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Generally we are all know that Queen Elizabeth is too big person. she is a too popular and famous in our world. i am big fan of her. i think thousands of people like this women.


Well clearly Ben, you're either being played, or playing us. Perhaps you should harken back to your Jesuit schooling; wherein lies the secret.


Latest from Dr. Christopher Busby



this is all starting to make sense...between you and DW reporting ...i just hope the nations that have signed on to right the ship are going to act soon before WW lll starts with IRAN etc. Do you have any time frame on this front Ben?

Hart Runge

I am sure I have heard the claim of forgery before. Oh, yes, "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", they were said to be forgeries. But it turns out that a diligent investigation and a 1937 court ruling, stated the protocols were indeed the genuine article.


From what we know of this cabal, they will lie about anything and everything.


日航ジャンボ123便 乗客小川様が車窓を撮影した「7枚目」にジーバー星のUFOが写っている。横長のややモコモコした形状。


JAL123便(B-747 JA8119号機)の右側主翼と地上風景に遠近感が認められる。(上空飛行中のため)



日航ジャンボ123便 写真「6枚目」に、プロペラの羽根が写っている。乗客小川様がJAL123便機内右側から撮影した車窓。



Hi Ben,

i just wanted to show you a new game that's coming

it's called "the secret world" and the characters are the illuminati, the templars and...the dragons!

i have nothing to do with the game, i just saw it in youtube. I'm sure you'll be interested in watching the video





Ben, there's an important message in this video.
The Divine Plan kicks off on May 21, 2012 with Judgement Day (aka Evaluation Day) falling on Dec 22, 2012

Mother Akasha from the Great Central Sun, speaks through Messenger #1, Usa in a weekend gathering in 2011.

May 21st, 2012 is when the Divine Plan begins
Bring in 7th Golden Age
75K years in preparation
Last 4 Golden Ages collapsed and failed
Relationship with God and the planet needs reconstruction.
Memories of what you've been told - God is to be feared
That God does not exist.
Get away from people who tell you, "God hates ...."
God is Light, Love and never judges against human beings.
Biblical prophets tell you God will strike humankind.

