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No one would go to service with Alex Jones and everybody knows that.
You would get back stab eventually.

Thomas Carroll

Your last posting was very exciting and at the same time made one impatient, because looking at our media and leadership, its clear they have all, lost it! The MSM is focused on these insane people in the GOP, along with our current president, running for president for the past 3 years. What the Hell, is going on nobody say'a word about it, never ending election cycle is supposed to be normal. Good way to launder money, screw the bank use the media! George Bush Sr and his wife were endorsing Romney. Frankly they looked as happy as every criminal should after Loot the country for 30 years!

I have been listening to Alex Jones for about 1 year and know he will flat out lie on occasions. He will use issues that have not been made into a law and act as if it is current event, almost like priming the pump or creating self fulfilling prophecy. I don't know if it is because he needs material to fill time, but it does not set well with me and stopped my subscription 2 months ago.
Alex had a conflict with one of his main crew from his beginning that called him out on Coast 2 Coast. He claimed Alex was playing people for fools.
Then about a month ago, I received some material from a group within the 9/11 truth movement that claimed Alex Jones and David Icke were Mossad and that Alex Jones was married to a woman who was high up in the Israeli cointelpro program. The info claimed that his original funding was from a Zionist source and was why he never brought up Israel, but I thought this email just might be a group trying to discredit Alex Jones for their own reasons.
You can only judge information from the source who passed it on and then observing the actions of the party involved if your not personally involved.
Two people with impeccable character would be Kevin Barrett and Gordon Duff, the latter is editor of Veterans Today. Kevin Barrett has his radio broadcast, American Freedom Radio(AFR), and is exactly where you could and should get booked. You would gain a lot of credibility and exposure here in the US.

God Bless you and your ventures, let's get these scumbags!

ps I think we(American's) have to get our voice back. We must wrestle the MSM back from these criminals, they stole the minds of millions!
Is it possible to transmit over or through a signal?
If you want a credible source go on with Mr Barrett.

William Mook

We have known since 1956 how to build a 'humanitarian H-bomb' using the Jetter Cycle. This cycle converts Lithium-6 Deuteride into two Helium-4 nuclei and 22.4 MeV. It doesn't need high temperatures and pressures to meet the Lawson Criterion. It needs only a neutron (which is produced by the process itself!)

Lithium-6 plus a neutron produces a Tritium nucleus and a Helium-4 nucleus along with 4.8 MeV. The Tritium reacts with the Deuterium producing another Helium-4 another neutron and another 17.6 MeV.

Lithium-6 is 2.5% of all Lithium, and Lithium is 17 parts per million of all soil. This is enough Lithium to produce the equivalent of 59 barrels of oil of energy per cubic meter (cubic yard). It takes about 5 barrels of oil of energy to turn a cubic meter of soil into plasma, this from the Langmuir Saha equation. So, energy shortages (as well as material shortages) have no basis.

Alpha particles (Helium-4) are efficiently absorbed by rock and water forming plasmas efficiently.

Water is broken down by thermolysis into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is useful as a fuel, it can replace oil and natural gas with very minor changes in a heat engine. Hydrogen is also an energetic feedstock in taking low rank carbon and turning it into liquid transportation fuels as very low cost.


RE: アノニマスの正体はなんでしょうか?CIAでしょうか?










concerned middle eastern

Hi Ben

there was an interesting interview of Alex Jones with Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone),Sean studied the lawsuit the White Dragon has issued and asked Alex if he heard about it,twice,i am absolutely sure that he heard about it but Alex kept silence ....when he usually known to disrupt his interviewees with remarks even when he is not asked anything,very very strange.but as you say i think he is sincere in his fight against the globalists but he has too much of an "all American" nature of patriotism so he somehow misses the big picture and my guess he is seeing you as a "foreign agent" because you "deserted" Canada on behalf of Japan and he thinks you are promoting the interests of the Japanese nation and not the worldwide interest when in fact HE is serving the American interest and not the good of the hole world freedom & wealth.that is why i think he avoids an interview with you and thats a shame,but these gaps will be eventually dismissed by the truth.

by the way,i wonder if you got my email about Hugo Chavez cancer treatments and natural treatments that i know of that work? if you did can you confirm it and let me know what do you think about it,either by posting it or if you think its a side issue you can email me back without posting.
since then i discovered that Chavez could be a freemason himself according to Texe Marrs research but i couldn't confirm this neither do i think Chavez has bad intentions after all,i think the actions of Chavez-for example: joining with Russia and letting them put forces in Venezuela and reclaiming Venezuela's gold etc... proves somehow that he is the opposition to the NWO agenda and not with them in any way.also,he portrayed in the western media as a "bad man" joining forces with Iran and the Russians so it doesn't look he is with the globalists agenda in any way.what is your take about it?

Keep On & Take Care
one of many - concerned middle eastern


i agree, its NUTS you are not on his show! he even has david icke on now

Benjamin, I believe Alex is mostly sincere in his stuff but it IS strange he wouldn't want you on for a full 3 hours...now with this drake stuff how can anyone NOT want you guys on???


