speaking about anybody in particular and just spoke about my own feelings about this, and the comment was censored, not being posted but i genuinely didnt mean to upset the moderator of these comments, im not that nasty a person.
Maybe this one will be censored as well...


@aGENDA21 The elites in Britain were also still canibals (eating ground bone, dried blood etc)until the early 20th century. Were you making a point or are you just a racist?


i have been following this story for a few years now, i thought i knew what was happening behind the scenes and then this...
my head is totally done in, i feel that all the information i had researched & stored in my head is just delusional- i feel delusional, and dont know what to think any more.
Anyone else feel this way- or just me?

David Fricke

Hi Ben, I applaud your tireless work in trying to make this world a better place to live. I think you're going to find that the "cabal" is a lot deeper "rabbit hole" than even you believe it to be. The Luciferian Worshipers are deeply entrenched in all Religious Beliefs and all Sciences. The language we speak, and the numbers we use are embedded with suggestive subliminal meanings. The "elite" that you are after truly believe they are the chosen rulers of humanity. They and their minions are many and are spread around the world in every country. They are deeper in the Trance than the rest of humanity. Please look at http://illuminatimatrix.wordpress.com page 28 is the Key Statement page. David


Hi Ben, i'm from Russia, sorry for my broken english, i have a question, what do you think and can tell me about russian financial pyramid MMM,Many people are now investing money there, there is a large percentage of which they then receive twice as much, but it is not important, every one of them says that it is the MMM will change the world, destroy the Federal Reserve, and save people from financial tyranny, I do not believe it what MMM does, what do you think about this? I am interested in your opinion. thanks, waiting for an answer.


RE: Latest Update






Today is April 13th. I hope the Central bankster cabal step aside gracefully before May.

If you subscribe to direct democracy (where everyone gets to vote on all the important issues) the vast majority of mankind would vote to 1) provide food & shelter in a sustainable way for ALL people 2)end institutionalized terrorism (war) 3) depose all profiteers of war & financial terrorism (interest & debt money).

How many of those addicted to power/ extreme wealth like A heroin addict is to addicted heroin will 'step aside gracefully'?

Will their immense financial power continue to insulate the bankster warmongering types from arrest (& removal of their extreme power & money)?

Hope this talking you give about the equivalent of $100,000 to each man woman and child translates into a much better world soon.

I imagine the amount of "money" needed to provide food, water, housing, education/internet, health service & 'clean' energy to every man woman child in the world for a year is LESS than what the world spends on arms/war machine in a couple of weeks...


Dear Ben,

Can i also drink the same Saki You are drinking???

Previously you had stated that the royal family were not evil, later you claim they were Satanic...????

You are all over the shop...

How can a a white dragon family be based/originate fromn Japan since JAPANES were still eating people(cannabilist) up until the early 20th century. it was the DUTCH who tamed these animals.


John Hunter

Greetings to all. I had the great pleasure to meet Ben during a recent trip to Tokyo. I was very impressed that he is a SERIOUS and dedicated guy. He also reserves judgement on many things put out in the "truther" community...but I have learned that when he makes a definitive statement about something, its because he really knows..and he doesn't do this lightly. Like many others, I'm waiting for the hard evidence re: Drake/Wilcock..but have guarded optimism since Ben, DW, and Drake seem to be on the same page.

joad henry

Hi Ben.
You say time is on our side. We worry about Camp FEMA. We worry about SS Style Military on the ground in cities now. Should we? The longer this takes the closer they get to completion and implementation of a very sinister, effective system, which will clamp shut the violent revolution you speak of very quickly and easily.

Awaiting your reply,

A friend.





Hello Ben,

I understand there will be many infiltrators and frauds trying to derail your and the WDS's efforts to make a better world. However, how is it better to have violent revolution where thousands of innocents will die as opposed to arresting a few scumbags? A R R E S T T H E M !! Please tell the WDS that its enough now with the "It's not that simple" bit. How little power do the WDS members really have? Have they no teeth? Its time to bite! There are mountains of evidence of the cabal's criminal behaviour, so quite frankly, it IS that simple. Arrest them now !!

Thanks Ben


Very Disappointed

Hi Mr Fulford
Do you think the new News about the Dragon Family is real?
Do you think you might have been working for the old cabal all along and not know it. Do you think also you have been manipulated in pushing their agenda and are still trying to manipulate you to announce false information?

Emma Sue Buchanan

Hang in there Ben. The world is with you but as you know 'us' children can be impatient. I do believe that the most of us all realize that the world was not created in 'a' day, nor now will it be mended in 'a' day. Everything worth while is worth the wait and in the meantime we all have work to do. You are a very popular man and some have turned you into some miraculous worker that can just wave a wand and all will just fall into place. No such thing. There are wonderful people out there who want to help all, but also know it is easy to fall into a trap. Thank all those you work with for us as we know they are trying. Our love to you. Emma

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