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Richard C

As a lucid dreamer and clairvoyant, i had this dreams about destruction of mankind in 2001. I wrote it down in my personal diary, and when i read it, it is actually comming. Iraq / Afghanistan. Soon Iran, now North-Korea.

When Iran is down, the US Army have butter-cheese-eggs , 3 in a row, a big military presence, that will go north, going to attack moscow. The anti-rocket shield in east-europe, will be aimed at Moscow. Moscow must help to prevent destruction of Iran, otherwise, the USA might attack Moscow. When Moscow is down, the USA will go to attack Europe. The Chinese wont let this happen, and will attack the USA forces in asia. They even might attack Indonesia and Australia.

Thats my 5 cents of future viewing in my brains.

Jason Thunderbeing

I knew it!!i hope you are well Ben rumors are spreading they took you.All this waiting is wearing on my patience.I hope and pray this is the real deal,this news you put out.For the higher the true higher ups are the ones getting as impatient as i even the planets spiritual heirachy.As a collective we all wish to see good change a higher loving frequency.Our patience is wearing thin....

George Hilton

Thank you so much for your research, Ben - It's always fascinating to read. I'm really pleased that you are keeping in contact with David Wilcock and that audio interviews are now appearing with you both. You guys gell really well and I'm sure a lot of people would be happy if you have a chance to meet someday and record something on video. Best of luck with all that's going on at the moment. We're all rooting for you and team Dragon.

Mark Williamson

Hi Ben,
Keep up the good work. As an ex CEO of a mfg and imort/export company for 30 years, I used to be in Asia for weeks of most months. On many trips to Taiwan, one of my favorite haunts was the museum just outside Taipei, Taiwan. I was always joined by my lady Taipei office manager. Her father was one of Chiang Kai Shek's cohorts and mentioned more than half of the treasures of Chins were liberated to Taiwan. The museum is actually built into the hill and had so many antique treasures that the entirety of their displayed goods changed every month, not yearly as mentioned in your interview with Wilcock. She did say as you did that the displayed items were not repeated since it's opening decades ago and hinted at vast amounts of gold in whispered tones. ~ Mark Williamson Sr. (ground crew Proj. Camelot)

a mcrobbie

i knew it i flippin knew it died of exhaustion ye right that guy could survive a bear falling on his head i had a funny feeling something wasnt right. glad you do what you do ben if you see this you are giving peaple hope where there was none i am sometimes sceptical about certain things but something about you seems very genuine mayby your ability to forgive even the cabal dont know if i could but hopefully one day i might hate is not a good karma to carry with you ive found. you take care buddy we need guys like you.
from a mcrobbie in scotland
alynukemall @ youtube


Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20111219: アジアにおける大規模な権力闘争の一端として、金正日は殺害された。


Jan Kristek

Dear Benjamin,
as a Czech I want to ask you, if the death of Vaclav Havel in the same time was only a coincidence, or a part of this liquidation of satanists.
Havel was an old sick man, but also one of the biggest warmongers, inventor of the term "humanitarian bombarding", and because of his US-created popularity, his approval of all American wars was making them for many people more acceptable.
He also demanded that Madeleine Albright should be the next dictator after him (some people say, he was for some time her lover).
In seventies, the Czech police seized photos, he made with his wife Olga. On this photos, they are lying naked on the graves. These photos were even published in newspaper. People thought it was only a fun, but maybe it can poit to his satanism.
...Most informed Czechs wanted him to be dead for a long time.
Thank you


日航ジャンボ123便 乗客小川さんがJAL123便機内から撮影した写真にTu-95ベアDが写っている。

日航ジャンボ123便 TBS島田カメラマンが撮影した御巣鷹映像にソ連Tu-95の残骸が写っている。TBS特番で報道された


Monday, December 19, 2011
Documents point to attack on America by White House crime families
Beware, the Lord is about to take firm hold of you and hurl you away, O you mighty man. He will roll you up tightly like a ball and throw you into a large country. There you will die and there your splendid chariots will remain -- you disgrace to your master’s house! I will depose you from your office, and you will be ousted from your position. Isaiah 22: 17-19Cash payoffs, bonds and murder linked to White House 911 finance
Documents point to attack on America by White House crime families
by Tom Flocco

["Quis custodiet ipsos custodes." The Latin words from high school days past began to take on different meaning as the documents came in. Is the situation so bad that patriotic intelligence agents--worried about the future of their own families--are increasingly bypassing "purchased" and compromised mainstream media outlets because they don’t trust them to tell the truth anymore? Do continued poor congressional poll ratings indicate Americans have a gnawing inner feeling that their elected legislators are conspiring to cover-up credible evidence of a controlled demolition of the World Trade Center on 9.11 or pre-emptive war based upon lies? Why did federal judges throw out evidence that FBI translator Sibel Edmonds heard the names of ten prominent American politicians and heads of federal agencies involved in drug money laundering and financing the 9.11 attacks? Are they dirty too? Why was district immigration adjudications officer Mary Schneider fired because she uncovered an illegal Muslim marriage ring linked to "hijacker" Mohamed Atta and Khalil bin Laden? And it’s not news that eight of Tony Blair’s British intelligence agents (four killed in a fire-fight) attempted to blow up the Chicago subway last week? Will it take citizens encircling the White House and congressional office buildings with handcuffs to stop the crime? The evidence is that strong. "Who will guard the guards?" -- TF]
Sioux City, Iowa -- September 4, 2005 -- TomFlocco.com -- According to leaked documents from an intelligence file obtained through a military source in the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), on or about September 12, 1991 non-performing and unauthorized gold-backed debt instruments were used to purchase ten-year "Brady" bonds. The bonds in turn were illegally employed as collateral to borrow $240 billion--120 in Japanese Yen and 120 in Deutsch Marks--exchanged for U.S. currency under false pretenses; or counterfeit and unlawful conversion of collateral against which an unlimited amount of money could be created in derivatives and debt instruments.
Crusing the Florida Keys (1984) Then VP George H. W. Bush (second from left) and former CIA Director who led the National Security Council during Iran contra, with Nicholas F. Brady (third from left) then chairman of Wall St. Investment firm Dillon Read and later Bush 41 Secretary of the Treasury.
The illegal transactions are also linked to the murder of a U.S. Army colonel charged with overseeing approximately 175 secret CIA bank accounts, according to the officer’s wife, Mrs. V. K. Durham. During multiple interviews, Durham told TomFlocco.com that Bush 41 and Clinton administration officials visited her husband Colonel Russell Hermann several times in the months prior to and three days before his torture and murder on August 29, 1994.