Ben, if you want to through accusations around be damm sure your own information is correct or folks will lable you as a liar, agent or plainly disingenuous! So if you are going to make claims about Alex Jone's information or how he does what he does, then prove it with facts or you will make yourself out to be a clown! The gentleman you're making baseless factless, accusations against has a long track record of provable facts to back himself up, but what do you have Sir?


Hi Benjamin

One of the most difficult aspects of the time we are in is not knowing who and what to trust.

One thing I do not understand and which arouses suspicion in me... if these arrests are truly due to happen, whouldn't an advantage be lost by announcing this far and wide ahead of time? It leads me to wonder then, if this announcement is geared to manipulate the populace... if these arrests will happen to the people and not to the establishment.

Also, I am very confused by this Alexander Romanov character. He sounds intelligent and on the side of the good... but then why on Earth would he refer to himself as the Antichrist on his YouTube channel? And his premise that Christians have been worshipping the devil all along is completely asinine in my opinion, and you also have jumped on that bandwagon, Benjamin. If everything in the manifested world is illusion anyway as our physicists are discovering, and only INTENT and Love are real... then I can be worshipping a rock thinking it is God, and indeed it is God (the God of Light) who would be the focus of the energy I am sending out and who would effectively hear my prayer.

I am tired of this systematic attack against the Christian religion. In the Soviet Union religion was banned... but that did not work... people still met in sectret churches to worship and marry. Now the attack on religion is much more insidious, targeting the very core of belief by sowing seeds of profound doubt and confusion in the heart and soul of the believer.

So, your association with this character has put you in a very bad light, and I now do not know if you are friend or foe.

Do you care to comment?

A fellow Canadian.


My opinion of Alex Jones is similar to Ben's, assuming someone might actually care about my opinion. He appears genuine and passionate about fighting evil and his information is not only accurate but readily available to the public from many reliable sources.

Another one of his talents, which he displays with little effort, is his ability to connect all of the dots into a coherent narrative with all of the facets of this evil cartel's actions linked backed to them. When it comes to a radio show or an information source, what more could you ask for, really?

The only issue I have with Alex Jones, if one could even call it an issue, is what Ben alludes to in his reply and that is his avoidance of discussing certain topics and his apparent lack of getting certain people on his show (like Ben).

I find it unusual, for example, that he does not discuss at any great length the undergraound bases (DUMBS). He knows they exist and has mentioned them before on his show and in his documentaries but I find it strange, with all of the information available, the importance of their exsistence, the cabal's reliance on them, the Black Ops programs contained within them and especially the amount of stolen money used to fund them (without a doubt, in my mind, the main reason why the world has gone into debt so fast), that Alex does not mention them more often. In my opinion, any dedicated news sources, of the nature of Alex's especially, should be reporting on these DUMBs regularly with a dedicated team (or two) constantly keeping a vigil watch of what is going on within and around them.

Is Alex Cointelpro or CIA? Highly unlikely. The amount of people he has awoken and continues to awaken is simply too large for him to be a valuable asset for the bad guys. I just accept him for what he is, a reliable news source reporting on the types of things that MSM won't and, when it comes to this, he really is the best out there. It might also be prudent for us all to consider that someone with the constant public exposure which Alex has needs to understand his limits and must also walk a very fine line in the public eye. Maybe that is the reason why he has been both successful and durable with what he does.

All of this said, however, it beckons to question, what are the reasons Alex does not have Ben Fulford or David Wilcock on his show? Alex has had people on in the past who have taken the brunt of much ridicule and scrutiny with ideas and theories that are not considered mainstream even in the world of conspiracy theories. Fritz Springmeier and David Icke are just two of whom I would put squarely into this category. He has even publicly taken issue with Icke and his stories of aliens, declaring his non-belief in that part of Icke's reporting, and yet he has recently given Icke lots of airtime on his shows. Many people find David Icke's reptilian stories nothing but fantasy, but the fact still remains that the amount of time and great thorough research he has spent uncovering the cabal's involvement with the financial economic crash and other cabal issues, like those surround missing children around the world, show his dedication in reporting what MSM abolutely refuses to touch, let alone acknowledge. This may be why Alex is now having him on his show more often, I don't know. Perhaps he is paying closer attention to listener and ratings numbers than most of us would give him credit for.

So, how about it Alex? Take a chance on Fulford and Wilcock. I think you will find that by having these guys on will increase those ratings - A LOT!


So, the oil companies will be given time to figure out how to profit off the free energy resources, to avoid "unemployment?" It saddens me to see how the sheep fall for anything that sounds easy.
I don't want the oil companies given time, I want them arrested and put in jail. Give them all the time they can handle - behind bars. I do not want "employment" I want people free to live, to start a business, or to be nomads and totally eschew "modern society." Most of all, I do not want one gang of power trippers "saving" me from another gang of power trippers. Please tell the "White Dragons" that after they arrest the crooks (hahahaha - I'm holding my breath!) to please hang themselves, too. Those who embrace peace and liberty want ALL the power trippers gone.
If the people have access to free energy sources, the oil companies will go out of business - unless those "free energy sources" are withheld from the people and given to the oil companies, in a grand show of "See, we are the GOOD guys, we are only going to charge you much less to buy our free energy."
What a deal - no wonder you are pimping for it. Is there a nice cut for Benjy for shilling so well?

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