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Thank You Benjamin!!

mary keating

thanks for info

Monika Hoy

We can start the Global Resource Bank anytime without the villains' permission.
We need the telecom industries with us because GRB is designed as a network.
The GRB starts with 7 quadrillion ecocredits backed by Earth's ecosystems.

So, that's the elegant way out: just stop using their money and exchange our assets to GRB ecocredits instead.
We can end poverty and pollution within months by changing to the Global Resource Bank.
GRB is based on Dr. Arthur Shaw's and Donald Sposato's "Implications of an Alternative World Exchange System" issued by "Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences" in 1972. John Pozzi (Florida) has been working on the technical design since 1977, he owns the website www.grb.net

Bless you Benjamin!
Monika Hoy from Germany


What wonderful news Ben!

I had a conversation a few years ago with someone who calls himself "Whistleblower" from the OITC. I found his web site on the Internet. I was trying to determine if his organization was real or not, as his web site was really cheesy looking and videos were just awful for an organization who supposedly had so much Gold they wanted to share with the world. When I asked for specifics on their bona fides, I was told "we are charted by the UN and you have to have "the codes" to get that information". Nice dodge huh? So I never could tell if they were real or not, and decided that time would tell. Your writings have convinced me I was talking to David Sale. I have verified that with another webmaster of a site where "Whistleblower" used to post frequently. So I know a little bit about how Sale operates and he's a really slick talker.

During the course of the email conversation (I may still have it in my GMAIL account) I spoke about a friend of mine who was quietly making contacts with Credit Union Association in Canada and the USA (the two are very closely aligned) and how plans were being laid for an e-Currency for the time when the economy falls apart. The credit unions saw the writing on the wall several years back as to what would happen to the largest banks and our current financial debt situation. But their hands by the laws that give the FED a monopoly - and this deeply intertwined with the IRS goons who seem to be the interest collection arm of the FED and just as extra-constitutional as the FED. The IRS demands to inspect every transaction - yet they can't tell us where 1.2 billion of MF Global customer cash account money went!

David Sale told me the OITC was busy programming such a system themselves and would not be able to help me find financing for such a project. Sale also led me to believe the FED was stealing the OITC money so they were not doing in projects in N. America. I thought I should let you know there may be one bogus digital-money system out there or soon to be out there run by the OITC gang, if the OITC people are not first jailed for the crimes you allege.

I don't have the knowledge you do as to the state of things but I know you try your best to tell the truth as you know it, and you have been courageous enough to admit when you were wrong or someone fed you disinformation. I thought I just would pass this tidbit about the OITC along. Your courage in this time astounds me. I saw your recent video on Youtube with the man with gravely voice and the Derby - Wow! You have "balls like bull", to borrow a phrase from the movie Fistful of Dynamite. I really hope someone deals with these global criminals soon, things are getting bad in America for the average man and I am sure its just as bad or worse in other countries.

PS: My friend continues to work with the Credit Unions on the side and he's running an exchange where people can market their businesses and have customers rate their services and products - he intends to have it be owned by the people who use it as a coop - he does not plan to go the IPO route. He was once the IT manager for Countrywide Financial but quit when he realized it was a mafia-like culture. He wrote his MBA thesis about the Mafia-type culture of Anthony Mozillo. All this 4 years before that subprime crisis hit!

You can see his stuff at http://www.gohuman.com, like all software/internet entrepreneurs he's bootstrapping this thing with his own money with little outside investors. If the big boys truly knew what he was up to they'd probably sabotage his plans for non-inflatable digital money with the participation of the N. American credit unions. I am not asking your people for financial help - we just need economic freedom - this thing will attract the money when the time is right - it will be so obvious. Good ideas are more important than money. The FED is still very dangerous in America and Canada - and until they and their mercenary army is dismantled not much can be done here. My friend has big plans, he's a good promoter and he's very energetic. He lives in Wisconsin.

Please don't post this to your site, I don't want to cause my friend any problems with too high a profile right now. But his time is coming and it might be this year that everything changes. People here in the USA see the problem, some are busy at work on alternatives, there will soon come a time for this all to come into being. The Universe demands it.

gino lopresti

in any system that forces you to keep working to survive is a slave. i dont care how much you sugar coat it you are still a slave. i believe anybody who goes along with this systems will never really be free. i mean look at it like this out of your own mouth mr. fulford you said there is so much gold on this earth that its mind blowing not counting all the gold that is off world. with all that gold 7 billion people on this earth could be all filthy rich and that my friend is true freedom. in your system the asians want to hoard all the gold to them selfs and keep everybody still enslaved. your system is still tyranny. if you believe for one minute people that your free under this new system you better think again

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