Durham told us the $240 billion in stolen currency was obtained resulting from George H. W. Bush’s presidential abuse of power, when he authorized former Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady and former Secretary of State James Baker III to make fraudulent use of the Durham Family Trust collateral without her permission. There is evidence that Colonel Hermann’s and V. K. Durham’s signatures were forged on a Goldman-Sachs bank account certification requesting the conversions to U.S. currency.
The money was never repaid since the ten-year Brady bonds--purchased before September 13, 1991 using the fraudulent collateral and gold bullion as security came due on September 12, 2001--the day after the 9.11 attacks, having allegedly been underwritten and held by the trustee, Cantor-Fitzgerald bond brokerage firm [whose offices on floors 101-105 in the North Tower of the World Trade Center (WTC) were destroyed on 9.11 along with the Brady bond evidence].
Three days before his suspicious death [warning: graphic photos], Colonel Hermann told his wife that former President George H. W. Bush, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and U.S. Marine Colonel Oliver North (pardoned by Bush Sr. two years earlier for his Iran contra indictments when Bush Sr. was also facing indictments for his role in Iran contra) all passed V. K. Durham coming up in an adjacent elevator after all three had left Hermann’s room and gone down in another elevator at the Veterans Administration Health Care Center in Marion, Illinois. Hermann had been probing Bush 41 and Clinton links to narcotics money laundering, according to his wife.Durham told us that Colonel Hermann told her "Bush, Greenspan and North were trying to get me to sign off on the CI Ltd., the Central Intelligence, Ltd. Iran and Latin American contra accounts. They held about $13-17 billion in physical gold." This, raising questions about an evidence trail for a grand jury to seek restoration of funds potentially stolen by high government officials from United States taxpayers.
Cheney, Rice & Bush aware crates of cash moved from Philippines

Part of an explosive November 1, 2001 U.S. Military / Intelligence Operations memo from former Somalian Ambassador to Switzerland Leo Wanta which is addressed to Vice President Richard Cheney reveals evidence that Cheney, President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other National Security Agency officials knew about the movement of boxes containing large amounts of U.S. currency out of the Philippines just seven weeks after the September 11 attacks. The document was passed from Mr. Cheney to Dr. Rice--who in turn passed it on to George W. Bush, according to knowledgeable sources familiar with the memo:

"...was approached and my help was requested in moving large sums of cash into (Foundations) Legal Groups [law firms laundering money--see below] to be formed for "charitable" work here in the Philippines. The approx. amount is 300T Php of which 30% is offered as a "gift" to the USA....[A] German in the family has financed a large group who were recovering ten boxes [crates of counterfeit cash, drug money, bearer bonds?] which were taken to US, Germany & Moldovia [Moldova/Rumania]....The group includes...Robert Wachtel, Brad U. Lee, Allan Nichols [Three FBI Division 5 counter-intelligence agents, providing evidence of presidential abuse of power using federal agents for illegal covert financial terrorism operations, according to whistleblower Stewart Webb who provided us with the document]....The "family" want their boxes!! [cash payoffs] ...Things are getting out of hand! [payees mad and impatient?]....MIL [Marvelous Investments, Ltd., Andover, MA according to intelligence sources] needs cash with which to purchase & remove these items [boxes of cash]...too much is in the wrong hands! If we are to be successful here, I have outlined how to do it. One other thing we must have is transportation "permits." [official cover and protection inside & outside the country] ...much is moving that no one can see." [Click here to read the full memo from Leo Wanta to Vice President Cheney]
The existence of fake "savings certificate funds," reportedly being peddled by an international crime syndicate ["family"?]--of which the Wanta-Chaney memo evidence indicates the possible involvement of the Vice President with the knowledge of both Dr. Rice and the President--was also confirmed in the spring after 9.11 by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) in BusinessWorld.com. (May 30, 2001)
U. S. Intel Op: FBI Agent met with individual in Osama bin Laden video

On December 14, 2001, a private and confidential letter from Leo Wanta to Vice President Richard Cheney just obtained by TomFlocco.com confirms the November 1 memo describing the movement of boxes of U.S. currency out of the Philippines, ostensibly to be used for cash payments for an as yet unidentified operation; however, a far more important piece of evidence in the letter indicates that U.S. Intelligence Operations thinks that one of the persons in the contemporaneous White House release of an Osama bin Laden (OBL) "terror" video met with an unidentified FBI Special Agent-in-Charge while in Manila after the 9.11 attacks:
"1. Approximately two months ago [October 14, 2001--30 days after 9.11], REDACTED was in Manila Philippines staying at the Midtown Hotel Metro Manila...she was in the company of Dr. Navarro...other persons present at the same time were REDACTED, rep of the "Company" and SAC [FBI Special Agent in Charge] REDACTED."
"2. Intel op advises that during these meetings a person identified as Datu ben Abu [identified as a KGB agent according to knowledgeable sources] was introduced and close contact was made with this person. This person was in a wheel chair. In observing the video recently released of OBL, intel op is of the opinion that the man against the wall with the blanket over his legs, full face beard, large hands, wide nose and dark set eyes is the same person identified as Datu ben Abu."
"3. Intel op further advises that a lady was present with SAC [FBI Special Agent-in-Charge ] REDACTED and it is believed that the lady is Myma Kleine. It is believed that this female is the same individual using various alias names that is a fugitive and wanted by authorities in Israel, USA, Germany and other areas of Europe."
"4. Intel op also advises that Datu ben Abu held further meetings (during the same time period) [30 days after 9.11] with a Russian group staying at the Pan Pacific Hotel Metro Manila Philippines."
"6. Intel op is also of the opinion that there is relevance to the meetings in the Philippines and the movement of certain "u boxes" (see previous communications) and the apparent same associate [Datu ben Abu] appearing in the subject video release." [Click here to read the complete intel op document from Wanta to Cheney re: FBI agent meeting with Osama associate right after 9.11 ]

