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I admire and thank you Ben for your endurance and integrity. And to all these critics I have only one word or actually two. You either belong to the Rothschild-Rockefeller den or show us what have you done to make the world a better place except this childish winging.


God / The Divine One bless you Ben, and all the people with souls grounded in love who support the good of our fair planet and the successful continuance of human civilization. I pray for you all wisdom, protection, and blessing. I say, let the good guys win !!

PS. Please don't take chances out there with certified sociopaths next time you visit Rome, Milan, or anyplace else .... take some protection with you.

Peace brother; I love you my man !!












Save this doc http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2BKdTq/www.cftc.gov/ucm/groups/public/%40lrfederalregister/documents/frcomment/08-004c002.pdf

Who is Ben Fulford?

Who is Ben Fulford ? Jew liar


Once again you've shown yourself to be a man of integrity and honour. In the face of such abuse and slander I'd have gone nuts, told the chap to wake up and pull in his pin sized head. Of course we must be critical of any news we hear but we must be conscious of how our own limited knowledge of what makes this world can colour our acceptance of the facts. We need to keep our mind wide open on one hand and be surveying ALL the evidence on the other without judging any data before studying the evidence.


Thanks Ben, I know its good and healthy to be skeptical, but its also important to stay positive. I know we can't call the race till all the horses past the finish line. It is encouraging to hear hopeful words, some feel it is dis-info, I keep a very open mind. We realize you guys are also subject to dis-info and do the best you can to pass on what you feel is really going on behind the scenes. Keep up the good work and ignore the impatient people who are very anxious to see an end to the cabal. I believe their days are numbered, but I also believe they will go down fighting.

Steve C

What are the cornerstones of the methods of these parasites?
1) Their astonishing entitlement assumptions.
2) Usury
3) Secrecy and deceit
4) Attacking cultural cohesion of us, their prey.
These things have to be addressed at this time

Mark H

I completely agree with you Jeff. It's astounding what people will believe. And, of course, the "answers" are always bogus, as we see again on this occasion.

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