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Ravi Bhikhie

Uh yeah, so I tried to find this case of China vs the US at the International Court, but there are NO documents whatsoever.

When did China sue the feds and when was the verdict announced?
Why can't I find anything on the record?
With so many people working at the ICJ, there HAS to be some record of this case!

tergium hulotov

oh they did give the gold back but being the low down buggerz they are the bars were only thinly coated with gold and the rest was zinc i recall or other sheapo the chinese are not stoopid but still no gold also they are selling the gold cwertificates the same ones X's ten as in fractioan lreserve lending they have fractional reserve selling.these peol;e are thew best legal theives and their soul bosses must be gettin ready for a receptioon for them when they go to places where gold and material possesions are not quite what they are here and nopw. and yes i know that is not thei major focus but it is one olf them,the thought of being stripped and left with a shopping cart(stolen of course0 scares them as much ass it does anybody.

tergium hulotov

I read this page and a word I did not see and in fact was studiously avoided with the usual; cover /diverter words. the bushes are not in tippy top powwer as indicated along with beatrice und de udders. 2 bushes was doing the bidding of their masters as allways.now lemme see, the federal reserve is and allwasys has been run/invernted by who?cabalists? wolfowitz,kissenger and trheir circle jerking frenz are what atre they caled which nasty evil so called religion do they belong to ?what group of people has handled every amelikan president suince wilson?what group of people does congress seante and 99.9% of people in government lick the hind end hole of?whichj group of people has made murdering fools out of cockasians time and trime again using the very same methods to do so over and over,well io aint gonna say it but I can but i want to hear you say it and i want to hear if you deny it and offer up soem lame ass garbage like almost all others do becuae i know you guys aint toopid.so I wanna hear itand leave out the alien shit we got enough organic portals or psycjoppathic human beings to keep us busy with out throwing that garbage into the mix.so lets hear it and lets hear it loud and clear.teng yu.

Paul Gayeski

Let's keep things clear. The world has become a complex web of franchises opportunities leading to dependence and interdependence on a ruling elite. The elite are pirates and there is limited honor among thieves. One of their key franchise systems is the "Legal System" via the "BAR association". One of the purposes of war is to institute martial law which carries forward as Maritime/Admiralty Equity, i.e. for profit, contract law courts. In the USA and perhaps much of the world, all courts are for profit corporations, all cities, all major police departments, all counties, all "states" are for profit corporations. The USA aka "Washington D.C." is a for profit corporation owned by the IMF what is a for profit corporation owned (I believe) by the UPU etc.. Cities, courts, counties, states, USA are sub corporations of their respective parent. Now the corporate system is a layer on top of the true "government". It replaced and left the real government behind in a dormant condition. National Debts, for example, are not debts of the true country but of the corporation proxy and the debt is manufactured by the elite as owed to the parent corporations, etc.. Fictional "Color of Law" (Think genuine imitation leather) is manufactured by the BAR associates to defraud the Estates (We the people) that make up the real country. This is done by claiming the Estate (owner of the country) is somehow obligated to pay fictional obligations contrived by the trustees (government employees (senators, congressmen, etc..)).

Because a rogue group of the pirates has come to the forefront does not mean that their elimination creates a healthy world. What I would like to see Benjamin address is how the legal system is going to be dismantled and the true common/natural law / republics restored. (and don't say Tim Turner). The massive legal fraud (not lawful, legal) is the heart of how corruption is being perpetrated. All people need is a rational they can believe in and they will believe in anything. The authority of corporations via legal rationals is the heart of the worlds issues.

The world needs to embrace the "Republic" which is the firm belief that only a collection of responsible sovereigns (Lawful juries) can interfere in the life of another sovereign and they can only do that if the sovereign has done harm. If the sovereign has not hurt someone, interfered with their property or mislead them in or into an agreement they have done no harm and can not be interfered with. They are free so long as they are responsible. This means no taxation, tickets, etc..


Enjoyed reading this blog, until I read that "311" Japan quake was a nuclear war. WTF? Ben, are you alive? Is somebody in there? What're you smoking?

Next time, back up these idiotic claims with some facts and links. Not everyone is on pot.


yellow dragon

As you said, "More action took place in June of 2009 when two Japanese carrying $134.5 billion of various bonds were seized in Italy and had their bonds taken. US military and law enforcement types followed the trail to an organization known as the OITC and a Cambodian royal family member by the name of R.C. Dam who theoretical was the legal signator to the global collateral accounts. From there the trail led to cabal members located at the very top of the Western power structure."