The letter’s chain of authority from Cheney to Rice to Bush confirms for a second time that the White House was aware that boxes of U.S. cash were moved from the Philippines; but also that an unnamed FBI Special Agent-in-Charge in the Philippines met more than once with an individual who U.S. Intelligence Operations advises was one of the persons with Osama bin Laden in the White House-released television video shown world-wide.
The Wanta-Cheney letter raises serious evidence questions for a grand jury as to why an FBI agent, ostensibly representing the U.S. government, was meeting (just 30 days after the 9.11 attacks) with an Osama bin Laden associate important enough to be shown with the "terrorist" leader in a White House-produced video. But a grand jury could also ask why crates of cash were being moved to the U.S., Germany and Moldovia (Rumania).
V. K. Durham confirmed some of the contents of the November 1, 2001 memo (which she had not previously seen) when she told us in a separate interview, "Keith Johnson from Wachovia Bank is the Queen of England’s signatory there. ‘KJ’ said that President Clinton told him to go to the Philippines to move out crates of U.S. dollars. He told me himself that tons of crates of U.S. cash were warehoused in the Philippines, she said, "adding additional evidence that Manila is a Black Operations depository for payoff money used for White House crime family shadow government activities.
The intelligence file documents linked throughout this piece are significant because the evidence not only provides proof of suspicious and clandestine shipments of U.S. currency between foreign countries, but also that counterfeit debt instruments involving fraud in the U. S. banking system were due the day after the 9.11 attacks. Did the White House, Congress and the 9.11 Commission obstruct justice regarding this evidence?
Moreover, Durham alleges from conversations before her husband’s murder, that any 10-year Brady bond payoff for notes due on 9-12-2001 would have led to additional evidence of trillions in stolen funds from the U.S. Treasury and the identity of the perpetrators--providing an important reason to take out Cantor-Fitzgerald offices in the North Tower and a Pentagon ONI file section on September 11. Besides the intelligence file leaked to Durham, other documents were obtained by TomFlocco.com from whistleblower Stewart Webb’s intelligence sources.
Durham’s documents were delivered to the door of her home in February, 2000 by a uniformed Naval intelligence officer who told her, "the officer who asked me to bring these documents to you said you will know what to do with them," whereupon he quickly turned and left before she could see his uniform ID name tag.
The same documents from the leaked file were separately compared and authenticated by another unnamed (for personal safety reasons) intelligence officer who provided identical copies to Independent Presidential Candidate Karl Schwarz, who said that agent did not know the identity of the original Naval intelligence officer who passed the intelligence file through V. K. Durham to TomFlocco.com.
No statute of limitations on obstruction, murder and financial terrorism
Durham, who said her husband told her in front of another witness that on Friday, August 26, 1994 George Bush Sr., Greenspan and North had "attempted to force Russell to sign off on CIA contra accounts [Iran & Latin America] and other instruments not under his control," indicated she would testify under oath to this and other evidence linked to George H. W. Bush’s unauthorized use of her collateral if subpoenaed by a grand jury or by Congress.
Durham called Dave Ehler, a staff-member to her congressman, Iowa Representative Steve King (R-5-IA), to tell him that Bush, Greenspan and North were in her husband’s hospital room three days before his murder and to introduce him to three separate witnesses who identified the three and described the encounters to Ehler--one who saw North in Hermann’s hospital room on a separate occasion, one who witnessed (along with Durham) Colonel Hermann’s statement regarding the Bush Sr--Greenspan--North visit to his hospital room, and one who saw the actual murder contract on Colonel Hermann’s life and told Ehler he is in possession of the transcript. Durham said the conversations with Ehler were tape recorded and moved to multiple secure locations to protect the evidence.
Durham, 69 and living in Iowa, has also contacted her senator, Banking Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) and along with her congressman, Representative Steve King (R-5-IA), provided both with all the evidence in this report and much more; however, Durham said both legislators were told "not to investigate" by officials at the very highest levels of government. Dave Ehler, the aide from Congressman King’s Storm Lake, Iowa office (tape-recorded by Durham) told her that "orders had come down from the top: ‘do not investigate.’"
Another Grassley aide, Bill Anderson, helped in the Iowa Senator’s obstruction of the investigation regarding why Hermann’s wife was not given her husband’s benefits and social security, after also being told "not to investigate," according to V. K. Durham, who told us, "Russell did more than two 20-year hitches in all five branches of the military. It would have meant a lot to me; but Clinton’s people destroyed his files and Senator Grassley and his aides obstructed the investigation."
Grassley, King and their congressional aides have seen substantial and credible evidence of obstruction of justice regarding mass murder on 9.11; however, both have failed to publicly pressure New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau to commence a 9.11 criminal probe despite obvious jurisdiction, venue and receipt of the identical evidence made available to Grassley and King by Durham.
If the United States Code is still being enforced, this evidence will subject all four public officials to charges of obstruction of justice and misprison of treason. [Failure of a public official to give notice of a felony or treason by refusing to act on information and evidence: 18 U.S.C. 4 via the Federal Crime Reporting Act]
There is evidence that Greenspan and Brady knew about the illegal transactions since the leaked intelligence file included Federal Express airbill tracking receipts [Greenspan--#0916621952 and Brady--#0916621963 dated August 19, 1991--just prior to the September 13, 1991 exchange transaction] and sent to the Federal Reserve Chairman and former Secretary of the Treasury by John D’Acquisto, CEO, Ariel Life Systems, Inc., CEO, DFG, Inc and Trustee, Cosmos Seafood Energy Corp. [FedEx Acct. #1429-4274-7], whose name was on the currency transfer agreement with an Israeli corporation, Trans Tech International--represented by Jonathan Tiede.
Durham told us that a Central Intelligence agent said Cantor-Fitzgerald held the 10-year Brady bonds; and her secure family trust was the owner of BONUS COMMODITY CONTRACT 3392 AND CERTIFICATE OF DEBT NUMBER 181 OF MAY 1, 1875 [Special Bonus Certificate No. 3392 / 181], originally issued by the government of Peru in 1875 and illegally used by the U.S. government as the collateral to purchase the bonds which secured the currency transfers--all of which came due in the middle of the September 11 attacks.
Durham’s note is due and payable in "American gold coin, gold bullion and/or coin of the realm," having multiplied in value well into the trillions but its fraudulent use as collateral by Bush 41 and Clinton administration officials was unauthorized by her family trust, she told us.
There was no investigation of the suspicious circumstances surrounding her husband’s death, said Durham; and Bush, Greenspan and North were never subpoenaed and interrogated regarding the substance of their conversations with Herman just prior to his torture and murder.
Durham said she has continuously been denied social security payments, her husband’s service records were shredded in her presence so that she would not be afforded access to Hermann’s substantial military pension, and all paper trails were eradicated by Clinton and Bush 41 officials to obstruct justice regarding any future investigations.
Several U.S. intelligence agents spoke privately with Durham, informing her that the Cantor-Fitzgerald files identifying the bogus bonds were lost in what suppressed 9.11 television news footage in slow motion shows was a controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC 7; moreover, ONI officials themselves--some of whom were probing the fraudulent 10-year debt instruments allegedly held by Cantor-Fitzgerald in the doomed North Tower--also perished along with the investigation files, all of which were curiously in the path of the 9.11 Pentagon impact.

