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I'm a great lover of art but galleries and museums are most certainly not the new churches. Can you imagine the Tate Modern setting up soup kitchens for the homeless?


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would be nice ,but sounds like a good ferry tale.


Dear Friends,

The religious hero story is a lie but the God is A-Fact as It Is to
exist as this world. This world exists as the Fact of the "Miracle"
of the God. It is beyond of our perceptive comprehension "how the God
materialize it and keep existing?". The only thing we could be sure of
is that the Something MUST be exerting the "Force" to make it to exist
and to maintain the perpetually dynamic existence of this world. We
should call the Something the "God". And of course, the God's wish is
all of us to care for each other and be happy without aging to die. If
someone say this no one would disagree with it(?) because of the fact
we all share the commonsense of the God. In other words, we all knew
the God's wish at the first place. You should not forget that whole
thing is the God's body and the every bit of this world exists with the
awareness of the God. The everything but our awareness is property of
the God.

If you believe in not-dying and share the God's wish and never will to
do any unfair to other you should be assured of the God's protection
against any ill scheme of bad ones. Bad ones are only "can be helped"
by other's good wishful efforts otherwise to die out from this world
by the Law(God). However, If you need more possessions of things than
others to attract and keep girls to you, you are already failing within
your own being. Boy could deserve to receive respect from "truthful"
girls without possessing anything but himself. When there are poor and
riches many girls fail too, to meet the selfish spoiled richer failing
ones. You should not ignore the fact that all the wealth IS of the God.
It is the duty of any government to make sure everyone to get equally
the providence of the God.

"No one is more than anyone else. No one is less than anyone else."

With the best wishes to everyone,---godo
The most positive thought: TENPAGE by Otomakas
"No one have to die. You are not suppose to die...",

Alcuin Bramerton

The board changes. The Great Game moves against the Feds. http://is.gd/Z2YQ1T http://is.gd/9KemeE


Mr. Fulford
Please tell us if you have an information on the upcoming war between Iran and USA/ Israel? It would seem such a war will undermine the illuminati's removal from power.


Benny Boo, my friend of friends, how is life as a plant?? Does it keep ya warm at night to have yen to burn and sake to drink? And all on Enterprise payroll, you lucky dog! "Multiple CIA sources" confirm that you've been partying way too hard, Benny Boo. Now now, did you ever thank the other websites for all of the great material back in 2007, or did the Company give you one too many memory wipes? Their work is the product of much sacrifice and hardship... true heroism, could you ever conceive of such a thing? That's okay... of course, it was their dream to have their material pilfered by mediocre journalists! I'm sure that David Guyatt received every bit of his due (snarky laugh). No no no, a few bouts of "copy and paste" will suffice, won't it? I'm also quite sure that the view must be utterly fantastic when standing atop the shoulders of giants, Ben. Please do remember that SOME of us have longer memories than others. Keenan and Scott seem to experience "selective amnesia" far too often. When they're not dragging down the credibility of their cohorts like a fat man in a hot air balloon, they enjoy a few backroom deals like any other shining examples of humanity we are so privileged to endure today. Luckily for them, the Company's friends overseas never forget their friends and are quite happy to grease the wheels... just as long as they don't conduct business on one of the "high holidays". Your friends should count your blessings that Dr. Dam has kept his mouth shut for so long, and I'm not counting his time spent hooked to a respirator. Please do reconsider your position, Ben. You know I like ya because you seem like a sweet boy. It's no fun to be caught rearranging the deck chairs of a global financial Titanic...

gino lopresti

Well well well here we are feb. 1 2012o and nothing big has happened as you said again the lies just keep coming.

Zabeau Lorenbeau

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Very nice news indeed. Thanks for keeping us posted! It is really about time for a radical change in monetary and global system, but in a positive manner. The whole system is old, it crumbles and is obsolete! People are ready for the change, the evolution.

David L

Hi Ben from France,

we hear last night on the news that India's gonna buy about 126 rafale to Dassault (one of the most involved in corruption with sarkozy governement's).
So it means one of the Brics still buy weapon to the french cabal.

