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I have seen this document for times, but it's not just 3 pages like this, it's really a thick pages. I've been meeting the real boss of all these accounts. I can promise that all the signatures above are all true. and so are these accounts.

Ted Lago Arda Chandra



Signatures look fake. Check out Bob Zoellick signature from this web page - IDENTICAL. http://www.havelshouseofhistory.com/Jewish%20Autographs%20ZO-ZZ.htm
I bet the signature was lifted from this page and put on those docs.


The signatures looks obviously fake.

Jose Maria A. Castro, Jr

Dear Ben

Reading your wall for the first time.

Got a simple question: If the white spiritual boy appears, is there a group you know that will help him recover what belongs to him?

Please do not post this inquiry on your wall.

Pastor Jojo


Have you seen this Ben?




Jim Thompson

Regarding the signatures -

I see this all the time. These types of signatures appear when a document is electronically signed (typically with Acrobat) with a mouse in order to facilitate all the signatures on one page (without having to sign the original document in pen.

After all signatures are applied, the document then bears a "Certified" seal and the document cannot be altered without removing the signatures.


Martin Luther King Day ? 17th ? Okee ...

Candace Frieze

This is NOT Divine, and the signatures are forged. Better pay attention Ben, you are either one of them or being used.



John Carten

Mr. Fulford

It caught my attention that you received certain documents sent by a source linked to Ferdinand Marcos.

In may be of interest to your source to know that, approximately 10 years ago, I met a former Vancouver City Police commercial crimes investigator who advised me that when he was on active duty he did the investigation of a major Canadian law firm in Vancouver (Davis and Co) that he said had laundered the Marcos billions. He told me the lawyer who handled much of the work was Ron Basford who had been Canada's Minister of Justice under Prime Minster Pierre Trudeau.

The retired police officer claimed that when he handed his report into the Chief of Police he was told that it was not going any further than the filing cabinet.

The claim is not unreasonable because Vancouver is a huge center for money laundering, so great, in fact, that former RCMP Commissioner Zacardelli once stated "In the money laundering world, all roads lead to Vancouver".

Basford died a few years ago, of a sudden heart attack, when some of this information started emerging as part of the investigation into the Water War Crimes.

As regards, the threats on your life, it goes with the territory.

A number of years ago, while investigating the water war crime corruption in Canada, I received a death threat while entering the Vancouver courthouse where I was asked to come to testify about judicial corruption that was then rampant in Canada and, at about the same time, I was advised, from the American side of the border, that my life was in danger and that I should go underground, so I kept a low profile for a while and waited for a regime change.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was elected in 2006, and, since then, 27 more insiders linked to the Water War Crimes have died and the imminent danger seems to have passed.

The death toll to date is thirty and is rather startling in a peaceful backwater like Canada and I believe that several of dead were murdered in order to silence them because they knew too much.

We cover these deaths on the Water War Crimes web site at the Graveyard of the Guilty web page


This is suppressed news, in Canada, but, to date, no Canadian official has objected to any of the information presented on the web site that has been in existence for slightly more than 2 years. In addition, much of the information on the site has been filed in court proceedings, in Canada, and has not been denied by government lawyers although judge after judge have tried to kill the case on technicalities and it is now filed with the Supreme Court of Canada where the court is doing its best to shut us out.

Your work is highly important, at this time on the planet, and we encourage you to carry on with caution but without fear.


neither meditation named people exist.
its easy to google and see for yourselves.
looks like another hoax sadly.

A Facebook User


Mike Meehan

Why do the signatures appear shakey and therefore questionable? How about the very real probability that the signituries were under severe duress - try signing a legal document whilst you witness everything you have strived to keep hidden from the global populace being systematically exposed... I'd guess, rationally, if it were me, my signiture would look a bit 'odd'. Just a thought!


genuine secret government documents for all it is really very amazing.


Why are the signatures so messed up?

If you look at Queen Elizabeth's signature on other documents, it has the same "looks" but that looks like a poor electronic signature. (for such an important document?) Same apply for the 2 others.


Why are the signatures at the bottom so strange looking. They don't look like the writing on the sides of the papers at all. Is it some kind of digital signature?


Is this real?


how come only Zoellick's signature look real where the two others seem more like a really bad paint/photoshop crop+paste job?

Charles Frith

I've asked my banking friend in Cambodia to take a look at this and he writes:

Slang: pucker = real

Shareholders at ACLEDA are also quite pucker – some Dutch social bank (or at least the time) and German NGO (DEG from memory..) – it’s a proper structured bank. Canadia Bank less so and CCB is a major Thai one – not that that would give much comfort….No one in their right mind would stash a billion let alone trillions of dollars in Cambodia. Its annual GDP is in the small billions so unless there’s a decimal point of place this all looks a bit rum I’m afraid. Sorry to put the brakes on your blog. If you think it’s worthy of further enquiry let me know. I don’t keep in touch with the business sector much now but could make some diplomatic enquiries…..


Help! I don't understand what this document means exactly, especially since it is dated Feb. 2010. Please explain! Thanks.

Paul A. Komara, Jr.

This information is truly Divine. Now, can the Group of 300 stop the saber rattling and deliver Peace on Earth?


Very strange. Elizabeth R and Lars Thunell look like they could be signed by the same hand. Why would the queen sign an "R"? Regina? Robert Zoellick signs only his first initial? . All signatures look a little questionable to me.

Account Deleted

Listed as a Nigerian scam according to my research. Checking with Cambodian banking friends right now.

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