Durham told us that Colonel Hermann had offices in the Northwest corner of the Pentagon and that he worked with David Rose of the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s office for the Queen of England. She said that Keith Johnson, the Queen’s signatory at Wachovia Bank told her about the Office of Naval Intelligence being hit at the Pentagon on September 11--that there had been an ongoing investigation of money laundering.
Several other intelligence sources who spoke to longtime federal whistleblower Stewart Webb, alleged that the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 was called "Operation Code Angel," also known as Tripod II--a U.S. Department of Justice "war games" exercise involving the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)--which Webb alleges was run by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s Police Chief Bernard Kerik at Pier 29 on the New York City waterfront, according to Webb’s intelligence sources who asked not to be named until subpoenas and testimony commence.
When Thomas Ridge resigned, Kerik was in line to become Secretary of Homeland Security after the passage of the U.S. Patriot Act; however, his appointment was derailed by Congress due to multiple irregularities and improprieties and he was never subpoenaed for interrogation about the allegations involving Defense Department operations "Code Angel" / Tripod II.
Misused collateral = gold security = bogus bonds = $240 billion stolen currency
Evidence indicates that on August 19, 1991, John D’ Aquisto of DFG Inc. mailed Federal Express packages to United States Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Alan Greenspan and Bush 41 Secretary of the Treasury Nicholas Brady to communicate details of currency exchange transactions which ultimately led to multiple allegations of bank fraud involving billions of dollars, according to V. K. Durham. It is not known whether this cash was laundered into the Philippines and then used for the "family," referred to in the Wanta-Cheney memo.
The FedEx receipts show contact between Greenspan, Brady and John D’ Aquisto and given the bank fraud links, Greenspan’s visit to Russell Hermann and the close proximity of the transactions to September 11, Durham says prosecutors should interrogate the three about their knowledge of improper banking activities which could be linked to the North Tower attacks at Cantor-Fitzgerald and the Pentagon impact reportedly involving the ONI on September 11--witnesses for a grand jury, should an official entity decide to prosecute mass murder on behalf of U.S. taxpayers.
On September 13, 1991, a currency exchange/transfer agreement was made involving Trans Tech International Ltd, located in Moshav Yishi, Israel--represented by Jonathan Tiede, who acted as the U.S. Dollar provider in a $120 billion dollar currency exchange involving four separate tranches (allocations) totaling $30 billion each.
John F. D’ Aquisto, President and CEO, DFG, Inc. and Trustee of Cosmos Seaford Energy Marketing Ltd. acted as provider of the Japanese Yen: Transaction Number 091291/JY/USD/30B/001 [September 12, 1991/Japanese Yen/U.S. Dollar/$30 billion/number1of4].
According to Stewart Webb, Nevada Secretary of State Frankie Sue Del Papa, a Bush shadow government player, participated as a co-conspirator to obstruct justice, intentionally switching forged documents pertaining to registrations and filings of corporations involving Bush 41 and Leonard Millman. One of the corporations connected to the gold-backed Brady bonds above was Cosmos Corporation of Nevada--one of several Cosmos corporations.
Robert D. Hammond, Vice President of the Securities Sales Department, Goldman Sachs & Co., wrote to John D’ Aquisto and DFG, Inc. on August 7, 1991, certifying that DFG had an account with Goldman, number 027-02082-2; however, the letter’s notary seal contained the forged signatures of both V. K. Durham and her husband, Colonel Russell Hermann. [ Durham initialed and attested to the alleged bank fraud directly on the notarized document, indicating the signatures Goldman sent to D’ Aquisto were forgeries ]:
"Please be advised that if DFG wishes to engage in foreign currency transactions, Goldman Sachs has extensive capabilities in this area. For instance, upon receipt of approximately 700 million Japanese yen into the above account, Goldman could convert such funds into approximately $5 million U.S. dollars."
D’ Aquisto also complained about more alleged bank fraud by Goldman Sachs in a letter to Phil Roberts in the Bank Fraud Division at the U. S. Department of the Treasury, written on September 10, 1991, regarding suspect banking procedures wherein "funds were reversed and withdrawn from our account without our permission."In another letter on September 10, 1991 to Karl Ehm, D' Aquisto and Russell Hermann asked "did you receive the return of $5,117,280.00 back from Goldman-Sachs?" The letter also indicated "no zero balance shown after the activity summary," providing no evidence that $5+ million was withdrawn just minutes after it was deposited while showing that the money was still in the account.
The letter specifically referred to a partial Japanese Yen transfer which took place at Goldman’s Los Angeles office prior to the September 13, 1991 ten-year contract. The transaction in California provides potential U.S. jurisdiction and venue for another citizen grand jury should obstruction of justice continue in New York City where Spitzer and Morgenthau refuse to probe the suspect $240 billion dollar financial transaction which came due at Cantor-Fitzgerald two days after the 9.11 attacks:
"On September 10, 1991 we received our August 1st-August 31 statement from Goldman...On the statement enclosed you will see that the Japanese Yen went to Mitsui Bank of Tokyo, which is Goldman Sachs’ correspondent bank. The monies were then credited to the account and exchanged and deposited, U.S.D. equivalent at the rate of exchange. That part of the transaction was perfectly normal."
"What happened next is what concerns me. On August 7, 1991, the funds were reversed and withdrawn from our account without our permission! There is no reference to the whereabouts, or disclosure of the whereabouts of this money, or of the receipt of acknowledgement that this transaction even took place."
"As an ex-banker of 16 years, I feel that my rights have been violated to the highest degree, and the laws of the United States have been broken. I think you would call this bank fraud? According to Goldman Sachs, this was probably a clerical error on their part. I find it hard to believe that a company such as Goldman Sachs would be so negligent as to make a $5,117,280.00 "clerical error....you can call me at our other company Ariel Life Systems Inc., a government contracted corporation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)."
Clinton Treasury Secretary and George W. Bush advisor knew about transactions
On September 12, 1991 John D’ Aquisto wrote to Hans Reich at the Goldman Sachs Compliance Department regarding "missing funds from our Goldman Sachs account" but also "why was our Tax ID # on the statement stated as "88-8888888 instead of what our Tax ID # really is, 33-0457266?!"
This time, however, D’ Aquisto sent copies of the letter to two important individuals--describing alleged Goldman Sachs tax ID number improprieties and evidence of $5+ million in missing funds which would likely lead to more evidence of unaccounted for transfers as part of a $240 billion dollar currency exchange involving numerous scheduled tranches (allocations) in brokerages like Goldman Sachs and linked to 10-year Brady bonds purchased along the 9.11 timeline.
The executives received copies delineating the alleged bank fraud were Goldman’s Chairman (at the time) Stephen Friedman who is now President Bush’s Assistant for Economic Policy and Director of the National Economic Council, and also Goldman Senior Partner (at the time) and former Clinton Administration Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin, who is currently Citigroup’s Chairman of the Executive Committee.
