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Exercise and activity appeared to offer promise as one such treatment, but this carefully designed research study has shown that exercise does not appear to be effective in treating depression.

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Take pride in your accomplishments, as they are stepping stones to your dreams. Understand that you may make mistakes, but don't let them discourage you. Value your capabilities and talents for they are what make you truly unique.

Ann Pettus

THANK YOU BEN for exposing that Conscious Media Network announcement. I don't know enough about details to have been able to pick out anything I could say was wrong, but it totally felt like a sham.

Also, then they put out some announcement that included what appears to be the next big propaganda soundbite: "We don't really even know who these "elite" are!" The implication being, they don't really exist. Sheesh. Then today apparently the Huff Post (newly corporate, yet the liberal sheeple don't get it that that means it's OVER as far as trusting anything there) parroted the same thing - making fun of the concept of the "man behind the curtain."

The cabal is horrendous but what ends up bothering me even more is people's lack of bullshit detection, their buying right in to the lies they're fed in the "liberal" corporate media.






The Conscious Media Networkの報道は、オールド・ワールド・オーダーのファシストたちによって仕組まれた心理操作戦略であり、真実ではありません。だからこそ私はそれに触れませんでした。地球に存在する生命の未来を決する戦いは、残念ながらまだ終わってはいません。

Kirsten Kellogg

We are definitely in the Information Age and it's up to each and every one of us to follow our internal guidance system (heart based rather than mind).

A friend of mine emailed CMN and the following was said:

[begin quote] Unfortunately Ben is shooting his mouth off without checking the source. It is not a hoax and the financial case Ben is dealing with is known to us and completely different.

We know who his source is and have been communicating with him for 5 years. It is not the same group of nations or people involved.

Scott Meredith
Executive Producer
Conscious Media Network
PO Box 528
Loomis, CA

Tel: +1-866-804-2252
info@cmn.tv [end quote]

Xephyr Hunter

Is it just me or was there a big partial eye in the wall behind the dude's head in the video.....??
What an Achilles heel that is; the inability to resist putting symbols into everything.....


Check this out http://www.jstor.org/pss/1020870 the real alternative may be already created but ignored?the society was pushed away from it by the fabricated war of comunism versus capitalism?See Gary Allen´s works.

Otto Lund

IMO nwo psyops:
A New Global Economy http://www.cmn.tv/news/new-world-currency/
More thoughts on Global Economic Restructuring http://www.cmn.tv/blog/more-thoughts-on-global-economic-restructuring/

Makes me sick :) Regards, Otto


Already, a cat with only one eye has been born.



Hi Ben:
You might be interested in reading this.

by Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist January 4, 2012

Well the chips are in, and the election is stolen.

It took a lot to kill Ron Paul, with my estimated margin of preference for Paul running over 30 percent absent statistical rigging, and others such as Drudge having him at 30 percent, Iowa WAS a slam dunk.

We have all been convinced over the years that people often change their minds the moment before they enter the polls, and THAT is why election results can be so unpredictable, but even if you believe people flop about in their beliefs and preferences like fish out of water, it does not wash in the case of Ron Paul.

We all know, - at least anyone who hits this site should know, that the type of people who support Ron Paul are firm in their convictions and will not flip flop on issues and between candidates. If Ron Paul lost in Iowa, this election was stolen, pure and simple.

Even despite the media smears and excessive voter turnout thanks to the many who voted a lot more than once via the open ID program, Ron Paul was at 30 percent in most exit polls. To drive the final nail, that secret vote count was essential; - so many people supported Ron Paul that the establishment could not get enough repeat voters to push back the wave.

For as long as we sit around and let the establishment steal our power from us, there will be no revolution. So many people are too flouridated, Zolofted and food poisoned to ever see the light of day, and in a democratic Republic that can kill a society. With the present condition of so many people, there is not likely to be an American future.

more here http://www.degaray.com/?p=1909
Best regards,

John Carten

Mr. Fulford:

I have read in your post that 2012 is the year of the Fire Dragon in the Chinese Calendar yet, when I go online and search for information about the Chinese Calendar, I only find references to 2012 as the year of the Water Dragon, although the Water Dragon does breathe fire from time to time.

Can you kindly explain this apparent paradox.

Are there two Chinese calendars?

At the Water War Crimes Web Site, we have used the Water Dragon as the symbolic beast that has the Royal Family on the run and the metaphor seems appropriate especially in view of the Water Dragon's peculiar abilities to see through the veils of deceit.


Kindest regards,

John Carten


That Consciousness Media Network so-called "Big Announcement" sounded phony to me too.

This video was obviously intended to come across like a message of reassurance. The dude being interviewed goes on to say that it was decided many, many years ago to lay the foundations for a new financial system. He talks about moving forward (instead of considering the problems apparent in the system), clearly mentions "digitized currency" and "getting out of our limbic system" but the "details won't be given out until later."

This is a total sales job.


日航ジャンボ123便 ソ連キリル文字で До  свидания(さようなら) と書いた残骸が報道写真にある。ソ連軍機乗員の遺書か。

1985年8月13日頃の報道用写真 御巣鷹の尾根スゲノ沢の様子に、

「До свида」

До свидания(さようなら)



I see there seem to be 3, at least, possibilities

1 - the present Sabbatean Fraction gets their way, they will implode the World economy, and a total Mad Max chaos will rule the USA for months, probably years, and will spread worldwide, until the Sabbateans seem the time fit to 'rescue' all under a New Police State

2 - present power players like WDS fall for the New Age Idea of the likes of the new 'Thrive' initiative (by Foster Gamble), a happy discovery of 'free energy' & we'll all live happily ever after, negating the presents of discontent, avarice and a power vacuum, that will, I will bet you my bottom dollar, will escalate very fast indeed, in likewise a Mad Max Chaos, endless 'French Revolution'-like slaughter, with no happy end in sight

3 - if, at any time possible, what really should happen is the swift takeover of the total present international banking Infrastructure. BIS, FED, SWIFT, your ATM's the lot.
This can happen, unfortunately but rather obviously, only by (military or the likes) force.

How banking should really be done is rather clear, for the initiated.
It's bottom line a New Class of Arbiters (in transparent competition with each other).

If, after the dust has settled, no such people have arisen to the top of any heap (since any 'swift takeover' institutes a new power class of 'winners'), or none (proper) are invited to come forward, or, more likely, total confusion rules, as per a newly instituted henhouse,

we still would enjoy some obvious progress of 'free energy' & the good riddance of 'scientific eugenics'.

Pray it is swift, doom is closing in really fast, such is the 'progress' of mankind.


日航ジャンボ123便 ソ連キリル文字で До  свидания(さようなら) と書いた残骸が報道写真にある。ソ連軍機。

1985年8月13日頃の報道用写真 御巣鷹の尾根スゲノ沢の様子に、

「До свида」

До свидания(さようなら)


日航ジャンボ123便 ソ連軍機Tu-22先端部残骸が見られる。 御巣鷹の尾根スゲの沢1985年8月13日報道記録写真中。
日航ジャンボ123便 御巣鷹の尾根スゲの沢の写真にソ連軍機の椅子と酷似するシートが認められる。

Kurt Schilling

For Christ's sake Fulford wake the eff up. It is REAL.

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