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Mark H

Kevin, why don't you wake up? A deadline is a deadline. If it's not a deadline, it shouldn't be called a deadline. The reason it's called a deadline is to attract attention and make money for Fulford.

No action is taking place and no arrests are taking place. You're living in a fantasy world.

If you knew anything about what was going on, you would have read the section about Benjamin Fulford on the armageddonconspiracy.co.uk website and seen that they had demolished the deranged claims of this "Alexander Romanov" character, who is an "actor" paid by Fulford. Anyone who thinks the legitimate Grand Master of any secret society appears in videos is a joke.

"If you were in an exclusive club and didn't know that some of your peers were evil because it was kept secret, does that make you evil as well?"

Er, wakey, wakey - this guy is calling himself the Grand Master of the Illuminati. Why wouldn't he know who's in his own organisation?

"And, Romanov, yes, is a aware that the illuminati started the 3 revolutions and has stated as much, but that happened a long time ago. Does this mean therefore that he is an evil guy?"

Er, why doesn't Fulford ask "Romanov" to comment on the three revolutions and whether he supports them or not?

"I think he is trying to change the illuminati and get rid of the evil component.".

And on what basis do you think that? Where's your evidence? He's the Grand Master, so he says - so why doesn't he go ahead and get rid of the "evil component"? Why doesn't Fulford ask him these questions?

"he like many others in the world, probably could not fight against the evil ones till recently."

WTF?! Isn't he calling himself the Grand Master of the Illuminati? Does he have any power or not? If not, who cares about what he says?

"Let's see what happens."

Dream on, mate. Nothing's happening.

"Try to be more optomistic and stop with all your negativity. It ain't helping."

Yeah, why don't I become a fantasist and sucker like you and believe any old nonsense despite the lack of a single shred of evidence that anything Fulford says is true?

The real question is why do you bend over so much to support and believe Fulford and Romanov? You don't seem to think that someone posturing as the Grand Master of the Illuminati should be subjected to intense scrutiny. Wasn't Fulford a journalist once? Ask yourself why Fulford has NEVER asked Romanov a single question about the aims and history of the Illuminati, and what his opinions are.

"If you, however, have any factual info. to offer, offer it!"

Dude, you don't know what a fact is. You don't know what reason is. You believe any old BS. Go on read the armageddonconspiracy website deconstruction of Fulford and wonder why Fulford and Romanov don't deny that they are criminal plagiarists.


Comment to Mark. The deadline was given and things are proceeding. Did you expect a take over, over night? Action is taking place. Let's wait and see if the arrests take place, which are to happen in the very near future (a week or two). About the illuminati. You must remember that not all of them are rotten. If you were in an exclusive club and didn't know that some of your peers were evil because it was kept secret, does that make you evil as well? And, Romanov, yes, is a aware that the illuminati started the 3 revolutions and has stated as much, but that happened a long time ago. Does this mean therefore that he is an evil guy? I think he is trying to change the illuminati and get rid of the evil component now and remember, that he like many others in the world, probably could not fight against the evil ones till recently. Even those in government and the millitary knew that their families and themselves would be killed if they let out dark secrets. But that is all changing now. Let's see what happens. Try to be more optomistic and stop with all your negativity. It ain't helping. If you, however, have any factual info. to offer, offer it! Cuz I don't see that in your comments dude.

Jason Thunderbeing

What the hell is going on Ben,me and mine and my allies will not work with the illuminati!!We are working to overthrow them,why would my side work with them?Alexander Romonov??he is the leader of the illuminati isn't he?wtf?and who is this drake you and a few other truth bringers have our blessings but not Drake or Alexander Romanov.have you betrayed us ben?mankind?this living planet?


Chemical blast video: Twin-explosion hits plant in Japan ???


Otto Lund

Risiko für Soldaten - Bundeswehr setzt auf umstrittenes Malaria Medikament http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1632&start=151#M8216 * Hypothesis: The military uses drugs to metaphysically turn soldiers into killers

2,200 people could have narcolepsy due to swine flu jab, admits Irish government http://birdflu666.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/2200-people-could-have-narcolepsy-due-to-swine-flu-jab-admits-irish-government/ * Den såkalte svineinfluensaen forårsaket av blant annet vaksine. Swine flu and vaccine, a global crime. Information in english language http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1540&start=1











Dear Friends,

I am posting this again to find out this was censored when I posted before.

