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zen z

the downfall of the u.s. and europe is planned by these bilderberg pussies, yet,
they got problems (share market wave.. lol)

on word to chemtrails, thats not late thats a 20 year continuous operation,
and lets hope its just aluminum now and not lab viruses
oh ben, search WWF (from prince albert/shell) and chemtrails, lol, they made commercials !
prince albert is the one who wants to be reborn as a flesh eating virus btw

hard to find sane people these days


Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20110822: アメリカの犯罪的支配体制による最後の微々たるあがきは失敗に終わるだろう



please let it be so
northern ontario has been chemtrailed lately like its the newest fad for these illuminated rectums.

poor Libya is being hammered too

we really are in need of a miracle.
the cattle are restless yet oblivious
not a good combination
and they are being pushed to stampede methinks to the enjoyment of the "sheperds"

what a world
Dear Creator of All, give us strength, courage and direction

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