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Water Dragon


Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20120102: 大いなる変動が予期される水龍の年が始まった。


The Unhived Mind

But what if William is not Great Master Prince Charles's son? What if he's really Grandmaster Prince Philip's once again removing the treasonous Queen's blood out of the picture? Maybe the ritual that took place at the Wedding may be key here. The only way Harry will become Monarch is if they sacrifice themselves at some event shortly.

Jerome Paden

In following Mr. Fulford's writings for at least a couple years something which has stood out (at least on occasion) in the course of the saga apparently unfolding is a simple thing - spelling; obvious errors, which reflect poorly on a professional writer, in particular in that there is "spell-check" on any word processor. When coupled with "...hanging comments..."; like the one in this newsletter about Mazaara I'm afraid it tends to diminish the value of the information and makes it seem quite "fantastic" and imaginary.

The general theme of past to present events appears to be intact, and I do not disbelieve there are large events transpiring, and that this information site has something to offer.

It may be trite (for someone not “on the line”) to comment on such points, but to post Mazzara’s (supposed) email with the obvious and idiotic errors in it starts to enter the realm of insult to the intelligence of the reader who is supposed to take this on good faith. A person with the power and position Mazzara supposedly has issuing a guttural and phonetically childish message using “English” that should be seen in movies depicting Italian immigrants from 1903 with less than an 8th Grade education! Perhaps what is missing is a caption ahead of such items qualifying them accurately as “…reportedly sent by…”. That Mazzara would not have the capability and sense to use someone who could translate properly to avoid obvious and ridiculous errors at the “other end” is bizarre, at best.

This is one specific item, and there have been a number of others over the past issues of the Global Update. The message reflects the quality of the messenger, fortunately or unfortunately so.


Hi Ben, I kind of worry about your comment on prince harry taking over the throne. He was groomed to fulfill the role of the False Prophet in the apocalypse scenario. Why would your group support this dark play?



Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20120102: 大いなる変動が予期される火龍の年が始まった。


John Carten

Mr. Fulford

I was not totally surprised by your comment in your blog today that

"They also offered what they suggested was a concrete way to bring down the old system. They say the top signator for the committee of 300 old world order ruling council is Queen Elizabeth. They have issued a warning to the British Royal Family that they must replace Elizabeth with her son Harry by April 1st of this year. Having Harry on the thrown would mean having a signator for the financial system who would support the planned changes".

At the Water War Crimes web site, we have been predicting for several months that the Royals were on the Run due to recent revelations and allegations that Queen Elizabeth was involved as a player in the Water War Crimes. The information was delivered to Prime Minsiter Harper and his colleauges in August and were filed in documents in the Supreme Court of Canada and Canada's Fedeal Court of Appeal in October and November 2011 without any rebuttal or denial by Canadian government lawyers.

Your comment about Prince Harry is equally telling because it has long been suspected, in some circles, that Harry is not the legitiamte son of Prince Charles but comes from aonther line of descent which means that Harry, but not his older brother William, would be entitled to occupy the Throne if Queen Elizabeth and her progeny were disqualified due to the corrupt practcies of herself and her husband.

If Queen Elizabeth has violated her Coronation Oath my understanding of the law is that she and at all of her lawful heirs would forfeit their royal rights.

For more information see.


With kindest regards.

John Carten

Otto Lund

Are the jesuits, the vatikan, behind the new world order: Jesuit inquisition, Jesuit Manipulated Catholic Nazis http://www.spirituallysmart.com/nazi.html

The vatikan has an evil history: God Of Croats (Bog I Hrvati), documentary, English subtitles – Vatican’s role in Holocaust http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U0C0G-fzug&feature=share


I'm a member of your blog at your 'pay site'. There is a lot of talk about you making mistakes in this week's report. First, it is the year of the Water Dragon, not the Fire Dragon. Second, Harry is the Queen's grandson, not her son. Could you please share if you are 'talking in code' or why the mistakes?

Thanks so much!

Princess of China

Welcome to the year "The Return of the Fire Dragon" In 2 months time all Draconian must stay align and stands "United" as "One" force. Happy New Year 2012.


we are now in jan. of 2012 and still nothing has happend the dragon society has done nothing but a law suit. what i wanna know is what happens to all of the tax money that the cabal is about to collect once again knowing that its fraudulant.

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