The evidence provides a paper trail suggesting that current high Clinton and Bush officials, members of Congress, and the New York Attorney General and Manhattan DA (all with jurisdiction, venue, oversight responsibility or power--were and are aware of allegedly significant fraudulent banking activities at Goldman Sachs which is linked to transactions along the time-line of the 9.11 attacks--and an ongoing ONI intelligence probe where the investigators died at the Pentagon, information literally screaming for a separate grand jury investigation in and of itself.
On the same day, September 12, 1991, Jonathan Tiede, representing Israel's Trans Tech International, sent a fax through Dallas firm Daniel International to John D' Aquisto at DFG, Inc. referring to "problems," given the other directly related documents linked herein complaining about bank fraud:
"I have come to the conclusion that the only way I could sign this document would be to put in a clause that states the above is null and void. Please see Addendum "A" which would be our contract. Which seems to be a way full of problems and which could only make money for the attorneys, should there be problems. I must therefore insist on this transaction being done on our contract, which if they agree to our procedures should not really be a problem for them."
On September 13, 1991, Wayne H. Ellis, Vice President, City National Bank in La Jolla, CA wrote to Don Brucker at Ariel Life Systems, a contract company for NASA, outlining instructions for depositing funds into Ariel Life.
In a September 16, 1991 letter to John F. D' Aquisto from a German firm handling Deutsch mark transactions, Verhaelen GmbH, and signed by "Karl" Ehm, allegations of alleged bank fraud by Goldman Sachs are further addressed. The Durham intelligence file did not contain the Deutsch mark contracts; however, Colonel Hermann’s wife emphatically asserted to us that "there was another $120 billion in Deutsch mark currency transfers and it is possible the contracts are being withheld until a grand jury subpoenas the officials involved:
"The Goldman Sachs deal as you have informed me is absolutely disappointing. I have studied your papers and discussed with the European fiduciary of the Yen side to find a way to bring the real acting of Goldman Sachs to light. But nobody here can influence a deal between an American bank and a Japanese Bank."
"As you know, Goldman Sachs did not receive any information from our side to be in a situation to close because we have never contacted them. I agree entirely with you and Russell (Colonel Hermann) that it is most possible that Goldman Sachs has been inspired by you and this deal to find a source which can deliver Yen with discount. And as they found out that they cannot execute such a deal as a bank because a private partner has to be the USD supplier, they may have used the account of you or of DFG with Goldman Sachs to fulfill the condition of a private exchange. To me this seems to be the most important argument that the acting of Goldman Sachs is a fraud."
Another September 16, 1991 letter from the ONI intelligence file provides insight into the secretive nature of the financial transactions when Howard Daniel, owner of Daniel International Inc. in Dallas, Texas wrote to John D’ Aquisto. Banks involved in the transactions included Security Pacific (Washington) and New York’s Chemical Bank--and the letter provides more evidence of Durham’s assertions about $120 billion in Deutsch mark currency transfers coming from the Brady bond collateral:
"...please find the signed contracts together with the R.W.A.’s for both the Japanese Yen and Deutsch Mark contracts....Jonathan Tiede (Trans Tech Intl.) needs to know the time and name of the Bank Officer that will make the call to the Shearson Lehman Representative...he will pre-advise the Representative of the incoming call and then give you the go ahead for the call to be made."
"I must stress that the telephone call must absolutely follow the outline as laid down in the contract. NO OTHER CONVERSATION WILL BE ALLOWED OR TOPIC ADDRESSED. Failure to abide by the guidelines for this conversation will be deemed as non-performance, and the non-performance clause will be invoked by the U.S. DOLLAR account holder."
"Each party and their representative intermediaries warrant not to reveal the banking coordinates provided herein to any individuals or parties other than these banking officers necessary to complete this transaction."
Interestingly, some of the money was transferred through New York’s Chase Manhattan Bank into an account held by the Palm Springs Stars Baseball Club, using the security codes RH, VKD, and JFD for Russell Hermann, V.K. Durham and John F. D‘ Aquisto.
Durham asserts that DFG, Inc, and the Palm Springs Stars Baseball Club are associated through President Bush’s brother Neil, National Security Agency, Ariel Life Systems--affiliated with NASA, and former Vice President Jack Kemp and HUD--but also former Secretary of the Treasury Nicholas Brady and current Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Alan Greenspan. All this, giving rise to additional serious grand jury questions as to whether the above were receiving illicit money via the Durham Trust’s stolen collateral.
A letter to John D’ Aquisto on September 10, 1991 from Bay State Trust in Zurich provides evidence of gold used as security in the Brady bonds/currency transfer which is described as a pilot shipment of "one (1) kg bar of AU [gold] with full documentation to MAT Securitas AG, Kloten, Switzerland...we can issue a bank endorsed purchase order by 12 September 1991 covering the purchase of 1 kg bar AU, 999.5 fineness. We can also arrange to have a bank endorsed Purchase Order issued for 1-3 m/t AU weekly but only after successful conclusion of the 1 kg pilot shipment as covered herein."
An August 26, 1991 memo from William Sommerville of Contec Development PTY Ltd. in Sydney, Australia to John Hamilton of Hamilton & Hyun Investments providesinformation that the USSR Government Loan Facility, including a list of high-ranking Russian officials is "authorized to execute an agreement" for the "Republic of Yakutsko...a major gold-mining area and comes within the [Boris] Yeltsin controlled sector. We are advised that everything is ‘on track’ and we are pursuing detailed confirmation overnight."
The letter continues, adding "we have been told the Gold is in Kloten [Switzerland]," indicating that the Yeltsin government was also involved in the currency transactions, and that "we know that ten (10) Metric Tonnes [Gold security] will be immediately available, and this cannot be increased, so the LOAN must be geared to that amount of security [Gold]."
Another August 26, 1991 memo from John Hamilton and Peter Hyun outlined the loan transaction for $80 million dollars in what is ostensibly a currency exchange involving the USSA and using gold as security--but the gold security was obtained from the unauthorized use of collateral belonging to the Durham Family Trust, according to the owner, V. K. Durham.
An Addendum to the Hamilton-Hyun agreement indicates that Campbell and Campbell of La Jolla, California maintained the client account; and while the above documentation is not a complete representation of the Brady bond transactions, testimony from V. K. Durham, other intelligence sources and those mentioned in the documents and memos would provide a better understanding of the how Durham’s family collateral was misappropriated for bogus and non-performed debt instruments which could be used over and over again to perpetrate trillions in fraudulent loans.
Financing the 9.11 attacks
According to inside intelligence sources who provided additional documents, federal whistleblower Stewart Webb told us he has made the serious allegation that financing the September 11 attacks was facilitated through former CEO Maurice "Hank" Greenberg’s American International Group (AIG) and Florida’s Greenberg-Traurig law firm bank accounts established at New York’s Citibank where President George H. W. Bush’s former CIA legal counsel Norman Philip Brownstein sits as a Director.
