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Of course it is a plan,order out of chaos,and they concentrate power every time there is a war or a economic crisis!
And where are the men to win over this people that Fulford tells about?
Daniel Estulin also tells in his books about bilderberg that inside bilderberg are men against the cabal!

Alcuin Bramerton

PigSociety UK - The English Riots 2011

On Saturday 6th August 2011, the most serious street riots seen in England for decades began in Tottenham, North London. The trigger seems to have been the unprovoked police shooting of Mark Duggan (29), on Thursday 4th August 2011, in a botched, Keystone Cops-style operation in Ferry Lane, Tottenham Hale. Duggan, travelling in a minicab, was killed by a single gunshot to the chest. In English street slang, the police are called "pigs".

In the days which followed, sporadic rioting broke out in several other areas of London (Croydon, Brixton, Clapham Junction, Peckham, Wood Green, Chingford, East Ham, Lavender Hill, Islington, Enfield, Hackney, Ealing, Lewisham, Bromley etc) and in several other English cities, including Bristol, Gloucester, Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester, Salford, Liverpool and Birkenhead.

The English riots shared some features in common with those seen earlier in 2011 in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Greece, Spain, Israel and Ireland. An unemployed, disadvantaged and politically neglected youth underclass took to the streets and caused anarchic mayhem.

Theirs was a decisive, if inchoate, response to a corrupt, toff-riddled and sleazy political class living in denial behind the curve, and to a corrupt and sleazy law enforcement system perceived as a phone-hacking, freedom-trampling branch of white collar, media-supported, organised crime. Or something. Nobody seems quite sure.

The élite-imposed "austerity" programmes designed by the UK government to milk the general population to save the banks, and the brutish and intrusive psychology of control introduced under cover of the fake Bush-Blair "war against terror" propaganda have, in recent times, alienated the UK youth underclass and much of Middle England.

In the UK, the national and local political classes are out of touch, societally impotent, and unable to control their Rothschild bankster overlords in the City of London. While there was much opportunist looting, covert agent provocateur destabilisation and plain criminality swirling around the 2011 English riots, the energy behind the unrest was much deeper and purer.

The UK establishment is rightly seen as a busted flush. And in England, as elsewhere in the world, people have had enough, are kicking against the pricks, and are agitating for radical change. Unless the positive energy of global revolution is given a coherent executive voice in UK polity, the City of London will burn, Westminster will burn, Downing Street will burn, and Buckingham Palace will burn.

Such cleansing fires may sound unlikely, unwise and un-English. But the English nation at large is changing fast while its minority establishment class remains ossified in visible dinosaurian anachronism. Judges in wigs. A toff Prime Minister from Eton with a private income. A Queen with too many palaces. Major corporations evading corporation tax. Nazi policing.

The English people have had their taxes, pensions and jobs stolen by successive US-allied war-mongering governments, their houses and savings stolen by the banks, their health stolen by a dysfunctional, allopathic National Health "Service", and their youth stolen by an examination-obsessed and irrelevant education system.

It will not take much, now, for the best within England to turf out the worst. The English people are more than the establishment class and they are better than the establishment class. And perhaps more important, they know this. They sense the trembling end-time fragility of the old order. And they have no patience left for fear.

Meanwhile, in orchestrated denial, or self-delusion, the English establishment and the mainstream media, led by the BBC, are doing all they can to pretend that the English riots of 2011 are nothing more than petty criminality plus police incompetence. Earlier in 2011, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak made similar miscalculations.


jubi palayua

we need to ask who and what is a rating agency?
the CEOs sit @CFR and Bilderberg... and are bestest rockefeller whores,

so if they decide to downgrade, (and why exact now?) then thats no accident


"This is one of those rare moments in history where the actions of a few horsemen, and their mates, determines history for thousands of years."

"The debate over who has the right to cash these bonds, and trillions of dollars worth of similar bonds, is on the one side a technical debate about arcane financial instruments, on a different level it is a debate about the future of the planet earth."

really Ben,

we're gonna substitute a gang of satanist pedophiles with a bunch of "Technical Debaters"

probably linking 'gold' to New & Improved Pieces of Paper..

cellars full of the shiny spoils of war from long time since

I dont think so ..


Hi Ben:

Remember when you wrote with a great deal of sureness that the Fed would dissolve in Sept of 2008? I remember that too.

Frank Reitzenstein

Hello Ben,

I spent $1,000 15 years ago building the Hendershot Free energy generator, which didn't work. We can view the works of Keely, Bedini and others online and some research suggests that there are many scams out there. There is almost no sincere and serious work that I can see and I have searched often.


Frank Reitzenstein

Paul Adams

Please view the web site below, the NEWS Section. Inter alia, I am calling on and inviting good, sensible, honest business men and women, managers of sovereign funds, heads of state to join us in the unfolding of a New Planet. Parties interested in participating in the formation of FUNDS, the unveiling of inventions, the financing of a new paradigm can contact me below. We will also collaborate, co-venture, assist and mentor companies which are at the cusp of a breakthrough. Entertainment plays a vital role in re-molding the mores of world citizens. We will be aligning ourselves with groups who have caught the vision, are willing to leave darkness and embrace light, are passionate about empowering the bottom of the pyramid, are done with the games and phony promises, and deem it more honorable to serve than to be served.


How long does the world have to wait for theses gouls to be horozontalized. They are broke,they control nothing but lies and deceit. Why is there not an internal plan to destroy this cabal. Then install the liberateing new system of government and currency. Tora,Tora,Tora!!!!

alu min

hi ben,

what if this is a PLAN, to bring down the u.s. , the eu, and the rest of the world at the same time, to introduce yet a another terror level of communism-nazi US-EU-CH-JP-.... - ONE world? one currency.... ....pretty obvious theater to me,

whose printing paper since 100 years can NOT be so stupid to NOT see this coming, so it must have been a plan - unfortunately - for us

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