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Statin drugの発展に関する不正とその証拠

我々は“Statin Drugはコレステロール値を下げる(And Kill You One Cell at a Time)”という著作を発表しています。この本においてあなたはStatinに関連した損害を負う人々が、the tobacco awards以来となる大規模な訴訟を起こし、そして勝利を獲得したことについて、あなたは十分な証拠を見つけることが出来るでしょう。また、それ以上の情報も盛り込まれており(この本は弁護士回避のために書かれました)、現在はアマゾンで購入可能です。
この本はthe Lipid Theory(bad cholesterol)もカバーしており、どのようにしてそれがサイエンスとして受け入れられていったのかについても言及されています。Statinsについて意図的に曖昧な取り扱いをして、その販売を押し止めたかもしれなかった、“証明されたサイエンス”をこの本では追求しています。これはつまりすべてを仕組んだ人々やFDA、NIH、AHAといった組織の不正・怠慢を追跡した内容であるということです。それを証明するために必要な要素も一連の記録として収めています。そうでなければとても信用されはしないでしょう。エピローグにもあるとおり、私たち自身ですら信じられなかったかもしれないのですから。
Statinsは実際に毒物です。正確にはマイコトキシンです。これらは病原性の菌類から抽出されます(これについては本の中で証明されています)。日本の英雄である遠藤章氏がこれを世界に発表しました。Merckがそれを三共から盗み、完成にこぎ着けました。このことに関する反対尋問は、“lie revealed”の中に見ることができます。したがってウソつきたちと彼らのついたウソは、彼ら自身の言葉によって本文中で明らかにされています。

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Hello Ben

I had an interesting idea. Why don't we chat on godlikeproductions.com. It's a good place because nobody needs a user name - all can post freely. We could make a thread called "The Roundtable of honest speakers." We could include Alan Watt, and perhaps even Charlie Sheen (despite his hollywood issues) and anybody else that simply likes discussing the plain truth; we can try to round up high profile people to the task. This could be a continuous effort to include everbody that just likes to speak honestly, and they could post on Godlikeproductions on a thread for all to see and participate in. We could remake the thread on occassion - start it fresh - and continue just chatting truth. I have a presence on GLP and would gladly coordinate this. Simple and continuous communication like this is the most important thing, and if there always be an active thread somewhere, like GLP, that would be nice. The thread I'm currently doing at GLP is here:


If you are concerned about frequently pinging your location on the internet for whatever reason... and don't like doing it for that reason, I understand. If you like this plan, just reply to the thread and everytime you reply to a thread "anonymously," it allows you to put a user name... so just put BF if you want, or, if you prefer something only I'll recognize, just write something in the post that I'll recognize (something from this post). I'll know it's you.

Harri Honkanen

Principle; I know where you live.
10 000 will protect mankind once they are wearing the collar.
The five rings of power; Dmt curare c4 morfin speedball. Few heads will fall but the rest will comply.

Middle Eastern Fellow

Hello Ben & Thank You for Helping to fix the mess we are living in

send my Regards to your friend Mr.Chodoin Daikaku as well.
i am a little bit Off-Topic here but i believe this is an appropriate place to write my concern and advice:
i have been watching & learning about the real geopolitical and the globalists agenda for a few months now and i do believe the forces of good will prevail but that does not mean it doesn't need reinforcement .strangely enough i am not concerned about our government(Israel)and i hope they will step down from power asap,but i do see a world leader that i believe will be a Great support for the liberation movement when the time comes and this man is Hugo Chavez.i have seen the documentary movie "south of the border" by Oliver Stone and immediately recognized that Mr Chavez is fighting for the freedom of his country,his people and in fact for the freedom of all south America by giving an example that the same globalist that take our freedom could be opposed and that is very important role in the geopolitical map.
but,my concern is that Mr.Chavez now has cancer and i am not sure that he knows enough about alternative treatments and its effectiveness for his situation as you might obviously know and take for granted, and as far as i understand he got chemotherapy and scheduled to get some more in the near future and we all know it does much harm to the body.so my thought is to make sure that the information about the alternative treatment for cancer will be delivered to Mr.Chavez and his caring associates .currently i have some helpful info summary but but my missing link is contacting Mr Chavez & making sure he knows this information:
to summarize things i will give the main points to the most useful & successful cancer treatment out there:

-Dr.Burzynski and his antineoplastons therapy:
-Gerson therapy:
-the Russell Means and his aproach toward healing himself from the cancer with dialysis and vitamin C:
-G Edward Griffin and the B17 vitamin -"a world without cancer" :
- cannabis oil as a cancer treatment:
-Jerry Brunetti and his lecture "food as medicine":
-avoiding sugars/meat/dairy and eating lots of non gmo vegetables ,turmeric/curcuma,flaxseed oil etc..
-Black salve skin tumor treatment:
just to name a few...
and if he decide to take chemo after all here's a list of Herbs that can protect the healthy parts of the body from radiation:

Arctium lappa, AKA Niu Bang Zi, Burdock
Bupleurum spp.AKA Chai Hu, Hare's ear
Coriolus versicolor, AKA Yun Zhi, Turkey Tail
Echinacea spp., AKA Coneflower
Ganoderma lucidum, AKA Ling Zhi
Grifola frondosa, AKA Maitake
Lentinula edodes, AKA Dong Gu Ru Ben, Shitake
Rhodiola rosea, AKA golden root
Silybum marianum, AKA Milk thistle
Taraxacum officinalis Radix, AKA Dandelion root
again just to name a few,feel free to add whatever info you think i missed out .

i believe Chavez is a real fighter against tyranny and a good man.in addition,Chavez is in a key geopolitical position that might eventually divert the scales towards worldwide freedom.
would you help pass this information to the right ears?AKA Hugo Chavez ears,preferably in Spanish.
in addition,it seems that cancer is becoming a mysterious epidemic at the heads of states of Latin American nations,i'm sure that Chavez would pass on the info to the other leaders due to his warm relationship with them.

Hopefully this info will be helpful to other people as well...
Thanks & Take Care
Concerned Middle Eastern

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