Webb has spent 20 years investigating White House crime families and was credited for helping to expose the 1989-90 HUD and Savings & Loan Scandals. [Houston Chronicle, "S & L whistleblower faces federal charges," 9-16-1992 and Sarah McClendon‘s Washington Report, "Notes from the Editor," 12-24-1991]
On November 1, 2001--just seven weeks after the 9.11 attacks--former Somalia Ambassador to Switzerland Leo Emil Wanta--wrote to Vice President Richard Cheney to warn him about ongoing foreign transactions and to do something to stop the illegal activity:
"...my help was requested in moving large sums of cash into ‘Foundations’ Legal Groups...in the Philippines...German in the ‘family’ has financed a large group who were recovering ten boxes which were taken to US, Germany & Moldovia (Rumania)...The ‘family’ want their boxes!!....Things are getting out of hand!....Mil needs cash with which to purchase & remove these items...too much is in the wrong hands!"
The leaked memo raises serious questions as to what the Vice President of the United States knew about the movement of crates of cash out of the Philippines into the U.S.A. and two foreign countries almost immediately after the 9/11attacks. Did Cheney do anything to stop the illegal activity? Was Cheney linked to the operation? What did Condoleezza Rice and President Bush do about it when Cheney told them?
Of equal importance is whether the Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee has obstructed justice in the matter by refusing to call Cheney to publicly testify about credible evidence of potential payoffs taking place along the 9.11 investigation time-line--just after the attacks.
New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau will also have to explain why they are obstructing justice because they have been in possession of this evidence and much more for months and have not subpoenaed Mr. Cheney, Dr. Rice or the President.
Who are the members of the "family" that Leo Wanta warned Mr. Cheney about and why were they moving boxes of cash to other "family" members right after 9.11? Were these clandestine transactions linked to $240 billion in stolen collateral to purchase Brady bonds--and then to borrow currency which documents clearly show was linked to fraud in the U.S. banking system--money never repaid the day after the September 11 attacks?
Where is the money? Who borrowed $240 billion and never repaid it? Were the crates of cash in the Philippines used for payoffs to "9.11 terrorists" who met with an FBI Special Agent 30 days after the attacks, according to the December 14, 2001 Wanta-Cheney memo? "Terrorists" like the eight British Intelligence agents attempting to blow up the Chicago subway last week? [The "family" want their boxes!!...Things are getting out of hand!]
The Goldman Sachs and AIG financial evidence above is similarly linked to what former FBI contract linguist Sibel Edmonds recently told TomFlocco.com in our fourth interview story with the FBI federal whistleblower. The shocking evidence content of Edmonds’ translations of wire intercepts prior to 9.11 revealed that ten well-known American politicians and heads of federal agencies are tied to drug-money laundering in the federal banking system--money used for political campaigns she said, but also for financing the 9.11 World Trade Center/Pentagon attacks. Under a court-ordered gag restriction, Edmonds has not divulged the names.
Edmonds' explosive evidence, linking the 9.11 attacks to ten well-known American politicians and federal agency heads could also subject former Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and all judges and Department of Justice lawyers involved in her case to be targeted for obstruction of justice charges and as co-conspirators to misprison of treason. This, for withholding substantial and credible evidence from impaneled independent federal grand juries in New York and Arlington, VA, empowered to subpoena testimony and investigate crimes linked to September 11. [18 U.S.C. 4 ]
According to two witnesses, Greenberg-Traurig is allegedly tied to suspect legal entanglements surrounding the challenge for control of New Hampshire 9.11 widow Ellen Mariani's estate and her husband Neil’s death on September 11. Mariani’s litigation in New York and New Hampshire against President Bush and other top officials seeking court-ordered discovery about White House involvement in the attacks and obstruction of justice by members of Congress was blocked due to complications surrounding the challenge for control of her husband’s estate.
Norman Brownstein was a former Director and the current corporate attorney for the late Leonard Millman’s MDC Holdings, Inc., the parent company of Silverado Savings and Loan Association where President George W. Bush’s brother Neil was a Director of the failed institution which cost American taxpayers at least $50 billion dollars.
Webb revealed he has evidence that proves Silverado laundered $12 trillion dollars in narcotics money during the time period that President Bush’s brother Neil was on the board of directors of the failed bank organization.
According to Leonard Millman’s ex-son-in-law Stewart Webb, $2.6 billion in Mena, Arkansas/Iran contra drug money was laundered through the Rose Law firm [where New York Senator Hillary Clinton was a partner] into Millman’s failed M&L Business Machines Company of Denver.
Webb alleged that his documented evidence and first-hand witnesses prove that Hank Greenberg, Leonard Millman and Meyer Blinder were all involved in massive securities fraud involving National Brokerage Group of Companies, and its Stinger Securities, Coral Gables Securities and others that allegedly milked American investors for billions of dollars during the 1980s. This, while Webb also alleged that Hank Greenberg was involved in re-insurance fraud loans with Millman’s National Acceptance Company which owned First National Acceptance Company, both of which own Bank of America, with the first two being financially connected to AIG.
Attorney General Spitzer is in possession of part of the above evidence relating to Leonard Millman’s links to $6 trillion in American pension fund fraud; moreover, Webb
told us that former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr--who the whistleblower said obstructed justice in his investigation of Clinton/Bush-linked narcotics money laundering--had lunch with Mr. Spitzer a few weeks ago, raising additional questions regarding obstruction of justice for a grand jury with subpoena power.
Webb alleges that drug money was laundered by Millman into Hank Greenberg’s AIG and other Wall Street accounts by Gwendolyn Waymark of the Waymark Group and also the Foundations Group--which the Cheney memo above links to boxes of cash moved from the Philippines and tied to both the recently deceased Millman and George H. W. Bush.
The Foundations Group’s laundered drug money paid for a group of 9.11 terrorists secretly headed by the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) Gary Best--one of the former Iran contra shadow government players--according to Webb.
Most shockingly, Webb alleges that "ONI-CIA Marine officer Oliver North, CIA-DIA agent Gary Best, CIA agent Terry Lynn Nichols and CIA contract agent Timothy McVeigh were all paid through Waymark’s Foundations Group funding arm--directly or indirectly."
This raises the bar as to why the Vice President has not been subpoenaed when the Wanta memo directly links Cheney, Dr. Rice (and by authority and the obligation to act upon a financial terrorist threat--President Bush) to knowledge of the Foundations Group in what appears to be United States covert black operations involving financial terrorism and mass murder.
Webb told us, "this explosive evidence is why Eliot Spitzer and Robert Morgenthau are obstructing justice to let AIG off the 9.11 hook in the "public" part of their current and high-profile Wall Street probe. But it’s also why the Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee members are obstructing justice and committing treason by refusing to subpoena Cheney and other key intelligence officials regarding their awareness of a "family" extending from the Philippines to Europe and the United States--all with links to financing terrorism."
