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the messenger

The Family EXPOSED! Who is behind it all. A MUST SEE


the messenger

soon all be discovered, and exposed to the public.




Ben, thank you for all the work you do.
Also, as someone already mentioned above, please do whatever possible to help stop the CHEMTRAIL program. This is going to kill more people than all the wars these NWO people desire.
Thanks again.

Cindy in Oregon

Oh, and by the way, I meant to say the so-called "good" illuminazi. Oh, and I just love it when people call me stupid. Stupid is as stupid does. I am not stupid. We all have our intuition, and I used mine when I went to that site and started reading it, so-called "TRUTH" on the first post. None of us know the truth except within ourselves. I do not trust anyone who has a secret reLIEgion. Did that on purpose too. I don't like that site and it's contents. I quit going there because I had a strange uneasy feeling when I went there. I did not trust them whatsoever. You have your truth, I have my truth. We will never know till we die and go home. Ben is a wonderful well meaning and very brave man, and he deserves respect and praise for trying his damdest to help humanity. In which we all could be doing, in which, if I had the resources, I would probably be doing the same thing. And the post I was telling him to post again, I will, here it is, what he said in 2008.


We are now seeing it beginning to crumble.

That was very rude of you "TRUTH". If you were as spiritual as that site supposedly is, you wouldn't have called me stupid. But, there is always somebody isn't there. And also, somebody is pretty stupid admitting they did 9/11 aren't they? I am with Ben on who did it.
Who are they to control us too if they are the 'good'. Excuse me?
They murdered 3,000 humans that have done nothing and they are 'good'?
Nah, don't think so.
Love You Ben, Keep on Keepin On.

Eva Sydel



The Supreeme Court has refused to hear the first application which will be appealed to the Unied Nations Commission on Human Rights

The second application remains active



The case involves serious issues including an alleged conpsiracy by two Freemasons to wrongfully convict a Canadian citizen.

And includes fraud by Canadian court officials attempting to cover up













pat doran

Ben--my brother-and father both worked for the neocons their whole adult life-my brother tried to get away from them and they let him alone for a long time but in the months before 9/11--they came after him demanding he go back to work for them--he kept begging me to help him by giving him money--which i had none--and if i had any would have thought he was just trying to get money for drugs or something--BUT THE DAY BEFORE 9/11 he called me hysterical, saying they were coming for him and all the people he was going to kill for them would be on my soul if i did not help him...he kept calling me and faxing me until the wee hours of the morning. THEN HE DISAPPEARED. When 9/11 was happening i had the police in my house---because he had threatened to kill me if i did not help him. Six months later my mother died and i had to hire a detective to try to find him to give him a little estate money my mom left him--the only thing he could find on him was a po box in LANGLEY, Va.Since then i know he was still alive as of the summer before last because someone in homeland security called me about the death of my other brother, and implying his death was my fault and saying this brother that disappeared on 9/11 was not allowed to have any contact with me so i know this is real. PLEASE DON'T ENDANGER MY LIFE BY PUBLISHING THIS--i just want you to know your assessment of neocons doing the job is spot on--my brother is a computer genius like Gates--there is alot more to this story that involves me--the only person that ever wrote about the part i fell into was Chris Story--and i have another dead brother thanks to those monsters as well. I know this stuff is spot on and i just wish you the best---i am alone and have no one to help me so i have to fend for myself but you are my blue eyed samurai--GO GET 'EM!

Johan Delva

Hi Ben,

Like Cindy in Oregon, I have no doubt whatsoever that there is no such group with a really separate goal from the new world order.
If in any doubt about the extremely deep control (the expression total control is not very exagerated) over Western countries the different freemasonry lodges and other secret societies have had since centuries, check out Jyri Lina, an Estonian author who lives now in Sweden and is fluent in Russian and has read most books that Russian historians publicized shortly after 'glasnost' allowed them to consult the train with the trainload of documents from the Loge du Grand Orient that Hitler confiscated when his troops took Paris in the 2nd World war. He wrote the book "Architects of deception" which is not easy to read because it is like a gigantic compilation of facts. But it certainly is an amazing source of enlightenment. At that time all the evil factions worked so closely together towards the final goal of enslaving everyone on this planet that it was virtually only one faction, controlled by the BIIIIG money. I would suggest all of the evil organisations today still work together towards that shared goal; and only for personal greed would occasionally bite each others' head off. All of them know that unless they can finally completely enslave the human race; they will face serious consequences, so they really still work together.