A thought experiment: (What is the earthling doing here?)

There were our Parent's Generation from other planet to leave their last Child
Generation here on Earth which is our planetary Generation. It had been very
long time since none of the Parent Generation had been dying. Before our
Generation were brought to Earth they had build pyramids and gigantic stone
temple precincts in several cultural center to be. They are the "Work of Art"
with which to "surprise and puzzle" us Children of more recent time. How else
such tremendous enthusiasm to be spared to build such monumental architectures?
The super conceptual artifacts of millions years old, like the foundation deep
under ground at "Nabta Playa" might been done by our Grand Parent Generation for
some reason long before our Parent Generation have build the pyramids.

The Children were grouped around the pyramids and received educations of all
kinds to be able to do communal living with each cultural characteristics. When
the educations had been done and everything is well the Parents have left Earth
leaving gold and treasures as the Imperial property of the coming "Sun of the Sun"
with the story of Him. Each group inherited the story of the Hero with different
name in which the Hero to win the "Enlightenment" to become the "Son of the Sun"
and he was to bring the "Law" and not dying life with equality and happiness to
people. The "savior" in other word. His reign is to last forever after as he has
become an immortal man-god "Emperor" for this Earth. But what actually is the
"Enlightenment" was not told in the stories so that it was only the Hero himself
to know when he has been Enlightened by surprise. The event of the Enlightenment
must has been significant enough for him to recognize it is what the pyramids
builders have curved into their "Work of Art" in all cultures since ancient time.

The ones who helped organizing Children closely with the Parents in the
educational period formed the governmental organs in each groups. They are to
keep the Imperial property safely until the Emperor arrives. But they have
failed to keep themselves truthful and become corrupted soon within a few
generations and started dying and kept dying with shorter life span each
generation so many generations. In some time they have started to claim the
titles such as "Royal" or "Imperial" of the "Sun of the Sun" to themselves
despite of they were dying. As they are not the true "Son of the Sun" but mortal
they needed to change or destroy their Hero stories at the same time. This is
the reason why none of the stories survived in the original form. Even
relatively recently gifted Hero stories such as Buddha and Jesus have been badly
distorted already. Buddha was made to die and his teaching is reduced to
meaningless "Right way of this and that..". Although the crucial teaching "Do
not to other what you do not want to be done" have survived Jesus was also made
to be murdered. This was despite of the fact that the God pleased "Sun of the Sun"
is immortal and could never possibly be murdered by any creatures that is being
kept existing and functioning by the very God.

Every governing organs have been corrupted. They claimed land and it's
productivity as their private property in the name of "the Son of the Sun" with
threat of armed violence. This was the origin of every evil infest on Earth
since. The difference in recent time is that the most ruthless and crafty zombies
have took control over every other little devils governing organs.

Although much more of puzzling "information" are build in, the episode of
present hellish worlds on Earth were foretold in the metaphorical story build
into the pyramids. It was because they knew what was to become of our planetary
Generation by their own experience before they have received their Emperor and
Civilized. Of the Egyptian pyramid, masked dummy sat on the throne handled from
behind by the animal headed creatures, or hippopotamus(hypocrite) and crocodile
(man-eater) are judging people's life or death, or jackal-headed Anubis chopping
people's body to pieces on alter in the "book of the dead" are a few examples.
Forked tongued deceivers are expressed as snakes in everywhere. The snake-loop
sign, snake swallowed it's own tail(tale), is a expression for the nature of
lies of the snakes. They end up believing in own lies(tails) and swallowed it
deeper and deeper until it end up with unable to move grinding halt as they are
now. The symbol nutty killer zombies used, one eye on the topless pyramid, is an
expression for the pyramid sale organization of the one eye monster "Cyclops"
as it has been in the hellish state of Earth world.

About the more of the "information" build into pyramids and archeological
monuments, I have a good idea that the great pyramid of Giza and Angkor Wat
makes a perfect power generating system. Or the central part of white house
(USA) or St. Paul's(UK) makes multiple-frequency-sine-wave-siren that is the
core part of a kind of UFO. Borobudur is a multiple-knocker-frequency engine part
for a kind of UFO also. And the horoscope is the navigation chart for spacetime
travel. I think if technologically knowledgeable and curious ones together put
mind to it we "might" come up with the surprise results.

