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I believe the mass consciousnous awakening that 9/11 was a false flag attack is approaching. People I tried to talk to about it years ago are now mentioning it to me almost as if they had forgotten I tried to awaken them years ago. Which they probably had forgotten or simply mind blocked it as impossible. Communities around me are all just naturally focusing on local food production at any level no matter how small. It's the survival instinct within us that knows what is required to survive the coming upheavals.


RE: 陰謀組織に突きつけた最終期限について





dear Ben,

Any idea of why seismic activity seems to be ramping up globally?
Just all man-made?
Dutchsinse shows most of the weather anomalies are haarp and such but wondering about the earthquakes

concerns from canuckville


Hi Ben,

I have to say I don't see this happening. The entire system is geared towards self-perpetuation of the existing structures. It goes from international to national, and local level. People and organization are led by fear and although many know things need to change somehow, nothing can happen. The structures do not allow it. As soon as someone within the structures opens their mouth, they are automatically put into line by their peers, who are afraid.

It is, however, becoming increasingly visible that the structures are approaching break point, after which the building will fall down on its own weight. Many are running out of patience, but we are really running out of time to avoid total collapse.

The latest is the IMF warning that there are fewer and fewer investment alternatives in the world. No investment class can be viewed as secure. The solution being provided is a differentiated regulatory treatment of various bank institution types and markets. So instead of handling the underlying issues, the "bus to surfdom" is shifting into high gear, and the cliff is straight ahead.

Within the structures there is a general feeling of "no one wants this to end and break down". Well, they have been had. In the best case, it is a case of self deception and group dynamics. In the worst case, it is much worse.

And when the bond markets start rolling, the last one to leave puts the lights out.


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