Princess of China

Who are the real Illuminati Ben, what will be the real Illuminati manifesto? Is it not the real Illumination are the ones who is having a fierce war with the Old World Order Elites family to free humanity from the satanic cabal enslavement? It was posted today in RT that"Tensions are once again mounting against Iran ahead of a crucial report by the UN nuclear watchdog, IAEA, due next week. Meanwhile, Israel has tested a new ballistic missile. ­Some reports go even further and suggest the idea of a military strike on the Islamic Republic is being pushed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And British media say that with Iran remaining resilient against international sanctions, the attack could come as soon as next November. Various media cite the UK Ministry of Defense and Whitehall as their sources." (Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beonoKiVYzY ) The 1% OWO cabals Zionist greed are drumming for WW3 to destabilize the OWS and "Global Revolution" I guess you must have already know what will happen if there is another 911 attack ignite by the shadow players, China and Russia definitely will not be out of the game. The world is now moving in an extremely dangerous cross roads that could lead to a major catastrophe to humanity, as military plans have been all laid. Since you are representing the White Dragon in the East, have you talk to the Rothschild and negotiate to the Chinese Secret Societies, especially the Dragon family not to wage this war? ~ 公主名字 Princess of China


Keep up the great work, Ben. You are one of the (very) few sources of info I am trusting at this point in time. I believe our generation (I am the same age as you) are the Indigo "Warriors", the first in line to knock down the falsehoods that have been blanketing us for eons, upsetting paridigms, so to speak. That has certainly been a theme in MY life, anyhow. Stay safe; looking forward to your next post.






Robert de Philip

The american dollar technical analysis suggests that the total meltdown is to happen only starting in early 2016. Not sooner.
Do not underestimate the manipulators.


They havent stopped the chemtrail program yet that should be the first thing to go.


Thank you Cindy for bringing this up. I feel exactly the same way about the 'White' Dragon society .vs. the 'Red', 'Black', or 'Rainbow' Dragon societies. Do NOT trust them. They are clearly infighting, but they owe their allegiance to the same entity, Baphomet (aka: the dragon, Lucifer, Satan, the devil, deceiver, father of lies, Beelzabub, Abaddon, destroyer, devourer).

Ben, it appears they are using you to temporarily calm the restless masses by presenting a false hope of rescue by the "good" Illuminati, from destruction by the "bad" Illuminati. You are very successful in this objective, and in fact it does help us to feel there is hope. Thank you very much for your contribution to humanity world-wide!

You will be successful to help create a energetic sense of peace and prosperity, bring a great peace to people of all countries. However, it will also be a very short-lived staged calm, simply a preparation for unimaginable genocide and destruction to follow.

You are courageously doing the "right thing" from a good heart and positive intent, and we all deeply appreciate your service to humanity. But keep in mind it is all part of the plan of preparation for a sudden and totally unexpected destruction that follows, as directed by the great deceiver Baphomet, and carried out by his children (those born again with the dragon's seed) and their servants.

By the way, I admire your courage.

Reginald from SF south bay.


But are those guys(the ones that comented in a previous post)from the real illuminati?anyone can coment and say that they are real illuminati no?what if they are from the old world order(as they call the elites in power in the armageddonconspiracy site)making you believe that they are the real illuminati??are you getting the idea?


God bless you Benjamin Fulford
What your heart FEELS is your gauge to discern the truth. Trust your heartfelt intuition. There's a hundred thousand angels by your side.


'Alexander' of the 'real Illuminati': More info


Lots of info about him. I posted it in your pay site comments the day you mentioned him.

Just Call Me Will

lol Ben... Why did you even post this? I can't even take freemasons seriously anymore with exception to the Influential ones whom I see as goons for the elite families... and the majority of the lower levels and mostly the ones here in the mason state of Tx, I find to be fundamentalists of their own religion, and have become the pawns and bishops of the same vatican game they started against.. as for the Illuminati.. from there own words and from what is researchable, have been totally mispropagandized, with exception to them calling for a NEW WORLD ORDER which is not to be confused with the banker families pushing for a one world bank which would be an extension of the Old World Order... I agree with you that we all deserve to know our true history... I realize the abrahamic mess is connected to all but it takes alot more than just a story on paper to make ppl so evil... Meanwhile the drums are being beat for an Israel led conflict with Iran and articles regarding Britain and US to be involved.... if theres not anything more important that the white dragons can help humanity with is to make sure this can't happen.. I rarely go along with the tag line "The End Justifies the Means"... but I am on the verge of making an exception... Some are saying you are pure bologne which should be expected, and I have no way to verify but I wouldn't see a point in you continuing what you do, if dramatic efforts are not taken to expose the cabal before they can create more rivers of blood... Something crazy has to come out in the next few days or months... something that would cause the perpetrators to lose control of their popular opinion machine... Do you suppose this sudden ramp up for a pre-emptive strike has a connection to their loss of control of EU finances??? Im being propagandized here to assume a desperate move is in the works... I know the dragons have certainly got to be paying attention, certainly China is with the latest finger pointing stating they are breaking UN sanctions... and lastly... Illuminati don't claim to have done the towers... in fact they considered it an allowed problem to happen so that the Military Industrial Complex could further its political agenda... What a silly post Ben... Good God


You're not digging deep enough, Ben. Look at which ethnic/religious group most of those Neo-cons belong to. Look at who had foreknowledge of 911. Look at which ethnic/religious group had individuals who directly benefited financially from 911. Follow the money. Read Webster Tarpley's book 911: Synthetic Terror. You're only scratching the surface.


Even if there is some truth to that, should we now be thankful or something like that? But, lets not forget that 911 opened a lot of doors for the crazies to pull a whole bunch of tricks on us. It seamed to be in their favor. Also, the blatant stupidity that is connected to the 911 plan may not have been stupidity but desperation.

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