A comprehensive grand jury investigation, with subpoenas, testimony and interrogation by independent, a-political career prosecutors like Patrick Fitzgerald could well blow the lid off 30+ years of illegal operations, financial terrorism, 9.11 mass murder, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Kennedy assassination and pre-emptive war based upon lies--a lengthy pattern of illegal activities by a succession of White House crime families, according to both Webb and V. K. Durham.
All this, tacitly endorsed by quietly complicit congressmen--either too frightened to speak truth to power due to past small-plane assassinations or having been self-absorbed by pensions, perks and power to exercise their constitutional mandate to protect the very citizenry which honors them with high office.
CIA banker’s strange death
Colonel Russell Hermann--a 53-year career military officer, had been conducting a two-year internal investigation of President Clinton, White House counsel Vincent Foster and protracted drug shipments into Mena, Arkansas; but Central Intelligence would not let him retire since it was too expensive to train new personnel and re-start the investigative trail, according to his wife "V.K." who witnessed the first attempt on her husband’s life from her front porch in 1993.
Durham told us "he traveled in a big black truck with tons of surveillance equipment. I saw it, but he didn’t want me to come near it. He said ‘you don’t want to know about this;‘ and as he put his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck, he said ’we caught President [Clinton’s] man [Vince Foster] with Swiss bank accounts, so now I can file my investigation reports, retire, and we can start living a new life.’ "
"This was July 1, 1993. Vince Foster turned up dead on July 20 and my husband Russell was murdered on August 29, 1994," she said.
"The next day, while mowing his lawn on July 2, 1993, Russell was sprayed with some type of poison gas--possibly sarin--from a passing vehicle. He took a few steps and went down, bleeding from the eyes, ears and nose," said Durham who had married Hermann six years earlier on November 27, 1987.
"Russell had not finished his report on Clinton, Foster and the Mena, Arkansas drug money laundering, she said, adding that her husband had cryptically told her, "If I go to the hospital without that report being finished, I am a dead man." This, reminiscent of Michael Corleone’s "men are coming to kill my father" plea to a lone nurse caring for the Godfather in an empty wing of a New York City hospital.
"There was no sign of an ambulance," said Durham, "a 24 foot white box van with no lettering or markings took Colonel Herman away and he was missing and unaccounted for from 9:00 am till 10:00 pm at night. I found him the next day through a phone call at my neighbors."
"He was at St. Mary’s Hospital in Clayton, Missouri--in a wing all by himself, strapped down to a bed with no life support system when I got to him, nothing," she said, adding "Russell was a U.S. intelligence officer--a full Colonel--and he told me to ‘call my CWO2 [Chief Warrant Officer] and tell him to get my mandatory two men in here to protect my life."
Offering a warning to current CIA officers, Durham said "Russell told me they strung him up on meat hooks on the way to the hospital--I saw the [warning: graphic photos] hook marks under his collar bone: they beat him and burnt him with cigarettes, broke his ribs, left hand and left arm, and shoved a cattle prod into his rectum," said the furious widow, making a clear point: "they’ll do it again to any of the intelligence guys walking around now if they don’t do something to stop these criminals."
St. Mary’s hospital was described to us as some sort of secret military asylum--a hospital of horrors, by Durham, who said "the hospital was filled with naval officers and a woman named Ruth said ‘you have to sign these papers (4-inch stack),’ and I asked
‘where are my husband’s records;’ she pulled them back and shredded them right in front of me--all his military records--a full-bird U.S. Army Colonel."
"When Ruth had her back to me, another woman slipped me a piece of paper of the hours and medical log sheets with the hour Russell was taken to the hospital--helping to fix the hours of his torture and the fact that his ambulance authorization had not even been signed," she said, "proving he was tortured in the back of that white truck--and this is the United Stated Veterans Administration!"
"Russell was kept there against his will after he recovered until November 17, 1993. One of the doctors, another friend of Russell’s and I saw Marine Colonel Oliver North dressed in a white medical coat attempting to disguise himself while visiting Russell’s hospital room on November 13 or 15, just before he was released from the hospital.
Durham told us, "something was going on at that hospital. I saw a Navy Commander strapped to a gurney--from Seal Beach...tied down. A female doctor was sitting there with his wife and they were bartering over his body parts. I heard all this with Russell’s doctor friend. The Commander was alive and strapped there, his eyes looked terrified and his mouth was taped shut," she said, offering "his wife walked over to her husband and said ‘Now I’ll never have to know when you’re coming home again.’ We inquired about him later and found that he had come up ‘missing.’ "
Still weak and declining from the first murder attempt on his front lawn, Colonel Russell Hermann ended up at the Veterans Administration Health Care Center in Marion, Illinois; and Durham told us "Hillary Clinton’s operatives, David Horowitz and Karen Koffee came to meet with Russell, seeking money to underwrite the National Healthcare Program she was pushing in 1994."
"This was on July 20. Russell told me Clinton’s people said ‘you’re going to die before very long and your wife will disappear and no one will know where she is,’ and both of them are accessories to murder as far as I am concerned," said Durham, as we listened in stunned silence.
"Russell was doing pretty well around August, 1994, and on Friday, August 26, he said that George Bush Sr., Alan Greenspan and Oliver North came to see him in his hospital room at the VA, and tried to get him to sign off on the Iran and Latin America contra accounts so they could get control of them," Durham told us, adding, "but Russell told me he just reached down and grabbed a hand-full of excrement from his hospital bowel and threw it at President Bush, saying ‘go to hell.’ Then the three of them left the room as I was coming up the other elevator."
"I was planning to take Russell home from the VA the following Monday, August 29--a couple days after Bush, Greenspan and North visited on Friday. I came in to pick him up and he was dead," she said, adding "the attending physician, Dr. Pettit, refused to do an autopsy, even though Russell’s body was all red and he was given 8 or 9 injections on his hip and the base of his skull, and his back and body were as red as fire--but his eyes were as clear as mine."
"The coroner, Michael Vickery, took a number of photographs and told me ‘this man was murdered,’ and I had been refused possession of his body for six days--from August 29 until September 5--after being told there was evidence that he was frozen alive, she told us while still in stunned silence.
When we asked what happen next, Durham said "I found out the contra accounts were moved from Republic Bank in Texas to Republic Bank in New York; I think Teddy Lloyd was the banker in New York. I believe they knocked Russell out and I thought he was dead. Then they moved him to the Guernsey Islands near England and used his voice-activated and fingerprint codes to sign over control of the $13-17 billion in gold that was in the accounts," providing another paper trail for recovery of missing funds from the U.S. Treasury--but also a public view into the inner-working of intelligence bank account security.
V. K. Durham told us one of Russell’s men contacted her and said there had been a government contract to take out the Colonel by either a Commander McDonough or MacDonald, and that there are transcripts from the tape of his torture and death, but she does not know where they are.

