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Mark H

Man, you guys have totally lost it. Can't you see this is all bullshit?

I'll tell you why you can't see it - you're not rational. You believe in nonsense. That's not your fault. It's the way you're brains are wired.

Here's a simple prediction for you. Benjamin Fulford will soon appear in a new video with "Alexander Romanov" (Tsar of Russia, Grand Master of the Illuminati, Leader of Anonymous, holder of the "ring of power"; if you can't see how absurd these claims are, there's no hope for you). They will both make grandiose claims, not substantiated by anything that actually happens in the real world. Fulford won't ask "Romanov" a single question to justify his claims.

You will believe it. Why? Because you will believe ANYTHING. That's why you're here, right?

Suckers - you love it! Read the armageddon conspiracy website and wise up.

Fulford PAYS "Romanov" to pretend to be a member of the Illuminati. Haven't you wised up yet?

It's a show. Enjoy the farce.

Danie Hurley

a pair of fucking idiots


RE Gerard: Not enough people. Too little good people taking real action.
You have to kill them. They don't want to surrender, and if we will take over, they want to blow up nuclear devices everywhere and go to the D.U.M.B's to wait around nuclear fallout.

Otto Lund

God's sixth commandment stands, you shall not kill
Alexander Romanov cannot break God's law



RE Nova: What do you suggest?

Mark H

"Alexander Romanov" has absolutely no connection with the Gnostic Illuminati. They have explicitly called him insane on their website. They have also ridiculed Benjamin Fulford's absurd fantasy about having a say in world events. Does anyone seriously imagine that the Grand Master of a SECRET society appears on a video, revealing his identity?


Fulford pays Romanov to act a role. Haven't you people realised that yet? Wake up.


... And on the latest episode of Space Opera!


Could you find a smaller image?


Dear Friends,

A thought experiment: (For your curiosity.)

There were our parent's generation from other planet to leave their last child
generation here on Earth. It had been very long time since none of them had been
dying. Before our generation is brought to Earth they have build pyramids and
gigantic stone temple precincts in several cultural center to be. The monumental
architectures could be called the "Work of Art" which is to surprise and puzzle
us. How else such tremendous enthusiasm to be spared to build them? The super
conceptual artifacts of millions years old, like the foundation deep under
ground at "Nabta Playa" might been done by our grand parent generation long
before our parent generation have build pyramids possibly for some reason?

The children were grouped around the pyramids and received educations of all
kinds to be able to do communal living with each cultural characteristics.
When the educations had been done and everything is well the parents have left
Earth leaving gold and treasures as the Imperial property of the coming Sun of
the Sun with the story of him. Each group inherited the story of the Hero with
different name in which the Hero to win the "Enlightenment" to become the "Son
of the Sun" and he was to bring the "Law" and not dying life with equality and
happiness to people. The savior in other word. His reign is to last forever
after as he has become an immortal man-god "Emperor" for this Earth. Yet what
is the "Enlightenment" was not told in the stories so that it was only the Hero
himself to know when he has been Enlightened.

The ones who helped organizing children closely with the parents in the
educational period formed the governmental organs in each groups. They are to
keep the imperial property safely until the Emperor arrives. But they not only
have failed to keep themselves respectable and corrupted immediately within a
few generations and kept dying so many generations, but have started to claim
the titles such as "Royal" or "Imperial" of the "Sun of the Sun" to themselves
despite of they were dying. To do so they needed to destroy their Hero stories
at the same time. This is the reason why none of the stories survived in the
original form. Even relatively recently gifted Hero stories such as Buddha and
Jesus has been badly distorted already. Buddha was made to die and his teaching
is reduced to meaningless "Right way of this and that..". Jesus was also made to
be killed though the teaching "care for each other.." have survived. This was
despite of the fact that the God pleased Sun of the Sun could never possibly be
murdered by any creatures that is being kept existing and functioning by the God.

Every governing organs have corrupted. They claimed land and it's productivity
as their private property with threat of armed brute military thugs. This was
the origin of every evil infest on Earth since. The difference in now days is
that the most ruthless devils have took control over every other little devils
governing organs.

Although much more of puzzling information are build in, the episode of present
corrupted worlds were foretold in the metaphorical story build-into the pyramids.
In the Egyptian pyramid, masked dummy sat on the throne handled from behind by
the animal headed creatures, or hippopotamus(hypocrite) and crocodile (man-eater)
are judging people's life or death in the "book of the dead" are a few examples.
Forked tongued deceivers are expressed as snakes in everywhere. The snake-loop
sign, snake swallowed it's own tail(tale), is a God's expression for the nature
of lies of the snakes. They chosen to believe in own lies(tails) and swallowed
it deeper and deeper until it end up with unable to move grinding halt as they
are now. The symbol nutty killer zombies used, one eye on the topless pyramid,
is a god's expression for the one eye monster "cyclops" pyramid sale organization
as it has been in this Sodom and Gomorrah.