The Parent Generations have the spacetime traveling device as seen as UFOs to
come and go to build more of the Grand Work of Art here and there now and then
more of the surprise and puzzle for us their Children. According to the local
history present "Angkor" was build by "people came from somewhere" in 12 century.

When all of us stop dying also arrived at better understanding of the spacetime
and developed spacetime traveling ability what we might be doing? If it was not
the same thing on a yet uninhabited planet(Venus?) for our last Child Generation,
though it should be in the many dozens of thousands years future time, I guess.

Note: The "spacetime" is to avoid the mix-up with the nonsensical idea of time
traveling to past or future which is obvious impossibility as neither past nor
future exist. The world exists only as now in any spacetime. I suspect that the
other planetary world exists in their own inner spacetime, sharing the same
central core that is the Sun seen in the outer-space up in the sky as the other

"I hope all of you start to live long for better future",---godoten
The most positive thought: "Tenpage" by Otomakas
"No one have to die. You are not suppose to die...",


Why would it take supposedly intelligent people so long to come to such an obvious conclusion?

Otto Lund

The Whitney Houston Sacrifice Exposed + http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1663&start=226#M8213


There are clusters....clusters of servers and they can not be just "taken down"....there is no "magic" in computer science It would most likely take a physical action (like ohh unplugging it?) to make the entire clusters go off line or be "unresponsive"..an effort backed by a government scale like resources. These are ROOT NAME SERVER clusters and NOT some lousy master card website or CIA general public web site...etc

But hey...i might be wrong right? PUBLISH THE PROTOCOL sent to you...so we can see...the "master plan"

Mark H

Absolute nonsense. The Internet was DESIGNED to remain functional after a nuclear war. As for "13 root servers", here's what an expert said: "Kim Davies from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) put it more succinctly: 'There are not 13 root servers. There are many hundreds of root servers at over 130 physical locations in many different countries.' The number 13, Davies wrote, is a 'technical design limitation that means 13 is a practical maximum to the number of named authorities in the delegation data for the root zone.' This discrepancy is critical, Graham said. 'The Anonymous hackers can certain(ly) cause local pockets of disruption, but these disruptions are going to be localized to networks where their attack machines are located,' he wrote. 'They might affect a few of the root DNS servers, but it's unlikely they could take all of them down, at least for any period of time. On the day of their planned Global Blackout, it's doubtful many people would notice.'."

The reality is that March 31 was given as a deadline and nothing happened, and now absurd, fictional excuses are being given. Anonymous couldn't care less about free speech. If they could take down the internet, they definitely would - to show how "clever" and powerful they are.

Stop lying. Stop talking about the "Gnostic Illuminati". Stop giving deadlines that are never met, and don't insult people's intelligence. You say you do not speak for other parties, yet you give them a platform and you link your narrative to theirs. If they are lying, SO ARE YOU. You have to make a judgment whether these people are credible or not. If you keep quoting them it means that you endorse them. Therefore your own credibility is put on the line. You can't distance yourself whenever it suits you.

I have read the whole of the Armageddon Conspiracy website, and they NEVER insult my intelligence, and they never link themselves to mad people and fantasists.







Damn right they won't shut down the Internet. That would be like cutting off there own heads. They exist primarily on the Internet and without it they loose most all there power and cripple every other freedom movement out there. What I want to know is who put this plan out there in the first place. Find that out and you probably found a cabal moll. And not a very good one at that. It should be common sence to anyone that shouting down the Internet wold be the worst ideia in a history of bad ideas. That would also put them on some international terarist list and the shit list of nearly every person on the planet that's not anonamus.


Hello Mr.Fulford

Would you ask Alexander Romanov to start his own blog?
It would be easier if he started his own so that he can spread information
himself as a representitive of gnostic illuminati.
I think many people would want to hear what he has to say although his
self-introduction (like the rightful heir of russian throne) sounds dubious.

Thank you for the work you are doing


well ...I'm sorry to inform you that the so called 'gnostic illuminati' group is delivering a lot of bullshit to you lately. Anonymous has always been a group based on internet and free speech, why would they want to shut down their best tool for connecting people to achieve their collective decisions ...this is just ridiculous!
Infact, that is also why they didn't ever attack even facebook or twitter for instance ...it's all about communication means and connection between people from everywhere and even everywhen, if you pass me the term.

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