"Control files" blackmail congressional and DOJ officials
Stewart Webb alleges that an important key to the "control" of the U.S. House and Senate has been the use of blackmail via "Operation Brownstone," led by individuals he calls CIA shadow government players like Ted Gunderson, Harold George Pinder and Clint Murchinson Jr.--setting up legislators for blackmail through child pedophilia rings using both vulnerable male and female children from orphanages all across the United States. This, according to scores of documents and witnesses.

Americans who are concerned about pedophilia, with near daily reports of kidnappings or disappearances of young children who later turn up dead or fall victim to Mexican, South American and Middle Eastern child sex slavery need only start with the ongoing cover-up of pedophilia in the halls of Congress and the White House. It’s still a hushed-up secret, waiting for irate parents and family victims to march on Washington.
Other congressional blackmail was employed, according to Webb, by the late Leonard Millman, New York Senator Hillary Clinton, Neil Bush and Florida Governor Jeb Bush in an entity known as the MCRD-Boulder Properties Limited Partnerships--financed by Silverado Savings & Loan; and Webb says this forced dozens of current and former congressmen into bankruptcy, including high-profile current New York Senator Charles Schumer. [Media Bypass, May, 2000]
Additional bribes and payoffs were affected through Millman’s cutout company, Denver’s M&L Business Machines to David Mann, Asst. DOJ Inspector General, who works under Lee Redneick,DOJ Inspector General, with money also paid to Denver U.S. Attorney Mike Norton and Robert Pence, head of the FBI Denver office.
Illegal campaign money laundering involved Millman’s MDC holdings--fined by the SEC in 1991 and covered up by former Colorado Attorney General Gail Norton, the current Bush 43 Secretary of Interior, according to Webb. [ TIME, "Rush for Gold--How Silverado Operated," 8-14-1990, and TIME "Running With A Bad Crowd," 10-3-1990]
Norman Philip Brownstein, a current Director of Denver’s Chubb Insurance Company, allegedly owned by George H. W. Bush and Webb’s ex father-in-law, the late Leonard Millman--through illegal trusts funded by laundered drug money controlled by Brownstein--paid President Clinton’s legal fees and also paid off Paula Jones in her sexual harassment suit against the President. Clinton’s personal attorney, James M. Lyons--engulfed in the Whitewater scandal--sits on the board of Millman’s MDC holdings.
All this, according to Webb’s documents and first-hand witnesses, but also Webb's grand jury demand--filed three times.
Webb told us as recently as August, 2004 in U.S. Federal Court in Denver [Case No. 95-Y-107], Chief Judge Richard Matsch has continued to ignore and obstruct his explosive evidence in a manner similar to when Matsch ruled in the Oklahoma City bombing case.
Lastly, another illegal operation employed to "control" and pay off House and Senate members was through Apartment Investment and Management Company (AIMCO)--a real estate investment trust (REIT) currently run by former Congressman Terry Considine and Bush 41 attorney Norman Brownstein.
Members of Congress have been bribed via the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) via Millman and Brownstein’s handing over hidden corporate ownerships in AIMCO’s stolen HUD properties, the federal whistleblower has alleged.
According to Webb, AIMCO is the largest landlord of U.S. apartments--with units that were stolen by Millman’s partner Phil Winn of Denver’s Winn Group, the focus of the 1989 congressional "HUD Scandal " investigation which led to Independent Prosecutor Arlen Adams convicting Switzerland Ambassador Phil Winn and others--but three months before leaving office, President Clinton pardoned Winn. And congressmen continue to profit from money stolen from the taxpayers.
All this, as the voices of thousands of American boys cry out from their graves on the bluffs above the Normandy beaches on the English Channel: "France!...now it’s your turn to help America."
Who will guard the guards?
Mary Schneider contributed additional research for this repor
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. 北朝鮮

Stu May

I Had felt the same. To give an example:

I was living near D.C. when 9/11 took place, very close by, upon seeing the news, I felt an erie sense, that said, this was setup by our own government officials, namely some unknown's. I assumed, Illuminati's, Skull & Bones, perhaps even Bilderbergers, but not, Rothchilds & Bushes, Chenney, Clintions.

Last year, during the summer while out in Sunnyvale, CA, I had internal nasty feeling that something terrible, grave, would happen to Japan. It did, March 11.

I watched UltraSeven X, I am familiar with the Japanese Language as my family members are Japanese. Watch those 11 or 12 episodes, it explains, in detail what we are sensing. I am glad to see that people are waking up. But, here's where I have a problem. Since there are Billions of Humanity and probably a few thousand mongrels, what are we waiting for? Time to take back our lives from these mad, insane, twisted people, who have the gall to say, We the Government, when they mean, We the Oggers, and Destroyers of life and lives on earth. These sick minded, diseased, people, do not deserve to be 'in charge' on any Planet. These should be immediately dealt with.

My hundred worthless cents.

Thank you and thumbs up for your courageous work. Speak the truth, always, and be prudent with your information.

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