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Jason Thunderbeing

We still want justice and closure for all that has happened,in fact me and mine and the spirits of the victims demand it!!


Ben, with the possible placement of Japanese soldiers on US soil I am reminded of videos like this one:


This particular information about troop, weapon and FEMA movements has been available for well over a month now. Itʻs similar to other videos that have been posted over the last few years so credibility may be low even tho many people comment that they have witnessed the same sort of thing.

Relevant comments:

>>"There is a planned DEFCON 1 military training exercise happening on Sept 27 when Pres. will be in Denver, CO per EUtimes.net. Two things happening here. #1 this is indeed a military exercise practicing a nuclear event, #2 It is both an exercise and the real thing...did same thing on 9/11. As we cross over vernal equinox(fall) and tuesday being Mars day...I'm a little concerned."

>>"114th fighter wing in Sioux Falls has been doing some MASSIVE non-stop launching of fighter jets...AT NIGHT, predominantly. Several .7+ mach fly overs (big no-no for a bigger town)...damn tired of the activity, but it just ratcheted up about 8-10 days ago...never seen anything this bad since 9/11."

It seems to suggest that there is an attack of some sort planned -- possibly in conjunction with a visit of Obama to Denver next week.

I know we hear about this happening in the US all the time via insiders and witnesses on the social networks. Any credibility to it that you know of?


I pray that the Japanese remember what was done to their country after the second war to end all wars.

I was fortunate to visit their beautiful country on 2 two occasions. They are a lovely and loving people. It is horrible what has been doen by the Rockerfeller crime family and their ilk to Japan.

Time to set things aright and in the correct direction.

Still praying for the miracle to wake up all the good folks! We are in dire need. Sounds like all the squirrels are heading to their burrows on the 26th?

Bless ya Ben and all those working so hard to set the Creator's children free!

Praise to the Creator of All!


Prof. Chris Busby – help save children from Fukushima from radiation

Link: http://australiancannonball.com/2011/09/20/prof-chris-busby-help-save-children-from-fukushima-from-radiation/


Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20110919: オバマ大統領は日本の自衛隊にアメリカ領土に駐留する権限を与えた。




Check this out http://oquedeusquer.blogspot.com/2010/02/matrix-zionista.html


A small ember on Wall Street: http://www.adbusters.org/campaigns/occupywallstreet

Miniscule financial donations can have a big impact at this point. People on the ground blogging here & related diaries on that site: http://tinyurl.com/3cq7ush


Alex Jones has confirmed that nukes were used during 9/11

Also it appears that 300 of the 9/11 airplane passengers are still alive

"Just for the record. There were 5 planes on 9-11 not 4. When we
gathered, some forcibly, at THE air force base, there were 58 converted
passengers from a 5th small commercial airliner"

"I Intend to share everything, one step at a time.
I Was fortunate in the sense that I had an immediate family ten years
ago. This spared my immediate termination. Those that had no immediate
family, which they could use as leverage, were taken away, still
immobilized and terminated.
Because I had an immediate family, my conversion ratio was deemed at 80%."

"There are about 300 of us living on or in a place called K.I.R.A"

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is there a list of the 87 nations?

Irja Huusko

Great news and not many seem to know in this world!
Indian scientist Sarkar told ab 1990 that Krsna´s time the battle was good versus evil. But the battle is now the battle of the evils. They are going to destroy themselves, and then the spiritual age will begin. Sarkar said don’t choose sides in the conflict because that battle is not of us, it's the bad destroying the bad. By the way Sarkar believed that his socio-economic theory Prout will be established one day throughout world. I have put more his predictions in proutscandinavia blogspot page. He said further: Communism was the first to go because it is matter-centred and is farthest accepting God. Dogma-centred philosophy (religions) is closer to God than self-centred (capitalism), but its relation to God is based on dogmatic faith. And so it will be the last to go. “When the Cosmic Mind will start thinking that people should accept God-centered philosophy (spirituality), the idea will be reflected in the unit minds too. Now the void is starting to appear. Let us try diligently to do our part.”

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