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Benjamin, really good update, thank you...

i hope you don't mind, i reposted parts of it on my message board...Obama and members of Congress read this board....


i took out some of your words in the last paragraph....i think you didn't really write what you meant, about the "solar new year"...the solar calendar begins on the day of the Spring Equinox--Always on March 21....

Christmas is the day, the wee hours in the a.m. when the Angel Gabriel (who has the face of God Almighty 24/7) was sent to Mary, a young girl engaged to be married to "joseph"...and was told the Holy Spirit (God's spirit) would come upon her and she would bear a child and his name would be JESUS...read it in Luke Chapter 3 or 4 thereabouts....Mary's cousin, Elizabeth a very old woman who was barren all her life was 6 month pregnant with John The Baptist, Mary, ran to her cousin on the 25th of Dec to tell her what had happened, when she entered the room where Elizabeth was, the Holy spirit was so strong around Mary, John the Baptist, in Elizabeth's womb, "leaped"...Christ was born September 29, 2011 years ago....we celebrate this immaculate conception of December 25, .....so the solar calendar always begins 15 days after passover...which always is March 21, the spring equinox.

My message board is also read by Benjamin Natenyahu...i understand he is doing a bible study daily now...:) Also i heard the Pope is wanting to takeover Jerusalem....the pope doesn't understand that when Christ died on the cross (because the jewish priests had him murdered; and didn't understand that God Almighty was the spiritual body in the temple body, Jesus Christ, who became man and walked the earth---) therefore, Christ rent (tore) the vail to the temple Holy of Holies, and degraded the priestline...opening the Holy of Holies to "whom so ever will" seek God's face, to "come on in"...no priest or pope can speak for any soul; that was changed forever when Christ died on the cross....Therefore, you see the Catholic Church/Vatican Pope is the 2nd biggest deception caused by Satan...the 1st was satan deceiving Eve in the garden.....

the Abigail, last year shortly after the end of January, came in a rush, talking as she came, happily saying, "it's happening, you are gonna be richer than your wildest dreams, end of January"....then left. Last Saturday night, a week ago, she came rushing by again like before saying
CHANGE IS COMING>>>>... then i read your update....i am certain she is also
around you Benjamin.....when you see the flash of light....ask her name...then ask if there is a message!

Bless you!

Sabine, Spain

Dear Ben,

I am following your updates since more than 3 years also on Youtube,etc. and just love your comments. And just like Donald Duck said above, this "...food, shelter, clothing, friendship and love are more important than abstract money...." is such a great sentence!! You perfectly combine the 2 hemispheres of your brain! Intelect and intuition. Thank you so much for what you are doing. Before this summer and before your news about this Monacco meeting of more than 80 nations, I did not think mankind could have made it on its own. Thanks to you, I got back hope and confidence that we can achieve it! All together with love and respect. LOVE YOU! Sabine


Benjamin, this is the latest from Abigail....CHANGE is coming...
"For example, there are enough votes in the US Congress and Senate now to impeach Obama but the problem is nobody can agree on a replacement."

yes, they have decided on a replacement...and i do believe the Honest jews
are in favor of this whistleblower. i have demanded my money (the leo wanta money)...congress...Ron Paul and others knows it belongs to me...i've also turned in Obama for social security fraud to the OIG..i was the first to get that invoked...many tried, but the social security offices refused to take the complaint, as a qualified whistleblower, the OIG accepted my complaint and let me know they plan to take action.

i've let it be known that the LORD's messenger, his angel, has given me the solution to fixing the u.s.a...but only my hands can do it since it will involve the return of the Leo Wanta money to me. The CHANGE Abigail came to tell me about; is they are going to remove obama and i do believe this last year of his term; i will be the replacement....i've let it be known, i won't put up with any corruption from any government official, i will do as the LORD tells me to do; for it's HIS war with Satan that i defeated on the spiritual level is the reason i will be elevated to obama's chair for the last year. FBI agents are all around me, and just now, i am eating at a fast food resturant and in walks a rabi, from the House of Judah!

nothing happens by accident; keep your eyes and ears open, from what Abigail came rushing in to tell me Saturday night, it's coming down fast.

be safe.



Hi Ben, I've been following your work for the past few years with great interest as I think your very sincere.
I live in the UK, do you see us being greatly affected by food shortages and do you think its wise to buy gold now it is so high in price if pound sterling becomes gold backed. Also do you see loan and mortgage debts being wiped out as a possible solution to job losses and the looting of our pensions and savings?

Best Wishes!


Pitter Schiff is very critical of NIA "pum and damp scam" - Watch out.. Anyway Ben does not recommend this.

The National Inflation Association Is Up To Their Old Tricks Again

NIA reacts to my Pump & Dump Revelation

We will have world restructuring business / investment opportunities for free energy, peace, real infrastructure for people.

love and peace


The National Inflation Association has been exposed as a big pump & dump operation. No offense intended, but how did this get by a former Forbes Bureau Chief?


Q & A

私はあなたのウェブサイトの読者です。大変なお仕事をいつもありがとうございます。毎週のあなたのレポートを注意深く読ませてもらっています。よろしければ私個人の経済的な関心事について、あなたに相談に乗っていただけたらと思っております。私はNIA(National Inflation Association)のウェブサイトを欠かさずチェックしております。これはアメリカの経済状況についての事実を公開する、独立したグループの一つで、ファイナンシャル・アドバイスも提供しています。ここ数年間を通じてこのグループはゴールド、シルバー、銅、その他貴金属や鉱物の採掘企業の株式情報を提供しています。そしてここ数年の間では、彼らの提供する株式情報によれば、それらすべてが非常によいパフォーマンスを達成しております。ときにはゲインが数百パーセントにものぼるほどです。




Hi Benjamin,

I have been listening too your interviews with David Wilcocks and others. I'm really interested in this topics( s )and have heard within the interviews that If someone asks for free access too your blog you will sort this out , well this is my attempt at this. Thanks for your time and loving your work !

Donald Duck

"Anyway, just remember food, shelter, clothing, friendship and love are more important than abstract money. Good luck."

Nicely put.



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