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Hi Ben - Thank you for all of your hard work. Obviously the "smoke bombs" that obscure the factual information on the radiation from Fukushima are being thrown out all over the place & you are doing what you can to sort out it all out. Can you confirm or deny any of the information on this story?


Much obliged,

~ Thomas

Dr Roy Gordon

Ben _ your geiger counter is useless - The radioactive particulates are floating freely all over Japan [ and the planet] but more concentrated in japan. This is similar to asbestos dust floating in the air - Geigers will not pick these up but they are dangerous nonetheless - our intel shows you to get out of Japan asap


as always Ben, well said!! It is really, really, really simple my good people. The powers that were have and continue to use fear to control. Just watch ANY news channel or read any paper and it will be about fear mongerring, lack, too many people, not enough food, doom, gloom and the rest of it. The 3rd World War has been raging since the planned 1st and 2nd World Wars and that war is on the mind.

Yes bad stuff is happening but by now you should all know that nothing happens that is not planned and equally take whatever they are telling you, flip it 180 degress and you will be closer to the truth. Remember George Orwell? Well war is now peace keeping, civilian casualties is children, babies, women and men - young and old - blown to pieces; justice is just-us, Doctors poison and continue to maim holding onto their big pay packs (ask yourself this, if they only got paid if you were well and not if you were sick how quickly would they abondon thier current methods and return to natural medicine which is bloody simple logic of propper nutrition, hydration, sanitation, peace and exercise and jot etc -we were never supposed to be sick folks), the education system is indoctrination and on we go.

Rule of thumb - if everyone knows that then it is probably a lie or something of the sort.

We are awakening and a rapid rate and we have the opportunity of creating the golden age for ALL. It MUST be for ALL as we are ALL one and we are ALL effected energetically.

LIfe comes in cans so let us stop researching and discussing the fears and the who did tis etc and get on with coming together (in public) and working together on how to re-create oparadise on this earth with everything disclosed as our resources.

the time is NOW






Jonathan Clement

Thank you for commenting on this radiation fear campaign as i too had the same thoughts as the writer of this post.
However, i do also have an interesting question if you could comment. Im sure you have this question frequently, but it would be extremely appreciated for your comment on Geo-engineering? If these 'types' are having their finance cut off etc, how is it possible for these people to be spraying most of Europe and i assume the US daily? The chemicals found from these chemtrails are having large impacts on living organisms and everytime we have a clear sky in Sweden or the UK (from what i personally witness), when ever it is visable to see blue sky, the sky soon fills up with these abnormal trails that hover in the sky for hours...How are the nations on your side allowing such things to happen daily! I understand you dont have to prove anything ben, but many of us who do follow your information and appreciate everything we get from, there are just certain things that doubt that these bastards cant be defeated!

Here is are some links from the work of Rosalind Peterson - California President and Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition.



I appreciate your time.

Peggy Price

The radiation is a real threat, however most of it has been cleaned up by the Galactics over the past half-century. If they had not, this planet may have been dead a long time ago.

The mystery of this conundrum (lack of radiation) defies logic; however our logic is based on a very limited perspective, one that has been tightly controlled and conditioned for eons. For many, this perspective is broadening, which is a lot of what our current mass awakening (global protests) is based on.

As ex-Navy Seal Bill Wood has recently reported, through his whistle-blower testimony, and from first-hand experience, that we humans are much more powerful than we know, we have only been kept blinded and asleep so as not to evolve as we should have.

The 2011 documentary "Thrive" is a good introduction regarding this.

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