The parent generations have the spacetime traveling device as seen as UFOs to
come and go to build more of the Grand Work of Art here and there now and then
more of the surprise and puzzle to us their children.

When all of us stop dying also arrived at better understanding of the spacetime
and developed spacetime traveling ability what we might be doing? If it was not
the same thing on a yet uninhabited planet(Venus?) for our last child generation,
though it should be in the many dozens of thousands years future time?

Note: The "spacetime" is to avoid the mix-up with the nonsensical idea of time
traveling to past or future which is obvious impossibility as neither past nor
future exist. The world exists only as now in any spacetime. I suspect that the
other planetary world exists in their own inner spacetime, sharing the same
central core that is the Sun could be seen in the outer-space up in the sky as
the other planets.

With respect to your eternal life's chance,---godoten
The most positive thought: "Tenpage" by Otomakas
"No one have to die. You are not suppose to die...",





「 諦めないで~!!・・。 」


Hello Ben,

Obviously Alexander Romanov and the people he represents are clearly insane as they want retribution for an act committed on Friday Oct 13, 1307. True to the dark nature of this society, they are still ultra-secretive and hell bent on blood-thirsty revenge. They don't even have the courage to say who the person/persons are that they believe to be responsible. They are acting as if they are the supreme jury, judge and executioner, which is outrageous for them to act as such, clearly shows that they have no moral claim to such actions.

Alexander Romanov and his so called gnostic-illuminati are essentially no different than the illuminati for they claim to have started the American, French & Russian Revolutions. How many innocent people were murdered in these unconscionable killing frenzies? Millions of innocents murdered is the answer and is absolutely and utterly abhorrent to any person of conscience.

Clearly Alexander Romanov and the so called gnostic-illuminati group condones extreme prejudice and violence as a means to an end. The real question is whose end? Yours? Mine? Ours? It appears that they indiscrimately decide and many innocent people suffer for their murderous decisions. This cannot be allowed to happen ever again. Therefore the gnsotic-illuminati must not be allowed to instigate such violent actions on anyone. It's time the gnostic-iluminati learns the principles of peace and adhere to them.

I fully support the arrest of people who are responsible for their monstrous enslaving financial institutions, which are primarily monetary banking cabals like the Federal Reserve Fractional banking System and all of the governments they control. They have truly created an economic slavery system complete with economic punishments, and this must end for humankind to live in peace as truly civilized human beings.

A person of good conscience cannot be participant to such murderous plans and schemes, for to do so is to continue to perpetuate the blunders of the past, while having the 20/20 vision of seeing the mistakes of the past. There is no need to repeat history.

Defensive maneuvers to protect one's own life and liberty when attacked is acceptable, but that doesn't mean that the assailant needs to be killed, when injuring them is sufficient. These assailants can then be arrested and put on trial for their criminal actions and suffer imprisonment for their transgressions.

Yes, it takes time, energy and determination to proceed with due process, but everyone deserves a fair trial with a jury and the right to due process, for to do otherwise and summarily execute another human being without fair trial proceedings, would ensure our continued savagery against our own humanity. We would be just like those we are executing, and if we truly claim the higher moral ground, we cannot do such a heinous act to our fellow human beings. For if we lower our selves to their standard, we are the same ignorant creatures they are, bereft of any morality and humanity.

So, I urge you Ben to persuade the gnostic-illuminati to change their ways and not foment violence, but to educate and enlighten instead. It takes a helluva lot more backbone and character to stand up and be counted as a moral human being than it does to lower oneself to primal instincts, for to stand up with courage and intelligence shows the true divinity within each and every human being.

Thanks you Ben, for having the moral fibre and character to report on such heinous activity and the perseverance to help educate people on these corruptions and to offer help to change the world to become the place we have always wanted it to be - a truly peaceful and harmonious world.

I have enjoyed your articles over the years, even though i may not always agree with some of the speculative nature that is postulated.
Keep up the good work!



We need instructive, constructive actions, plans online. What we need to achieve, step by step. What are our exact goals and how to achieve them? We need to organize more intensively in reality, by internet.
What are our exact goals and what do we want to achieve? What do we want to do?
I want to travel freely where i want.
I want to fly to another galaxy an back here.
I want to travel in time.
I want all diseases to be vanished.
I want to be in control of my life and destiny of my humanity.
I want hunger and poverty vanished.
I want to live how i want, when i want, where i want, as long as i want.
I want to make humanity clever and stronger.
I don't want secrets.
I want all inventions to be used for good progress.
i want direct democracy, meritocracy.
I want freedom of speech, freedom of journalism without fatal consequences.
I want fresh air, water and food, green grass, blue sky an infinite life forms of flora and fauna.
What else?.. It would be like heaven. What do you want?
Let's create a list of what we want.


Haven seen any thing yet its 4am Los Angeles time, must be a media blackout.


Not that fantasist again!

You've lost all credibility, Benjamin.

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