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Evidence Corroborating David Wilcock’s Recent Allegations: Philippine Gold, Platinum, and Cash
2011 December 30
Posted by Pat Donworth

PIC 17
Note from Steve: Reader Udo Pelkowski contacted me some months ago and offered to share with me a great deal of information on gold and platinum bullion stored in the Philippines.
I declined at the time because I didn’t consider I had the time or resources to carry out the type of investigation needed to corroborate the story.
Udo has contacted me again and reminded me of his previous inquiry.
The work of corroboration has now been done by Neil Keenan, David Wilcock, Ben Fulford in the series of articles and interviews around the $134 billion bond sting and the existence of untold quantities of gold and other precious metals around the world.
Udo supplies us with photographic evidence of one such cache in the Philippines. I’m sure he’ll have more to share about this subject later. I note that he discloses this material probably at some considerable risk to himself, even as David did, and honor his courage in doing so.

This is a preliminary version of the article. We may need to do more work to link photos to Udo’s descriptions. But for now we simply want to get the material up to support David and Udo in their work.
One or two photos presented difficulties in posting. One photo is of a plaque which states: “The locator and the redeemer will be free from criminal offense and be duly covered by complete immunity, documented for safety all parties concerned.”
Don’t believe it for a moment.
We’ll continue to work at getting those photos up.

I like to remind you about the photos about Gold Bullions found in the Philippines I send to you a while ago.
The first three Photos attached are about US Treasury Bonds from 1928 with a value of 12 times 250 billion US$ or a total of 3 Trillion US$ of 1928.
Pic. 18 are two Photos. Left Platinum Bars and Right the Master Box with a content of Gold Bullions of the US Treasury. 100.000 US$ Series of 1934, J.P. Morgan ( Photo 2804009558).

Tons of Palladium, Photo 1220.
Photo 15, in this Box are probably prestigious stones like Brilliants.
Image 002 is an unopened safe from Wells Cargo Union Bank Trust & Co. ( Image 013, 003, 006, 009, 010 and 001).
Additional Bullions Photo ce6a.
Global Immunity
Dear Steve, the time has come. My friend J.P. van den Berk and me are without fear. Please give this important information to David Wilcock and Ben Fulford. We have more photos and more information about this findings to share.
We have NO FINANCIAL or any other interest,but to share the truth.
We did inform Barack Hussein Obama, President of The United States of America, Anna Escobedo Cabral, Treasurer of The United States of America and James Dimon, Chairman of the Board of JPMorgan Chase & Co.
We send the letter with Fax and Email twice. We followed them up per phonetwice too. Nothing happened for a while. Some month later JPMorgan Chase Manhattan & Co opened a Bank here in Cebu.
Best regards, Udo

Pic. 15-1.

Pic 002

Pic. 13

Pic 003

Pic 009

Pic 10


PIC 17


can they please arrest/oust governor Ishihara of Tokyo? This douchebag is trying to castrate the anime industry, one of Japan's most important cultural exports...


Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20111226: アジアにおいて大規模な権力構造の再編が起こっている。



These are the criminally insane people we continue to allow to rule us. This is very difficult to watch, but we need to get realistic about the callousness of the people who are in power and get them out of the decision making offices and into jail cells. Please watch, and let the reality sink in and lets get to work.



Inelia Benz's work and message is as important as Ben's as the most important work we do is to raise our vibrations in alignment with the planets increasisng vibration and again create a shift in consciousness and reality. This is not up your ass spiritual feel good drop out solutions. This is quantum physics ( Nassim Harrimein http://thecrowhouse.com/haramein.html ), astrotheology ( Santos bonnacci - http://www.naturallybetter.co.nz/astrotheology--ascension.html ), new biology ( Bruce Lipton - http://www.naturallybetter.co.nz/cutting-edge-science.html ), the SYSTEM actually working against them to bring in the Golden Age for all(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzddPIiv_fo ) and, of course, Inelia Benz ( http://ascension101.com/ ).

This is, and always has been a vibrational/consiousness/truth war/conflict to use the once hidden knowledge (true magic or real manifestation) by keeping us scared, divided, controlled and in chaos. You CAN help. Every last one of you by bringing as much calmness to your internal water which will bring calmness to the external - this article will help IMMENSELY ( The Remedy - http://www.naturallybetter.co.nz/blog.html ) Reality is simply different states of energy at different vibrational rates and THEY KNOW THIS!! Fear lowers the vibration and makes people look for solutions outside themselves and for others to protect them, so work on not allowing ourselves to fall into anything that promlegates fear. Even if it is real. This is not easy I know as every day we are bombarded by weapons that effect our vibration and we - I am sure _ all feel "challenged" daily. But, the night is always darkest before the dawn and have no doubt a beautiful sunset is just about to make it's appearance on the horizon. It was said to me by a sailor that many boats are found abandoned on the seas as people fearing they would sink abandon the very thing that would have saved them. These are very rough seas indeed we all sail in, but just as sure as the sunset is dawning so is the peace and calm we all crave.


Send me a letter

Posted by Mochizuki on December 26th, 2011 •

Link: http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/12/send-me-a-letter/

In the world ,there was a place no one can make a nuclear plant because of an old lady.
Her name is Kumagai Asako.
She owns her house and 12,000 m2 of the land ,where is only 250m away from the potential reactor.

She kept fighting against the Japanese power company ,J-power ,to make the nuclear plant to save the beautiful sea. She knew if she let them build the plant ,the sea will be contaminated.

They threatened and tried to corrupt her ,but she didn’t move.
However ,in May 2006 ,she died all of a sudden. It was because of a venomous bug.
No one had died because of the bug for 40 years.

After her death ,her daughter (Ogasawara Atsuko)and granddaughter took over the house and keep living to succeed Asako’s will.

Now J-power is trying to close the road to the house to say there is least people to use it.
They have started counting people to use the street.

The house is called Asako house.
Asako’s daughter and granddaughter are asking you to send them letters so postman will use the road ,they can not close the street.

This is the message from the family.
If you sympathize ,please send them a letter.


Against nuclear energy!!
No more Fukushima!!
Save Japan!!! And your country.
Do you know Asako House?
If you send a letter or a card,
You can stop to build the atomic power plant.
This house was build to stop to construct Oma atomic power plant of Aomori, northern of Fukushima.
The house is near by Oma genpatsu which is not operation yet.
The road of photo is lalmost blockade.
The plate of fence is written "Keep out"
but acthally, this road is for Asako House and her field.
Why this road is watched by some atomic power plant?
We can't understand.
They want to shut and to break the house.
This state is serious inva of humanrights, and Japanise constitution,
If you send some letter, this road is used by postman, so
the atomic power plant can't shut it.
Pray for Japan, pray for Fukushima,
And now send your thought!

Asako House
Aomori Pref.


Hi Benjamin - thanks for keeping us in the loop. I've seen some postings lately that I'm curious about, and wondered what your take is?

These started appearing 12/22, and the most recent update I saw was 12/24 but there was no real Information update. The postings generally say:

- Current UST (United States Treasury) in Lock down on Currency comp upload of all Exotic & Major Currencies in progress, NOW.

- Critical - An Attempt will be made to by B.I.S. (Bank of International Settlements), IMF, W.B. (World Bank) U.S.T. to Re-Align or to RV (Revalue) all Currencies Worldwide Simultaneously.

- Banking Screens on 138 different Currencies still Showing 00.000 , Although fluctuations in Rates are beginning to appear.

Does this make any sense to you, and/or do you think it's being thrown out as a distraction?

thanks -

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