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Mary A

(please do not post my name or email anywhere online)
Dear Benjamin, I see things in your posts that state various folks have been arrested (Bill Gates, George Bush, etc...)
My Question is: What country/police force/whatever is arresting these folks? Where are they taken? Where is the evidence of this?

I feel hopeful that you speak of positive changes in economics and world government though I cannot wonder whether it is imaginary or simply posted for entertainment value. Would be great if there were 2 million ninjas worldwide to work on behalf of good! Would be fantastic if there were some force arresting those who enslave us. But, who is this entity? Where is the evidence?

Help is coming? From whom?

I know there is a fine line between brilliance and insanity.
Not sure yet which of these sides you sit. Want to believe you
but would have an easier time of it if you would verify your statements with something. Don't Ninjas have cameras?
And, please clarify who is doing all this arresting.

My intent is not to be critical.
Want to see the better world you speak of.
Want to see an end to poverty everywhere.
Want to have clean drinking water and non-GMO foods.

Perhaps another idea would be for you to suggest ways the average American, or Japanese, or other citizen could be proactive in bringing about this better world. Personally, my main contributions are Prayer and political activisim (phone calls and letters to American Congress).
If you have better ideas then please let us know.

Thanks sincerely,
A friend in the USA


there is no shortage of fish. shouldn't that time and energy be spent on cleaning the oceans and creating jobs for people who rely on illegal whaling/fishing?


RE: BRICSと新たなる金融システム

最近私はAlfredo Jalife-Rahme(the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)の教授で専門は社会科学と政治学)による会議を見ました。その内容はIMFや世界銀行の支配に反対するため、現在BRICSにおいて新しい金融システムと国際銀行の立ち上げが進められているというものでした。これはつまり、あなたが伝えている新たなる金融システムのことを指しているのでしょうか。もしYESであるなら、この一連の動きの中で日本が果たす役割を教えていただけないでしょうか。また陰謀組織の支配から人類を解放に導く過程において、BRICSはどのようにそれに関与していくのでしょうか。


PS. あなたはスペイン語が堪能のようですので、以下にその会議のリンクを挙げさせてもらいます: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IWF3IkyG2j4



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. トイレに置き忘れられていた財布から約5万円を盗んだとして、京都府警伏見署は3月31日、陸上自衛隊大久保駐屯地の3等陸曹・佐々木允哉(まさや)容疑者(29)(宇治市伊勢田町)を窃盗容疑で逮捕した。


(2012年4月2日11時47分 読売新聞)










Thomas Carroll

Mr Fulford tank you very much for your vision and for taking up this mighty task and for realizing the unique wonderful opportunity granted to you in this life and grabbing the reigns of authority, it is a pleasure to give any moral support through this medium.I am in the US and have to listen to these idiots in the MSM constant lies and manipulation of the masses.9/11 has been such a wake up call for many, many people, while many are completely without any ability to use any objective criticism and are like human-Parrots reciting the lines their masters in the MSM have given them. We need to break this hypnotic cycle the largest segment of our population finds itself trapped by our Mossad run Satanic/Zionist media beating the never ending LIES into the dumbed down masses, IS THERE ANYTHING WE CAN DO TO FORCE THEM TO BE TRUTHFUL?


they also want to dump the dollar as an international currency

Luc Pillionnel

Hello Ben,
Tank you for your work. I scan the web to find anything about the new financial system. And I find the following on Chinadaily.com.
China's central bank has decided to develop a new international payment system.
Some comments of your part would be great for non expert people.
Thank you


Hello from France Benjamin,

here there’s a lot of evidence about false flag in “Toulouse/Montauban” case, to reelect sarkozy (cia agent) at the presidence.
Did you hear some, about when sarkozy and his band (part of french cabal)will be stopped and prosecuted ?
Thanx for all the amazing informations you gave us, and be sure that the entire world is on the way to be awake up


Greetings Benjamin, if you can answer me please me greatly, because I have many questions about your reports, we must recognize that in them there is information that possibly no one else has, yet I notice some strange contradictions, like that Fox broke the cabal's control and then say it was the ABC and the Fox is still part of the system. Some say that all this persecution financiers and directors of the cabal is precisely what is intended with the new world order, to establish a new international system supposedly more humane and progressive, but in the background is more of the same. What do you think of this?. PS: Sorry for my English but it is not my native language.







Markoff Chaney

You did not include the UK in the 5 nations. Is it your reasoning that the UK is merely the host for the City? Ifso would not the same apply to the Vatican and Italy?

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