For our future in France, we know it's over for the war criminal sarkozy, next president will be F.HOLLANDE, who work for the same agenda.

When we gonna see some change here and when did the arrestation on the french cabal is gonna start ?
Thanks for your great job !
May the highest take care of you.
David from France




日航ジャンボ123便 皇太子殿下が、平成13年11月4日に、慰霊の園をご訪問。自衛隊114部隊に対する抗議に他ならない。
(回答先: 日航ジャンボ123便 マルキスト台湾マルクス主義ソ連、が天皇日本ユダヤアメリカに攻めてきたのがJAL123便であります。日時 2012 年 1 月 23 日 )







さて、既にお聞き及びだと思いますが、銀河間評議会会長のグレナー氏が、宇宙船ネプチューン号に地球人25名を招待いたしました。Disclosure を開始するためです。10日間の予定で、今週土曜日に出発するそうです。

そのグループとは別に、David Wilcock 氏を始めとするオピニオン・リーダー達も招待するという情報があります。







ベンジャミンさんと白龍会の地球改革構想もすばらしいものですが、スペース・ファミリーの存在のDisclosure も、そこには含まれなければならないはずです。彼らの技術をシェアしてもらうことは、恥ずかしいことでも何でもなく、そのようにして、銀河系の文明はお互いに助け合って、成長してゆくのだと思います。






Dear Friends,

The story of some religious hero, who is supposed to be the God's chosen
one, get murdered by dressed-up killer thieves is a typical "death threat"
to children who expect everyone to be fair and good only naturally. It is
a cynical twist the very propaganda of the "death threat" been made up
as the teaching of the God's chosen one. To kill the God's chosen one is
not a possibility to creatures been kept existing by the God. It never
could happen as it never is an allowance of the God. The story is a lie.

You may be employed by the unreasonably selfish people and fear to lose
source of income for your needs of living? But you should know that the
real Economy are run and maintained by the massive majority of ordinary
people on the ground with a bit of commonsense. Regardless of who might
be the company or government bosses they never could make the massive
majority to do their selfish careless unfair ill deeds. Without fear you
should be able to say to who order to you to do unfair thing "That is
unfair thing to do. I do not wish to do such unfair thing to anyone. You
shouldn't do such unfair thing to anyone neither?". It is to treat them
as friends. What is to be "fair and good" also to be "kind" in true?

More people say that to spoiled selfish bosses, sooner the reform of this
Earth world to become reality. Proud ones who placed above others to look
down at others shall die out.

"Trust the God! Trust in being fair and good! Believe in not dying!".

With best wishes to everyone---godo
The most positive thought: (Tenpage by Otomakas) who says
"No one have to die. You are not suppose to die...".
(English) http://tenpage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/en/welcome.html
(日本語) http://tenpage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/en/home.html


NEW UPDATE! Benjamin Fulford interview "The Elite" 01/10/12 (YouTube)
Benjamin Fulford 10 Minutes Clip Cutting Edge News Interviewed by Theo Chalmers (YouTube)


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Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20120130



The fact of the matter is that "1984" is the script and the the three regions are fast tracking that agenda to the edge of the abyss as fast as their little legs will carry them.


Ben, I love what you are doing and am honoured to be alive in the time of great change but I have a question for you my friend?
What about Australia Ben? All of these nations represented but no Australia? Mate we are not Asia and most Aussies don't like the idea of being part of the commonwealth either!! REMEMBER THAT IN YOUR HIGH LEVEL TALKS!! So where is our voice Ben? You say you speak for all? Doesn't seem like that, it seems like the old days all over again doesn't it? Australia is just some land away from the world. PLEASE DON'T FORGET US BEN!! Cheers mate for all of the great work and risks you have undertaken, without guys like you kicking the world forward we'd be heading back into the dark ages!! YOU ROCK!!

Robert de Philip

So, 125000 x 5 = 625000 for my family, Wow!


If the end is in sight why not alow the msm to start telling the massess of people in the west and europe the truth? So they can gradually digest the change what is about to happen.

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