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She sent an email to MSN... "if you need more, call us".

Wow, seriously. This does not even deserve a post.

It's like emailing Google for asking why your youtube channel was banned.


Was a little taken back in your Sean Morton interview.
The "royals" I pray will not be so easilly of the hook in the end. They may protest to have been victims but they have been repeatedly implicated in human sacrifice and in the disappearance of untold numbers of children and women.
If they are to remain in a new, free world surely they will NOT BE ALLOWED to continue to satisfy their bloodlust at the expense of the planet's innocent.

Concerns from Canuckville

Robert Hintze

Hi Ben

Thanks for all your good work.

I have to admit that I am getting restless and worried about whether the cabal is really at its knees and running scared as you and a few other warriors are saying. I truly hope this is the case, but what causes me to worry is that all I can see happening (in the US) is the cabal tightening the grip. Every other day there is a new bill being introduced to take away citizen rights and the wording of those bills are not even being camouflaged anymore, but are blatantly stating how we are all terrorists and can be put away or killed at the authorities will.
Also the chemtrailing are continuing at an ever higher rate, as well as FEMA camps being build and numerous other preparations for some kind of climax I can only shiver about what is.

On the opposite hand the only visible concrete thing that shows a blow to the face of the cabal is the detaining and questioning of Tim Geithner and the alleged phone call to microsoft who provides an avoiding answer to the question of whether Bill Gates has been arrested.

On top of this you and others are reporting of the underground nuking of the cabals bunkers.. various meetings between nations to build opposition as well as meetings between the illuminati and the good side, to negotiate surrender etc..

Yet we the people and readers can only really relate to what we can see going on on our side of the curtain.. And here the cabal is looking ever more scary and strong.. :-/

So my question is really: WHEN are we going to see some concrete evidence of the fall of the police state, the NWO and the Illuminati and evidence of our civil rights being restored?

Thanks again for running point at the very frontline of this war.

Love and light


Dear Ben,

Thank you for your interview with Sean Morton. The info was amazing. Look forward to March 13.
Please forgive me if I have a short "rant".
It is directed at my American neighbors, the Creator bless them all. It is just about what I have come to call AA, American Arrogance, they are drunk with it. It has gotten them into so much trouble and continues to do so, even many of those who profess their humble search for "enlightenment".
It seems to have been part of their school programming and they never quite figured that out. Especially evident as they attack each other in the "truth movement".
Listening to some of the "conspiracy" sites from America just reinforces what I have seen from my neighbors for so many years.
I wish sometimes that they would just stop for a second and understand how much that attitude of theirs has become so disliked across the globe, especially in countries that they have bullied for decades.
I pray that the American people are saved in the next years. Ever since I have followed you I have had the impression that yes, the world is tired of the manipulation and was no longer tolerating it,though I always felt that America would pay the dearest price when the chips fell. They had played a little too enthusiatically in the "Grand Chessboard" and as is said, the "piper must be payed". Humility is not something that comes easy to them and sometimes I sure wish it did.
Anyhow many are worried about the so-called "Christian Fundamentalists in America. Nothing worse that someone with the "my god is the best and I'll kill ya if ya don't believe". Way too much of that in America. And that is just one part of the arrogance in that country.
Sorry, I worry for them all. Amazing people and so screwed up.
The Creator keep you and yours safe dear Ben.

Concerns from Canuckville


Hi Mr. Fulford. Just listened to an interview with you on the Strange Universe radio show and you claimed that Melinda Gates is of the Watson family, but in reality she is not. Could you explain this claim?


Dear Friends,

By the way, wanting to take more of fried potato chips or fish left on a
table while everyone had enough of them is only happy & healthy appetite.
It have nothing to do with the "mental defect" been mentioned earlier.

To avoid fanatic interpretations of words...,---godo(笑顔)


One thing is for sure about Bill Gates now. He's part of the satanic cabal that has wanted to kill off about 90% of this planet's population. Please see info links below:


al camy

I tend to agree with Sean David Morton; Kerry is Lois Lane


Dear Friends,

The wealth entirely is what the God Nature provides for all, to be shared
equally in peace in happiness. No one can be in debt nor anyone can be in
credit over the providence of the God.

All governments of Nations should issue the currency of own to meet the
wealth of the nation. The primary task of any government is to deliver
equal share of the wealth to every one. It is the duty of any government
to make and keep it possible for everyone to be happy in peace to respect
the God's wish. There should not be any need of differences between ones
who offer their hands for the need of the society and who may rather not
for the time being. Who want to take more than others or want to place
themselves above others are by the very fact mentally defective ones who
should not be allowed to take any part of decision makings in government.

The offered "Truth" is the salvation for you to deserve for yourselves.
Dishonest criminals need to repent and change their ways if they want
to be pardoned and regain the chance of eternal life. No one need to be
pardoned of faked-up debt by the murder thieves but themselves by the God.

Ones who still insist to continue the trickery of gold standard or
numbers and paper documents as credits to enslave innocent others
together with ones who collaborate to the crimes shall net be pardoned.
Ones who still insist to claim land and it's productivity as own property
shall not be pardoned of the crime. Those who will continue such selfish
schemes to force upon others meet the God's judgment to die out sooner.

The selfish mentally defective criminals can not be "merit" to no one
even to themselves as they shall not deserve to exist. You must not ill
use the sacred words if you do not want to lose. Disrespect to die out.

"Wake up to the Truth and behave yourself for your own life's chance."

With the best wishes to everyone,---godo
The most positive thought: "Tenpage" by Otomakas
"No one have to die. You are not suppose to die...",

michael bridges

Dear Ben:

Last night I came across an article in the 'Daily Mail' headed:
$28 billion health fund backed by Bill Gates and Bono is investigated for fraud

According to the article "A multi billion dollar global health fund backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is being probed for widespread fraud after it emerged grant money to developing countries had been 'eaten up by corruption".

Could this be linked to the purported arrest of Bill Gates?




Hi Ben -

Wanted you to know how greatly I appreciate what you're doing and the fact that you're actually human!
I think we the people as a whole are so brainwashed that unless a person is in neat clothes head-to-toe w/every curl in perfect place, they [don't seem] credible to us! When the norm is otherwise.

It's precisely because you slip sometimes, but correct as soon as you can, that I know you're the real deal . . I've carefully listened to your comments and answers and hve found consistency and credibility - soon confirmed by external news outlets . .
Please do not let certain feedbacks dishearten you - - the trials and the disrespect you are enduring have been endured by many a hero before you -- they come with the territory, my friend. . .
You are respeccted and loved much . . . Much power to all you guys . . .


Fulford ftw! i thought your discussion on the japanese conspiracy show recently was spot on. i hope you will be able to broadcast in the west in the future!

Monika Hoy

Looks like an automatic reply to me.








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He should be arrested for his contamination of vaccines, his plans on depopulation, and his work to murder 90% of the world's population. That is the true crime.

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