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You and Rense should settle your differences and get back together, think of the overall good that show produces, I have a different view of lots of things that rense and different talk shows have, but I never let those differences loose track of the overall picture, people look forward to your monthly review with Rense. So burry the hatchet and get back together, your monthly talk with Rense is bigger than that. FB

Ken H.

L. LaRouche has put up a vid on Youtube today 10/8/11. In it he states that there's to be a "Hitler style coup" in the next few days. He says it's certain.
What's your intel?


http://fractaltime.blogspot.com/2009/05/28-october-2011-as-mayan-end-date.html g


So which is it? Nuked bases or no nukes? Several sources are saying it was not nukes, and You and some others I am in contact with say it was in fact nukes. If they were from the Kursk, each Granit missile fitted with 500kt [thermonuclear fission-fussion] warhead. For every 1 kt of nuclear explosion = 4.0 on Richter scale. That changes underground as, the ratio is decreased to 0.5% so you're looking at about 10.0 on the scale...this in fact will drop due to depth and mineral types under the plate, probably 3 to 4 marks, so a 6.0 on the Richter sounds about right. Why are so many people trying to play the ET angle? Don't get me wrong I am open minded, but i'm having a hard time with the whole idea of portals opening and sucking everyone out of the base. What do you think?

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sometime can't answer the questions given not because the person don't have knowledge on the topic, it's because the questions is not appropriate or irrelevance.

Plume blanche

Thousands of thanks from my heart ! (-_-) You are giving me hope that we can be freed from these criminals.

Do you have anything translated in ((( FRENCH )))?

Divine guidance & super powerful protection always be with you, brother of Light! NaMaStE! In Lakech !

Phil & Rita Crosbie

Hi yer Benjamin,
we love your work - THANK YOU.
A couple of questions please - you mentioned recently that in the process of truth and reconciliation that will follow the demise of the elite/reptilians(which is right and just)that a lot of them who admit their roles/apologise will be allowed to 'keep their wealth'. Not so just.Why should this be? If we are overthrowing tyranny why would we allow thieves/murderers of monumental proportion to continue to prosper with what is, after all, all OUR wealth.
Secondly and in a similar vein, you mentioned that in our new world that everything that we received had to be as a result of some form of activity. (We're guess you mean a financial system based on money here). Again - if we are overthrowing what you rightly describe as 300 years of oppression why would we continue with such a similar, if not identical, system? Should we not be moving to a resource-based economy a la 'the Venus Project' where we all work towards a common goal and share the abundance? Sorry - that's three questions!!
Finally, it makes one just a little nervous that this change, desperate as we are for it, is being instigated by the world's 'police, military and intelligence agencies' - we are not replacing one despotic, power-hungry group with another are we Benjamin? OOps - four!
Regards and many thanks and blessings for all you do.
P & R


















Kurt Schilling


Nuclear weapons are not allowed by the Galactic Federation. No WW3 - no nukes. Nuke silos have been shut down by GF discs for decades now. Please recognize that BRICS and Obama are working with the GF to take down the Nazi Cabal and introduce Disclosure and NESARA.


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