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The Rothschild-Mormon Legacy!

Private Investigator NYC

So inspiring articles, I really don't expect that this topic will earn a lot of feedback and comments. Really wonderful.


Its 5pm EST, where's Benjamin? I've got a bad feeling. Has he ever been this late with his Monday post before?


Any chance they could dismantle their chemtrail
program? Chemtrails everywhere you look here in

Jason Thunderbeing

We will see Ben i gave you influence in the world now lets see if you and yours are serious or anything that you have writen over the last little while(since i found you)I know that the occupy situation was set up well i have put this very dream on the line i am on a hunger strike in one of the occupy camps,and i will promise a change of this dream in one way or another.how can anyone wait while so much suffer in the world well i can't so now it is my life which is connected to all of heaven and earth.You all must work fast while i fast or me and mine will leave and i will take all that is best of this dream with me.going on 7 days Ben and white dragons less time to make the change....make sure it happens or it WILL be forced!!


Hi Ben:
You might want to read this:

Jim Stone visits Occupy LA

Since I was displaced by the recent disaster, and live in Southern California, Occupy Los Angeles ended up being an obvious destination.
I went to Occupy LA with an agenda of uncovering infiltrators into the movement who seek to undermine it, and get the real word out - it is a foregone conclusion that the mainstream media would lie about everything.

I had enormous success with both things,

To start;

The "official" representation for Occupy Los Angeles may have been usurped and appears to be intentionally not getting the word out about what the movement actually stands for. I was invited to join the media team but refused after seeing the media tent, which despite having several Macintosh computers and at least 10 windows based laptops as well as innumerable cameras and a full time broadband connection, had failed to output ANY video in three weeks (as of Oct 24) other than a three minute clip from a flip camcorder. This was discussed during a media meeting which I attended on October 24.

Many media outlets have stated Occupy Los Angeles has no direction. But after being on site for four days, I can clearly state that there is a strong direction and strong demands are being made, demands which get usurped by the powers that be who are on scene and claim to be part of the movement. One pass through that camp will reveal a powerful resolve and message; a message which has been stifled, and I have proof of that here in photos. The demands are:

1. An end to the banker bailouts and an end to centralized PRIVATE banking (Federal Reserve). This is very closely followed by an end to all forms of corporate welfare and "buying" of electoral candidates by corporations.

2. An end to insider trading and favored status being given to investment firms like Goldman Sachs.

3. Media accountability - the movement is well aware of the fact that it is a few families of a particular (small) religious group that owns the media, which during elections especially, and at all other times publishes only information which serves a handful of "elite". They want candidates to represent themselves without the boost provided by media bias, from a fixed money pool drawn from public funds.

4. From this, they hope to accomplish their fourth objective - an honest government that does not go around killing innocent people in foreign nations every time the will of the "elite" banking cabal is not served to it's extreme desire while robbing the people of their taxes and future to fund elite cronies in their financial scams. They do not want world government, this movement clearly sees the value in maintaining national soverignty. They want the old America back.

5. They want an end to the police state, over excessive law enforcement, government snooping in the electronic arena, de-criminalization of victimless activities, such as adding onto a home without a permit, running a generator without a permit, growing food without a permit, as well as the legalization of hemp. They would like to see the end of America's absolutely monstrous prison system which is mostly full of people who never actually did anything other than violate a law or ordinance which bans an activity that never involved anyone other than the individual performing the action. They believe prison should be for theives, rapists and murderers, and that it is impossible to deserve arrest for inaction, or action which involved no one else.

6. They want accountability for ALL corporations producing genetically modified foods, and focus especially on Monsanto. They want labeling of genetically modified foods to be MANDATORY, and an end to genetic modification altogether

There are also many affinity groups, such as animal rights, gay rights, women's rights, openly communist or socialist groups and trade unions, who have little to no representation (single tents) placed in prominent locations, the remaining 95 percent of the movement stands for what is listed above. The site politics/CIA, infighting, ect will be discussed farther down the page. Overall the movement is composed of excellent people who seem to be defeating the odds.

more here http://www.degaray.com/?p=1619

Alcuin Bramerton

In Greece, Greek government ministers are now being openly depicted in newspaper cartoons and posters knuckling down to German instructions or obediently delivering the Nazi salute.

The recent annual march in Thessaloniki commemorating the Greek national struggle against the Second World War Axis Powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) was blocked by protesters shouting "traitor" at the Greek President.

The German-led EuroZone's financial thought police ("inspectors") are about to establish a permanent occupation office in Athens to ensure "full implementation" of the externally-imposed austerity policies. Greece has now been stripped of even the pretence of national sovereignty.

