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Keshe Foundation hosting invitation-only meeting on gravitational space technology for international space agencies and governments



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Hi Ben,

Do you have any information about the strange noises coming from underground in Clintonville, Wisconsin? on march 19-21, 2012
here are are couple of videos about it


Please respond on the frontpage if you see this.

kevin blundell

I live for the experience not for the wealth. My world does not allow that. My world needs to be reformed so that I might live like that. Everyone must have the freedom to experience life, not suffer through it. This is right, this is just. I cry that this is not reality and I weep for the souls who experience this life of flesh and blood from the perspective of pain and suffering. This will end soon.
I am awake and see the suffering all around me. It is increadibly overwhelming and sad. It must end and I know that soon it will. Soon we will experience life, not just try to get through it while dealing with personal fear and suffering. We are all one. Your suffering is my suffering is God's suffering. I have no religion, but I have faith and believe that our internal spiritual love will win in the end. Great times are in the near future. We will all be awake soon.

There will be pain before peace, but the peace will come and will last. Soon we will all be on a wonderous jourey of discovery. I love you all.

I know that pain a suffering are a part of the experience of life on this planet. Heaven, the afterlife is an incorrect concept. God needs to experience both in order to understand the need of compassion. But the NWO is going beyond God's plans and are pushing humanity into far too much pain and suffering. There is not balance. People must be free to experience life in the way that they choose. The pain that they experience must not be externally thrust upon them, it must be a personal experience - the death of a loved one and how to deal with it; raising children and all the pain and wonder that accompanies that. To grow we must feel joy and suffering. But the NWO are not allowing us the experience naturally. They are imposing suffering upon us and limiting our awareness of these experiences. This must end, and it will.

Kevin Blundell

Ottawa, Ontario , Canada

kevin blundell

It's brilliant that you are leaving the ET element out of your argument in order to come across as more believable. I want in to this fight. Please contact me. You are an important part of human history.

kevin blundell

Royal families in the east want peace and fairness. One question: they just don't like the way the cabal is pushing the planet in a destructive direction and have been aware of the agenda for some time. Why did they wait till now to act? Did they need our help? and why, if they are so powerful, didn't they end the tyranny of the Rothchild's et all. long before now and put the planet on a more equitable path?

What will the eastern families do once the we are rid of the western evil?

kevin blundell


just wanted to thank you for all that you are doing. I have just recently become "awake". I have 3 young children and was home a couple of weeks ago and thought I might, for the fun of it, check out what was going on on youtube about UFO's these days, as I had a great interest in that when I was a kid. As fate would have it (or was it fate?) I happened upon the Disclosure Project, then Dr.Greer, then David Wilcock, then you, and I have spent a couple of weeks researching, researching, researching. I have gone from disbelief to a sort of panic to feeling a great deal happier...the happiness came when I discovered what you are up to to help out the world.
I feel that we may still be facing some hard times in the near future in terms of NWO backlash, and fear for the safety of everyone really, but I also know in my heart that a new and better future is just around the corner. I live in Ottawa Canada, am a musician and high school teacher....if there is anything that I can do at my end to help this great and noble cause please ask. It is strange, in that I have felt that I have been waiting my entire life for this awakening and now feel I must help and take action.

Thanks for everything and I hope that you are safe and well. I know you must be under a great deal of stress. Take care.

Kevin Blundell


Hi Ben,
I believe you were confused about the executive order he is referring to, is not the NDAA, this is bad in and of itself but yet another was signed in on March 16th the National defense resources prepardness:
http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/03/16/executive-order-national-defense-resources-preparedness, this gives the president the power to take just about anything deemed necessary for "National Defense", whatever they decide that is.
on another note but is all connected, (control of the planet/weather warfare). I remember the first time I saw you on youtube years ago, talking of haarp and how it needs to be destroyed. I was so glad to see someone else knew of this. at that time i had no clue who you were, thought you were just some aware, intelligent young man. this is going full tilt now, our weather over us is being totally messed with. here we no longer have sunny clear days, never and we had them all the time, was like S.calif in many aspects.
will this also be revealed? and when will we regain control over the planet and stop this heinous project?
It is bigger than folks seem to realize, he who owns the weather also owns the people.
thanks for all you have and are doing. wish I could say more, do not trust privacy.






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