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Woow. Big announcement. Well time to go back to sleep. Thank you soo much for your service to humanity.


> There will be some sort of announcement about this and other things on Tuesday evening, March 27th, 2012 Japan Standard Time according to illuminati and White Dragon Society sources.

ostaggio dell'italia

S.O.S. Europe!
i cittadini europei sono tenuti sotto ostaggio, da parte degli ultimi stati canaglia!
l'italia se la passa male, è sotto la tirannia draconiana!
AIUTATECI PER FAVORE, ci hanno strappati tutti i diritti, NON RESISTIAMO PIU'.

grazie Ben Fulford.


SO WHEN WAS THE announcement THAT YOU WROTE ABOUT SAYING IT WILL OCCUR ON "Tuesday evening, March 27th, 2012 Japan Standard Time according to illuminati and White Dragon Society sources."


Otto Lund

To Mr Alexander Romanov and all other readers:

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I think it's one of the most important videos I ever saw in my life ..."
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Ben. Does this guy think he is the Anti-Christ?


This guy really creeps me out. You can't have AN OCCULTIST REPLACED WITH ANOTHER OCCULTIST. That's like replacing Lenin with Stalin- THERE'S NO DIFERENCE AND ONE'S WORSE THAN THE OTHER! I'd be VERY CAUTIOUS withithis guy. I'm waiting for Christ to return (what His schedule and God's I have no clue, but I'm nt inot this dude's concept at all!!!! I know better than that. Please be careful withthis guy, we don't know how "bnenevolent" he really is, he could be Staling to Lenin so if oyu're Christian, put the Amror of God on and act like you got some brains!

Steve C

Great letter from Ken, and great reply.
If the Eastern banks wrest control from the Europeans, as seems inevitable, and nothing changes in the realm of land ownership and devolution of responsibility back to local councils, surely we will be no better off, within a short time !!
Key factors will be the deployment of depopulation technology ( the old order will fight to the end ) and the withering away of the spy industry, a hell of a proposition to bring about.
Usury will need to be reduced to correspond with the real (and transparent) cost of managing currency.
Cities will have to shrink. Arrangements of suburbs will have to become less private, more village-like. Wild Nature will need to be allowed more space.
The resources to achieve the latter are still alive ( though unwell ) in some indigenous societies.
The myth of intelligence being a by-product of a mix of slime, sunlight and selection, has to be exposed as a by-product of European predation and parasitism.
Best of luck. Your personal humility is inspirational





Roa Ads1

I quit listening when he said the God of Abraham is actually Satan. I think those that know better than this will quickly lose interest in this story. There are many of us that have experienced the goodness and grace of God. This isn't right.

Emma Sue Buchanan

Post another comment????
OK you are a god-send to humanity. There are many eyes on you that you cannot see. They are invisible but there to keep you safe. I know that to be true. I just wish that the sleeping humanity was aware of what a gift you are. Emma again

Emma Sue Buchanan

Ben, I have been following your for years, first was when I saw your videos on Project Camelot. There are many following you all over the world that are silent that you do not know about but they are there. I send your blogs to many people around the world along with my interpretation of what is going on. Always good as I go against anyone. Keep up the good work. and Keep safe. You have a brilliant mind and you see into things in honest ways. I always know who is on the net that are totally working with the light one might say. Your comitted follower Emma
I tried to sign up for your blog a long time ago but your software would not accept my try so I gave it up.



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