The two halves of the EuroZone (North and South) are locked together in a failed and broken marriage. The structural gap between them cannot possibly be closed by debt-deflation in the South. Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal are in debt because they cannot compete with Germany and northern Europe. The four southern countries are simply imprisoned in the wrong currency.

The EU refuses to confront this core issue. The Euro itself has become an engine of destruction and cross-border rancour. Europe will not be happy again until this manipulative Rothschild currency experiment is finally shut down and consigned to the dustbin of history.

The political leaderships in Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy are all aware that the criminal part of the West's financial system is falling apart. The IMF will soon cease to be solvent. So will the World Bank. The Bank for International Settlements is also in serious trouble. The entire money-out-of nothing Rothschild banking monopoly is in chaotic terminal decline, and so are the "royal" reptilian bloodline families associated with Illuminati control in Europe and the US. The EuroZone PIIGS are playing a waiting game knowing that the banksters to whom they ostensibly owe "money" had no lawful right to manufacture their debts. The debts were fraudulently constructed and illegally issued.

The brilliant ploy of Greece's George Papandreou, on the evening of Monday 31st October 2011, to announce a national referendum on the EuroZone bailout for his country only days after a market-fooling cosmetic deal had apparently been struck, and only days before a crisis meeting of the G20 in France was due to convene, was a tectonic game-changer.

It was a gambit designed to give the G5 maggot broth a vigorous stir and to buy more squabble time until the whole EuroZone bangshoot collapsed under the weight of its own structural absurdities. Papandreou, learning from the JFK assassination lesson, kept his decision to himself until the last moment, did not consult widely, and launched his gambit on the world through the Western mainstream media before a G5 BlackOps death squad could be sent to suicide or heart-attack him. Or buy him off, like Tony Blair.

Back in 2006, Tony Blair, while still British Prime Minister, was paid $100 million from a secret EU slush fund to secure the UK's compliance with regard to the Lisbon treaty. The money was conditional on his prevention of a public referendum on the issue in the UK. Blair agreed to the condition and his $100 million is reported to have been seen passing across screens at the Central Bank of Belize between February and March 2006.

Outside Europe, Blair and his UK political and intelligence associates made a much larger sum from engineering the entry of the UK into the Iraq War in March 2003 in support of the US Bush White House. Blair is said to have accepted a $7.2 billion bribe from a Jeb Bush-owned General Electric Medical Supply subsidiary called Novation LLC. Novation LLC was then contracted out as the medical supplier for both US and British troops in Iraq.

Following the Papandreou Greek referendum gambit of 2011, there is now a real possibility that a carefully orchestrated referendum-contagion will sweep across Europe, organised initially by the PIIGS, but then taken on by the Baltic states. If this transpires, or is threatened meaningfully behind closed doors, any remaining EuroZone coherence will be flushed decisively down the pan.


Water Exports And The WaterWarCrimes

Watchers of the British monarchy were astonished over this past weekend when they witnessed two leading Commonwealth Prime Ministers, Stephen Harper, from Canada, and David Cameron, from Briton, move forward on what appears to be a developing strategy to remove the present royal family, the House of Windsor, from the Thrones of England, Canada and 16 other Commonwealth countires, which it has held for over a century.

The idea of that the Royal family might be removed was first discussed on Water War Crimes web site pages http://www.waterwarcrimes.com shortly after the outlawed Canadian lawyer Mr. John Carten first advised Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper that Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip were alleged to be investors in the illegal scheme to loot Canada's water export wealth though a holding comapny known as the Royal Trust Bank of Switzerland that had accounts in the Cayman Islands a colony of the United Kingdom known for its ruthless exploitation of Canadian and American taxpayers by providing protection for non taxpayers, tax cheats, and tax avoiders in both Canada and the USA.

Shortly afterwards, Harper and Cameron held secret meetings in Canada's capital city of Ottawa and a few weeks after those meetings Commonwealth leaders, at the urging of Cameron and harper, adopted a first time ever Commonwealht resolution at their bi-annual meeting in Perth, Australia, to change the Act of Succession that determines how succession to the English Throne is governed.

Touted by Canadian Prime Minister Harper as a move ot modernize the monarchy by allowing Roman Catholics to become King or Queen of Engand the move is a direct rebuke of Queen Elizabeth who is the head of the Protestant Church of England and paves the way for Canada and other Commonwealth countries to remove the royal family altogether.

Interested readers can learn more at:




Have you seen Arnie Gundersen's latest video?



Hello again, and again and again... it's been too long, and I am WAY behind in hellos.

Great call on the Greek haircut, Benny Boy! Oh and the recent referendum... talk about throwing salt on the wound. Ouccchhhhhhhh. I see that they have adopted the Icelandic policy toward creditors: extend them a big fat middle finger and lick the wounds.