Communicate with your planet
Your planet was scheduled to begin shifting her axis on 21 May 2012.
Calendar has been revised and rebuilt because humans keep changing their calendars.
Doors open between your octave and the ascended octave
Doors between 3rd and 5th Dimension will open, allowing greatest intervention of Light on this planet.
When that Light comes, you'll be shocked at the fear that comes out of people when they see that Light.
That is the testimonial of the human race when they go into fear when they see the Light, rather than standing in the Light, letting that Light pass through them.
Because of a long overdue relationship with your planet and your true God nature.
I am your higher Christ consciousness
The edict, the dispensation has been granted.
When you come to a fork in the road, there's 2 directions you could take.
Those upstairs when it comes time to evaluate what happens between May 21st and Dec 21st next year.
On Dec 22nd, 2012, Evaluation Day begins.
The heavenly host evaluates the success of the bridge that is drawn between the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension.
And all the Light in the angelic host will come onto the Earth Dec 22 as Evaluation Day.
And that is the day in which evaluation is made whether to remove the race of beings whom we call the Iron Race, whom you call the Human Race.
This is Judgement Day.
But not Judgement Day from the God of good and evil that you know in religion.
Judgement Day (Evaluation Day) is to whether with this tremendous infusion of Light, if it comes next year, is it still necessary to remove the human race so this planet can be reconstructed.
Or can reconstruction of the planet called Earth occur with this beautiful Human Race remaining upon it?
That is the Divine Plan.
That is why every prophet, every Christ, every Buddha, every Renaissance master, everyone who's ever came and made a difference, all have been moving towards this cosmic march in time
The original Plan, when this Divine Plan was written tens of thousands of years ago; it was said, because i know there is only 7 billion of you on the Earth, but there is ten billion of you.
3 billion of you are constantly moving - up and down, going through the change called birth and death.
So 3 billion of you are living in the plains of bliss, waiting for embodiment.
And of the 10 billion, well, the maths states that 10 million of 10 billion souls - at least 10 million must wake up and turn to the Divine way of life and become the God Beings.
By the way, the last teacher from our point of view, the last cosmic teacher who would come and teach and prove and demonstrate .
He taught, he proved, by his miracles and he demonstrated publicly upon the Hill of Bethany his Ascension.
The record is there.
No matter how many wars they build in Palestine to cover over the record of His Ascension, it's real.
In the original Divine Plan, to make this Divine Plan work, of the 10 billion souls incarnate on the planet, there would have to be 10 million begin to wake up.
Come out of the hypnosis, come out of the fear-based teachings, discover, even in the Jewish faith, at least in the Jewish and Christian faiths, there are some remnants of the teachings of the Tree of Life.
And those famous words: I AM THAT I AM.
That's the teachings but that's where it stops.
So, to bring this part of the evening right home now and say to you: Have faith, no matter how difficult it seems, no matter how dark and how much this planet trembles and shakes.
There is not a moment when She is not shaking, albeit in the last 3 weeks, we have seen a 50% decrease in the trembling of your planet.
Yet it is still constant and that decrease has happened because people are doing what they ought to have been doing long ago.
It is a tragedy I say, when people turn to God because they are in trouble.
People ought to turn to God in joy, for the celebration of Life.
Yet nonetheless, here it is.
Permission has been granted.
Jesus the Christ left a legacy.
And I do not apologise for bringing His name forward so many times.
If you can show me one person who demonstrated the teaching, the proof and the demonstration; if you can show me one person that I will speak on his behalf, or hers, but there is none.
So let us make peace.
Buddha is real - He is a magnificent Ascended Being.
I am real, Akasha, but none of us accomplished what he did.
He taught the truth, He proved what He was teaching and at the end of the day, He demonstrated it for everyone to see.
And that's why I ask you: Why are you interested in the prophesies of others?
So here it is: The permission has been granted and it is sealed here in this weekend because the time of your resurrection must happen.
The miracle of Christ, the current of Christ can be upon you and begin to do its perfect work if you will do what your planet needs to survive.
Because you got to understand, Dec 22nd next year is Evaluation Day.
And you got to understand, the spiritual hierarchy has never allowed a group of beings to destroy a planet.
These ideas of star wars and destroying planets are just ludicrous.
The only Dark Star in this quadrant is your planet.
There is no Dark Star out there.
It's your planet that's dark.
So dear hearts, the miracle of Christ will be upon of all of you if you will start communicating with your planet.
I know you are going through a hard time.
It's evident that the Earth changes have begun.
And to say to Her -She's intelligent -telepathically -communicate with Her.
Go touch Her tree, every blade of grass, every elemental, every tree, every grain of sand, every droplet of water is a window into the Heart of your planet.
And talk to Her: I know You have begun to shift Your axis. I AM willing to shift with you. I AM willing to shift with you.
It is so simple yet it is so exceedingly profound.
I say to you: Your futures are magnificent.
They are wonderful.
They are full of life and love and joy and happiness and family and interactions and prosperity and beauty and all of the fine things that God wanted you to have, not by the sweat of your brow but by grace.
I say to you dear hearts: And I know this is going to succeed.
I only gave this message a few weeks ago and today, already tens of thousands of people are doing it.
And they are noticing themselves shift.
That's the thing - you've got to change.
We all have to change.
This is the love of our universe; our love evolution.
Evolution is about expanding.
Our universe is not stagnant.
We love to evolve, to expand; never stay the same.
Love change but the kind of change I am speaking of, is that which you just notice you're starting.
You're more alive. You're more happy.
You didn't go and process a bunch of emotions, you didn't go to a counsellor but for some reason, you're happier.
And you're feeling lighter; your garment feels as light as a feather and there's more joy and there are moments when an idea comes into your mind, then it's so illuminating and you go with that idea that opens wonderful doors of new opportunity.
I ask you: Have faith.
I am telling you the truth when I say to you: This is cosmic. This is a dispensation because on Dec 22nd next year, your heavenly hierarchy decides whether to remove humankind to allow this planet to be reconstructed, rebuilt and invite a new species down here or whether you stay.
