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I have been posting about some of this stuff on my blog, somewhat haphazardly as I am very Jonny-come-lately to all of this information. However, it might be worth noting that in the past week, something I posted about either mass resignations of bankers or liens filed against the Federal Reserve prompted a hit to my blog from the site "luxury-homes-bahamas.com". It's probably just a coincidence.

paddy fields

Could the Moxey Town earth scrap be an drawing of either a future or past airport proposal with two runways?? The airport is in the SW corner and those workings in the NE Both corners would get similar wind patterns but going out into the sea via land reclaimation may me too costly

amit v

for the first longitude and latitude go to

google maps ( http://maps.google.com )
then in the search bar type -->> 24 42' 31.53" -77 46' 47.88"
and hit enter
and you shal see what Benjamin says.

for secound one,
-->> 24 17' 53.22" -77 40' 39"

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