It is nice to know that you and Alex are on good terms again. The strongest of friendships is forged in the heaviest of infernos. Even though I no longer have contact with the group, I still wish all of them the best of circumstances.

Now that the pleasantries are done with, I will impart a bit of sagely wisdom for your benefit. Take an extra-hard look at Keenan, Scott, and Wanta. I want you to observe their modes of operation and facilitation of global financial transfers. If any of these details have left you with an itch that you can't seem to scratch, then I might suggest that the source of the itch is external, and you are only doing damage to your own skin.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your time and attention. I missed you like the deserts missed the rain......................





Yes Ben, it sure feels close now.
We have to push harder and not take no for an answer,
The arrogance of these creatures is their downfall.

Something big is coming and its is not their salvation.



Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20111031: ロスチャイルドによる銀行の独占的支配はようやく廃止されようとしているか?



CIA preparing Vatican’s New World Order headquarters for next false flag attack.

Monday, October 31st, 2011

The CIA is preparing to destroy the United Nations building in New York City. They are posing as construction contractors in order to complete their mission to bring down the asbestos condemned United Nations building. Just like in the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center Towers on September 11, 2001 the CIA is planning and preparing to place a small tactical nuke in an excavated hole in the center of the UN building basement. The CIA attack is to be blamed on Iran

This CIA false flag attack has the full support of Barack Hussein Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Joints Chiefs of Staff, Defence Secretary (former CIA director and staunch Roman Catholic who graduated from the University of Santa Clara, the Jesuit college of California) Leon Panetta, the United Nations and its Vatican superiors. The US Congress has already financed this false flag attack by providing $2.65 billion to FEMA on September 29, 2011.

Like the World Trade Center Towers the presence of asbestos has made the renovations of the UN headquarters too expensive and impractical. The cost to safely remove the asbestos from the ceilings of the building doubled the initial projected cost of $1.2 billion. That is the official revised cost. The actual cost is much higher. Some estimates put it as much as 10 times more expensive. Now that they have discovered that the UN pipes are also lined with asbestos the cost to remove and replace all of the piping in the building makes the UN building a perfect site for another CIA false flag attack.

With the United States and many European countries now bankrupt, no one is able (or willing) to pay for the sky rocketing costs to renovate the UN. Most Americans don’t even want it on U.S. soil. The Vatican will have no more real use for it after its New World Order takes effect. The Vatican fully supports a false flag attack against an empty asbestos condemned building if it will help expedite the establishing of a Global Holy Roman Empire. After all the UN was formed to bring about the New World Order. Attack and destroy it and blame it on Iran or some other Middle Eastern or Asian non-Catholic country and spark another unholy Crusade against Muslims, Jews and Orthodox Christians. The Vatican won’t lose any of its own loyal subordinates in the attack as all U.N. employees, contractors and accredited media representatives have already moved out of the UN and into temporary offices throughout Manhattan.

So here’s hoping the New City police will be vigilant and keep tabs on who and what goes in and out of the UN building. They could very well thwart another false flag attack against the United States and save thousands of New Yorkers.



The Rothschild´s are not the pope´s bank??See the first link in my blog






thanks Mr F.

David Burton


After spending a LOT of my time researching things for the past 20 years to get to the TRUTH, I discovered the work of E.C. Riegel who has the answer to the whole problem. If this plan were started everywhere and integrated naturally as people traded, the whole banking elite sham would fall almost overnight and the world would go on based on what the people want to buy with their money, not money loaned to them by a bank. Please have a look at there 2 exceptional videos.


A key point man is Laurence Gilbert who has this website http://riegelexchange.com/ with links to all three of Riegel's main books which describe in enough detail how the system works. The key concept is that those who BUY things create the money, therefore if governments and banks are the ones creating the money, they are the BUYERS and what they want to buy is all the bad things that are destroying the earth, which they then blame us for. We need to take that money creating power away from them and return it to each of us where it belongs. Riegel shows the way.

I am in the process of getting a blog ready to present these ideas to everyone and as a forum to help people understand Riegel's idea (it's easy enough) and then Ben there would be absolutely no need for any top down approach as everyone seems to think. The fault is in the business plan itself; fractional reserve banking and lending at interest (which was expressly forbidden because it leads to swindling people out of their assets and concentrating wealth and power, which is all completely unsustainable and will end in hyperinflation and tyranny.) The help Ben is never at the top, it is with those at the bottom who do not need to be starving for lack of MONEY and opportunity which the current system denies both to those who need it most.

All the best,
David Burton

PS: I heard your interview, liked it, was not too surprised that all of what's happened wouldn't drive anyone to drink (I understand why). I'm glad you got that taken care of so that it's one less issue for you to deal with.

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