And do you not think that the decision is going to be hugely determined by those of you who are willing to communicate with your planet and say, "I'm willing to shift with you."?
Do you really think that your weapons of war could go on and on?
Did you really think that seven (seventy?) years could pass and the footprints of an atomic and hydrogen weapon wouldn't cause a nation to sink?
By God, dear people, I say to you there are scientists who are awakening to the world today.
They are awakening to the Light and they know these things.
They just need to find their nerve to speak up.
So what I am saying to you dear hearts, Christ is an amazing presence.
Christ is the Mind of God; it's a state of perfection, omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, all of the wonderful things you discovered and your study of religions, spirituality, metaphysics, all the great stuff.
All knowing, all loving, perfection.
Yes, perfection, joy, happiness, beauty, eternal youth, all of it, that's the Christ.
And you don't have to direct it.
You don't have to say, you know, my elbow hurts; I've got a broken hip.
The Christ is all knowing.
There have been miracles in some church conventions; there have been miracles in groups, spiritual groups, healing circles.
And so often those miracles have been watered down because an individual is not carrying a high enough vibration like love to sustain it.
So there has to be an intervention.
There has to be a means to get the current of Christ down through the pineal gland which is sacred; get it into the pituitary gland, get it from there, get it into the liquid Light that travels through your central nerve system so that that liquid Light which communicates with your atomic bodies, can respond.
Without, you see this is the difference, without entering into the atomics, which are totally qualified with duality.
Because the atomics of your cellular activity, sensing that incoming Christ current, would give it the boot.
Well my goodness. How could little old duality in a human cell give the Christ current the boot?
Freewill. Freewill. 12 million years of giving duality authority, your total will is just pouring into it.
So we are going through the back door.
We're entering through the pineal, the pituitary, from there, the pituitary.
Why do you think that when you see the images of a holy man or a being, touching that which is God's eye?
The pituitary gland has the pathway.
Why do you think melatonin is good for you?
It's not to make you sleep better.
Melatonin is good for you because your pineal and pituitary glands are functioning 3rd dimensional and melatonin will open them to a 5th dimensional pathway.
And it will get that Christ current from there into the 5th chamber of your heart and directed into the liquid Light that passes through the nerve channels of your body, and there it will feed the miracle of Christ into your life.
Your future is about teaching yourself how to handle these huge powers.
The powers are going to be placed in your hands where a lightning bolt or a ray pours out of the palm of your hand, you have to know how to use such power.
And the beginning of using that power is allowing the miracle of Christ as a current to come down through you and start its gentle work inside you.
You don't have to direct it.
Just keep welcoming the miracle of Christ to unfold in your life, dear hearts.
But this one does come with a tag.
This is a dispensation. It means that those heavenly boards are willing to make an exception but what are you going to do?
That's right. Commune with your planet and say to Her: I know you are going through a hard time.
If you don't think your planet's going through a hard time, then phone someone in Japan.
Ask them what's it like to walk on the ground of Japan.
And they will tell you it's like walking on a hardened dirt floor that seems to have quicksand underneath it.
It's like it's constantly moving.
Your planet needs help.
So, a real prayer for heart-to-heart communion with your planet: I am willing to shift with you.
It's simple.
Please do not allow a proud intellect to get in the way of the simplicity because this is profound.
And if you do it and you keep doing it for a month, you will notice yourself shifting.
You will feel yourselves changing and you will love the change.
And if while you are doing this, 3/4 times a day, message to the Earth: I am willing to shift with you
3/4 times a day to your great God Divinity: I welcome the miracle of Christ unfolding in my life.
That's it. No dogma. No ritual.
Faith. Faith and continuity.
Will you do it?
There's 10 billion of you.
There's supposed to be 10 million of you in these times.
As we approach the year that finishes 70,000 years of planning.
There's supposed to be 10 million of you and we only have 3 million.
That's about 3.3 million now and we lost them.
We lost them to war. We lost them to drugs. We lost them to alcohol.
It is a tragedy. We do not point fingers. A fact is a fact.
It is a tragedy that America opened her doors to what ills her.
America is in a very dangerous place
We respect all political views but knowing what we do upstairs, knowing the tyrants that are in your world, if you knew what we knew, you would pray with us.
America, bring your troops home and defend your nation because her borders are open.
Her borders are open to crime, to drugs, to alcohol, to warlords and it is this - where do you think we lost 7 million?
We lost them to war. We lost them in the Vietnam war. We continue to lose them.
These are souls, beautiful, full and bright - just like you - who came into this life, knowing that they have to live the human condition and then they wake up and then they get on with the real business of why they came down here - to fulfil his prophesy.
Do you dare say: How much of a scar does religion have upon you, beloved family?
How much of a scar?
Do you shake, do you tremble, do you feel weird?
Or is it OK to say to yourself, "I am here, to resurrect and to my true Christ nature."
The greatest crime the Vatican Church will have to face one day is in the year 325
In one of the 1st gatherings of the early bishops, it was determined that under Pope Constantinople, that we must make sure that there is no one else who tried to do what He did.
Whom were they talking of?
So we will tell them that there is only one.
God bless you dear hearts.
I am Akasha and I thank you.
I thank you for your open hearts.
And so I pray you will not feel weird; that you will feel very happy to say, "Yes, I too am here, like Yeshua, like our brother, like Mary, and like others. I too, am here, to raise back and to my Christ consciousness. And God bless this journey."
I thank you.


日航ジャンボ123便 至近距離を飛んだソ連軍機。乗客小川様が撮影した写真に写っているのソ連軍機であった。





<参考>日航ジャンボ123便 コックピット「機長、他機に接近」「ソ連エア」

Maiden PEI

The "Elizabeth" signature on the documents is very obviously not the same as Queen Elizabeth's well known signature, found in many places & on many documents.



世界の金融システムの最上位にいる多くの人たちと、300人委員会のメンバーたちは、私がブログに載せたエリザベス女王のサインのある書類は、Wilfredo Saurenによってつくり出されたニセモノであると言っている。しかし同じく高位にある別の情報源たちによれば、それらの書類は本物であるという。どちらが本当のことを言っているのか判断しかねるが、しかし仮にニセモノであったとしても、ニセモノには通常、そのコピーの元となる本物の何かが存在しているものである。仮にそれが贋作であったとしても、金融システムの簿外に存在していると見なされるマネーの量と、実際に帳簿に記載されている金額との間には、非常に大きなギャップが存在していることは事実である。これが意味しているのは、簿外のシステムと表のシステムを合致させ、実体のあるこの現実に再び結びついたものとするためには、その前にいくつものゼロを消す必要があるということである。

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