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「花工場 天然有機原料由来100%」


i have followed you for quite some time now, it seems as though real relief for the people of this planet will not come. i live in the states and people are losing their homes and jobs at a sickening rate. i understand what the the word gradual means. in political terms, from my experience, that could be 10 more years of the current situation.i am at a loss for words ben there is so much pain and despair happening to the worlds laypeople, the people just trying to make it. you have, in a way speculated on when it will all end and change for the better, the dates of these speculated endings have come and gone,so much faith in receiving true freedom has been lost by so many, while the powers that be at the top, good and bad, fight over control of our fate. are you real ben? are these things you speak of true? is freedom and relief truly coming, or are your words written on a computer screen all we have to look forward to? i wish that were enough, sadly, it is not.
i also would like to incquire about the meeting barack obama had last saturday with APEC in hawaii. did this meeting have anything to do with the proposed 11-11-11 date of the possible shutdown of the financial system? and did this proposed shutdown actually happen? thank you in advance for your time and consideration. may the love frequency always guide your thoughts and actions.

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