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John Paterson

Hello Benjamin, I was at a friends house in Nov 2010 and by sheer luck I saw Lord Blackheath live on BBC Parliament talking about "foundation x" he mentioned a Lord Sassoon who was sitting there with a strange grin on his face. In my research I trace the Sassoons back to the British East India Company and the opium trade with China. All the very best of luck and thank you for exposing these NWO scum. JP

James Kimbrough

Hello Benjamin,
Thanks very much for your efforts.. Keep up the good work..I believe like you do that all will go well in the future as it seems that the "Vampire Octopus" is getting entangled in it's own web of trickery and deceit..The fish are becoming more aware, and the "ocean" is too large to circumvent for these parasites of humanity... I wish you success in all your efforts,many blessings and well wishes too!




RE: alternarive media bashing

あなたのサイトは恐怖を煽ることなく真実を伝えています。だから私はあなたのサイトが好きなのです。あなたもよくご存じのとおり、暴露系サイトの世界では、将来に対して暗く否定的な見方が蔓延っています。あるサイトがNWOの利益に反するものかどうか、つまり本物かニセ物かを見分けるためのポイントは、その人がいつの時点でNWOから殺害の脅しを受けているか、ということだと思います。私はNWOのメンバーから電話で殺害予告を受けたというあなたのエピソードを見ました。皮肉にも、悲観的な見方を伝えるサイトの運営者たちのほとんどは、一度も脅しを受けたことがないようです。彼らからそういった話を聞いたことはありません。この観点からも、あなたサイトは他のところよりもずっと信頼性が高いと私は思っています。私の知る限りでは、あなたと同様の脅迫を受けたことがあるのは、何冊かの自然健康本の著者であるKevin Trudeauだけです。私はあなたから世界の舞台裏の情報が聞きたいのです。



援護してくださって有り難うございます。Old World Order(NWOよりも私はこちらの呼称を使います)によって使い古された手法が“分割して征服せよ”です。彼らは真実を追求する者たちを互いに攻撃させることで、真の敵に向かって一致団結することがないようにしています。その真の敵とは民族的にいえば、“ユダヤ人を装った、ルシファー崇拝のハザール人マフィア”です。彼らは人類全体を奴隷化しようと目論んできて、それはほぼ達成間近でした。


Andrew R

I've got the popcorn ready Ben :)

The show has already begun and I for one feel privileged to witness the death of Tyranny.

Thanks by the way for having balls in a time where it seems so few do.


Mr. Fulford,

The comment from D was nice, but rather dismissive. I, as a citizen of the US, and of the earth, feel it is foolish to sit back and wait for others to do all the work. Yes, I'm watching events, but am also participating in my own little way by actively informing others about the mirage we've been living. The majority of people still haven't the slightest idea what's going on. But, the few that know something is wrong, but don't know what exactly are the ones I'm attempting to explain the bit that I do understand, and point them in your direction and others who have a handle on the NWO, and how they operate. Little by little I provide information to help unravel the real Matrix we've been living in. I can't say I understand everything, but what I am able to comprehend I'm passing it along, participating in occupy rallies, absorb any new information that's revealed, and preparing myself as best as I can, in case things get dicey before they get better. I thoroughly enjoy your readings and consider you a very brave person for your heroic actions!


Mr. Fulford...I started following your blog awhile back and must say that it is absolutely incredible the work that you and others have done to awake the planet to what is really happening. It's so incredibly mind boggling for some people that have come to realize the truth..I wanted to write you this short email to say what a great job you and your associates do for the common folk in educating them as to the facts. Also it equally amazing your own personal tribulations in this whole thing. I must also say that I am in complete awe and admiration of the White Dragon Society for their great vision for the world and their insight into the Kingdom of Balance , for you and they have helped lift the veil and helped people like myself "see". Their great vision for a better world is absolutely astonishing and I hope that someday I will be able to play a role in their grand scheme of things. As for myself I am just an average citizen with an average job but thanks to you and the WDS I have a better hope for the future and am looking forward to a better planet. Thank you and to the WDS for extraordinary work on the behalf of ordinary people....Andy


Hi Ben,
That was an amazing an awesome reply. The effect of your unselfish work cant be denied. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Donn Wagner

Hello Benjamin,
I've been following you since your first interview on Project Camelot. It's been a crazy ride for sure and I wanted you to know how grateful I am for all you are attempting to accomplish. If there ever was a time in human history when we are in need of heroes, it's today!
I wish you nothing but the best of luck and health with all your endeavors. I'll be here watching the fireworks and keeping my fingers crossed.
Good luck, much love and godspeed!

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