I read your book (WW 3.0); I am wondering why the Japanese government provided diplomatic passport to "Mr. Yamauchi" and "Mr. Watanabe," who you met them. I thought the Japanese government is a running dog of the USA. I do not believe that the Japanese government can afford to make American madness. Do not make sense!

Gary Martin

I was recently referred to your site through your interview with David Wilcock. The information that you are giving falls right in line with, and gives plausibility to a number of world views that I have been keeping up with of late. I would ask if you might substantiate this quote: "In one example, in 1938 7 US warships took vast amounts of Chinese gold to the US in order to keep it out of Japanese hands. In exchange the Chinese were given Treasury bonds that expired in 60-years or 1998. When that time came, the Chinese owners asked for their gold back but the owners of the Federal Reserve Board refused. The Feds were sued at the International Court of Justice in the Hague and lost." I was not able to find another source on the internet, other than yourself, where this crucial information could be corroborated. Could you give a link, or was this from a book that you read? Thank you.


I'm shocked to live in such a incredible bad society we've had here!


this is the only story that makes any sense for all the BS going on around the world. It felt like blackmail could be the reason, Congress is so tied up in knots. I know one thing for sure DC an Wall street have lost whatever game they were playing.You can also see the neocon' in for the money have left the playing field only the crazy religious neocons are still on the field. Peace


They didn't go to Iraq to steal oil, they went to find the spirits that they had stored in bottles, like the same ones that did 9/11.




Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20110912: 911テロが引き起こされた本当の理由は、国際担保口座のコントロール権をめぐる争いのためであった。

10年に及ぶ調査によって、911テロのウラには世界権力構造のトップを占める高位の結社がいたことが、すでに明らかにされている。しかしそのテロ攻撃の真の起生因には、国際金融システムのコントロール権をめぐる争いがあったことに気付いている者はごく少数しかいない。日本に対しての核による311津波攻撃もまた、この争いの一環であったことを掴んでいるものはさらに少ない。しかし多くの軍関係者、法務執行官、金融分野やその他政府高官はすでにその確証を得ており、911と311およびその他の“攻撃”の黒幕たちは逮捕される寸前にある。これらのテロ攻撃の容疑者たちを辿っていくと、最終的には、国際担保口座(the global collateral accounts)として知られるものと、それを違法に占有している高位の共謀者グループの存在へとつながる。これらの口座は世界中の多くの政府がプールした資産によって担保されており、世界の平和と発展のために使うことを意図されたものであった。しかしそれらの大部分は、金融、軍事、石油産業、(またそれよりも影響力は劣るが)製薬産業に巣くう、世界を誤った方向へと導く寡頭制支配者たちのグループによって、戦争目的に浪費されてきた。




















for me its very easy,

in the dark age the mob answered to the king - and that was the problem!
the king was responsible!
not good!
so lets invent some new layer between the king and the mob,
thats called government now,
democracy, right,
you now may vote,
L O L,

and the king/queen has many more layers between him/herself and the mob,
e x e c u t i v e s of the OLD NOBLES,

how difficult is that to understand?
the damn european nobles shut up and let bush,blair,hitler,rockerfeller do the dirty work,

charities only on fox news!

I must be silent now, I do not want to end up as diana

james fisher

recent reader ...very interested. how can we ever (as a people)know the whole truth with so many men who have no personal real honor, only a skin of false honor, these snakes and rats are very slippery with no concept of real everyday problems. how do we know that our heroes are not snakes themselves? im sure they are a majority of very fine men of true honor but we must always take such hope lightly since our media lies and distorts everything that we see! i want to believe every word .basically what i mean is, good job i hope all is true ..cheap energy.. human and eco welfare...maybe some amount of peace at least instead of these perpetual wars . i know these are things the earth needs if anything. 100%pro WDS and need more info.

Robert de Philip

This is the most credible explanation so far.
Thanks for making it public.


no reference to the rothchilds? who are you working for ben?


110911 Toshiko Sarah Yamasaki - one of 911 survivors - Interview by Benjamin Fulford on Sep. 5 2011
:After Talk (Japanese)
:Q & A (Japanese)

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