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centre épilation paris

Your blog is really great, I told my girlfriend to take a look at it,
But there is a problem, none of us can see the images, maybe there is a problem with our browser ? I'm using Google Chrome

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今週のWeekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20120102で、今年は火龍の年と書きましたがそれは誤りでした。多くの読者から今年は水龍の年であると訂正をいただきました。水龍は冷静で将来を見通す力を持つ存在として知られています。簡単な事実確認を怠ったことをお詫び致します。

John Carten

Mr Fulford:

The Royal Family story is getting stranger and stranger.

On Deember 23, 2011, the same day Prince Phillip nearly died it was reported that Prince William and his wife Kate were cancelling their planned ski holiday.

The ostensible reason given at the time was that it would not be appropriate for the Prince to be holidaying in these times of recession when his future subjects were suffering.

However, that reason is pure nonsense because, a few weeks prior to December 23, 2011, it was announced the Royal Family was planning an extravaganza of travel, pomp and ceremony during 2012 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth`s jubilee.

Further, it is reported that Prince Harry is enjoying a ski holiday in Switzerland.

Today, shortly after you corrected yourself and told us that 2012 was the Year of the Water Dragon and not the Fire Dragon, the Royal Yacht Britannia sprung a leak and started sinking.

So what is going on?

We try to explain these bizarre co-incidences on the Water War Crimes New Developments blog in terms of karmic forces. See


But, other forces may be at work, especially, if, as you state, Queen Elizabeth has been told she must go by April 1, 2012, to be replaced by Prince Harry who is, allegedly, not biologically related to Queen Elizabeth.

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Thank you for all that you do. Peace.


Dearest Benjamin

I would like to have your comments on this video that claims she is a Japanese princess.


I thank you from the deepest depths of my heart for all that you are doing for humanity.

Peace, Love and Light are sent to you all ways!

Robert Lee

Thank You.

Robert Niewiadomski

Dear Mr. Fulford,

Thank you for your clarification :)

Best Wishes And FREE ENERGY NOW!
Robert Niewiadomski

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